Mass Effect 3 PC is $6 on Amazon

Retailer marks down BioWare's role-playing game as part of wide-ranging digital PC sale; Saints Row: The Third going for $10.


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Gamers in the market for the PC version of Mass Effect 3 are in luck. Amazon is currently offering the digital version of BioWare's role-playing game for $6.

By comparison, Electronic Arts' own Origin store is currently selling the title for $20. No matter where Mass Effect 3 is purchased, players must register through Origin to play.

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The deal is part of a wide-ranging PC download sale at Amazon that also includes markdowns on various single titles like Bastion ($3.75), Saints Row: The Third ($10), Deus Ex: Human Revolution ($5), and Lord of the Rings: War in the North ($5).

Numerous compilation packs are also on sale, including the BioShock Dual Pack ($10), the Dead Space Dual Pack ($8), the Dragon Age Dual Pack ($10), and the Firaxis Complete Pack ($20), among many others.

For the full rundown of discounted digital PC titles, check out the Slickdeals forum post.

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Avatar image for N30F3N1X

Still not worth it.

Avatar image for the3game


In portugal we have

Mass Effect 3 Collectors Edition (PC) for 4,85,

Mass Effect Trilogy (PC) 4,85

and Mass Effect 3 Collectors Edition (PS3) for 9,85

and its not digital

Avatar image for Bumblebee1138

lol Portugal is that planet from Mass Effect 1 right? I remember that one.

Avatar image for LesserAngel

ME3, the only game I've ever played where I am no longer physically able to play it... Seriously, I try to play it and I just get so annoyed at the game that I can't continue playing, I even feel physically ill. I wish I was exaggerating, but I'm not, THAT'S how bad the game is to me. (If you like it, gratz, consider yourself lucky.)

Avatar image for wilhelmalexis

i downloaded mine for free.

Avatar image for javalino

Darksouls is at only 7.49. A much better deal.

Avatar image for asendedtrunks

Amazon reduce to $6, Origin at $20. This is why I don't buy from Origin. Meanwhile, SimCity still costs more than the average game price at release.

Avatar image for jark888

We surely love this sort of news.

Avatar image for wizzzer_thy_133

Mass Effect 3 is a great game, with a terrible ending. but it's a great game nonetheless!

Avatar image for cfstar

It ain't worth that much.

Avatar image for Ice-Cube

So apparently this is for US customers, i'm from Canada and I can't buy a $2 game. I tried everything, this is ridiculous.

Was trying to buy Miner Wars 2081.

Avatar image for JazzFromHell

cool, keep it going and I will stop the ilegal downloading... soon.

Avatar image for Iridescent406

Amazon would have to pay me 6 dollars for me to even consider playing this shit again.

Avatar image for jsmoke03

damn i wish i had the rig....i miss out on sooo many pc titles

Avatar image for GameBeaten

First thing I thought when reading the title: "What is this? r/GameDeals on Reddit?"

Avatar image for xeoneex66

This series isn't worth the paper used to print the money... hell it's not even worth it if you got it FREEEEEE. Quit supporting EA, and BioWare for that matter dont buy this turd.

Avatar image for abcdefgabcdefgz

Eh I never got into mass effect that much. I have my old snes and chrono trigger so who really cares

Avatar image for FlameBoyBen

I would still avoid it

Avatar image for Rayzakk

I thought I was on gamespot not slickdeals or cag. Still can't get myself to support EA though I do wonder if that ME3 requires origin. Wouldn't be suprised if they sell stuff cheap in order to get more have an origin account so they can claim large numbers of users and try to further establish their model.

Avatar image for Pastachip

@Rayzakk Mass Effect 3 does require Origin to play.

Avatar image for Earl-of-Death

*reads more of article* Holy Cats! A lot of bargins in this article.

Avatar image for Earl-of-Death

$6.00. Good Lord that is cheap!

Avatar image for nodbgp

Shame its only for US. Was going to buy 3 or 4 games.

Avatar image for Pedro_trunks

@nodbgp Same here... shame :(

Avatar image for williebazerka

@Pedro_trunks @nodbgp Steam has Mass Effect !&2 for $9.99.

Avatar image for holenjd

Just got me a great bundle. I love it when Amazon and Steam run these sales.

Avatar image for holenjd

@Egotte @BoromiRwcgeorge Loved the ending of Mass Effect series before the change. I know I am in the minority apparently.

Avatar image for LesserAngel

@Egotte @holenjd @BoromiRwcgeorge I hope to whatever god you believe in that you're being sarcastic. If you're being serious, then the only hope you have is to get a lobotomy.

Avatar image for FlameBoyBen

@Egotte @holenjd @BoromiRwcgeorge why when everyone wants to crush an opinion to they do not like they put it on the invisible "youths"(or children, essentially a younger demographic)

This labeling is really getting out of hand

Avatar image for Ravenlore_basic

@Egotte @holenjd @BoromiRwcgeorge LOOKS at American moves.... looks at new ending of ME3.... yes we need to be spoon fed.

Looks at The Matrix, Americans love it, M2 and M3 They did not get it. OH well.

Avatar image for DiamondDM13

That's cool, too bad I got ME3 for free from PS+ a few months ago...

Avatar image for beez1717

:( I was going to get this for my Mac so I could get all the DLC that was skipped on the Wii U. GRRRRRRRRR. But it isn't on mac :(

Avatar image for boromirofgeo

mass effect trilogy 4$ on steam right now atm.
still cant forget ending... not that i care anymore though. i've put that backstabbing thing in the past.

Avatar image for HyperWarlock

@BoromiRwcgeorge A trilogy is 3 games...Steam only has 1+2.

Avatar image for Solid_Azeus

@BoromiRwcgeorge I can't find the trilogy on Steam for $4? where is it?

Avatar image for Ridonkeykong

@Solid_Azeus @BoromiRwcgeorge it doesn't exist. there's a bundle for 1 and 2, but it's $9.99.

Avatar image for williebazerka

@Solid_Azeus ME1&2 from Steam for $9.99 + ME3 for $6.00 @ Amazon is really good.All 3 games for $16.00.

Avatar image for Solid_Azeus

@Ridonkeykong @Solid_Azeus @BoromiRwcgeorge ok thanx. what a bummer Trilogy for $4 is no brainer!

Avatar image for PCsama

wow that's as i bet a good price for a great game no matter what were the endings -___- ..its worth the playing

Avatar image for Slash_out

Comeon guys. The ending was disapointing but the revised ending isn't as bad.

The game is worth way way more. It is an awesome game. The gameplay, story, and dialogues are the best in the story.

The only downside are the last 30 mns. That's all. It's an amazing game.

Avatar image for FlameBoyBen

@Slash_out the last 30 minutes of the game should have been the climax (of an insanely poor plot, involving a magical weapon), then it should have been followed by falling action and a conclusion.

The reality is the game failed as a story

Avatar image for GSyyMega_LoseryyGS


i never played it but was of the impression that they further downgraded story experience and gameplay mechanics complexity and choice impact since ME2 to cater to an even larger audience, is that not the case?

Avatar image for Nova_Prime_85

@Mega_Loser @Slash_out it certainly was, ME3 was abysmal in ever regard

Avatar image for Slash_out

@Mega_Loser Well I guess the overall feel and experience generated by the game is up to each player. But I didn't feel this at all.

The story was very immersive, and while the game wasn't perfect at all, it was excellent as far as I am concerned.

Almost every side-plot (if not all) had great endings.Not all characters from previous episodes had decent screen time, but those that did come back had great scenes. One side plot ending in particular took me in so strongly. I had to pause the game and rewatch that scene on youtube... it was just so great.

Gameplay did loose some of it's rpg elements, which I usually hate, but here it worked, the gameplay was more fluid, and very fun.

There were stuff that bothered me a little bit. Like the quest menu that was so bad. The fact that gathering war ressources didn't feel like it really mattered in the end. Or the fact that Ashley wouldn't romance my female Shepard (gnu !!).

And yeah the first endings were just terrible. I mean I just didn't believe it. The revised endings are a bit better and I can "accept them" I guess. Even though it might be because the first shock was so strong that anything that came after that was easier to take in ^^.

But as far as I am concerned, endings aside, it is the better Mass effect of the lot. Before playing it, I replayed the first 2. While the plot of the first one is quite good, after playing the ME2 the gameplay was painful. And ME3 felt like an upgrade of ME2 (in the overall feel).

Avatar image for GSyyMega_LoseryyGS


thank you for taking the time to explain your thoughts in length.

Avatar image for pathosfire

Bad ending and all, Mass Effect 3 is well worth the purchase.

Avatar image for Spartan_418

"waaaaaaaaaaa, Origin is so terrible, b-because, um, EA's name is attached to it, and, um, it's separate from Steam"

Here's an idea: put a shortcut for Origin in your Steam game library. Problem solved, you only ever need to start up Origin to play a game. Take two seconds. You still get the Steam overlay in your Origin games.

Avatar image for AuronAXE

I highly recommend everyone buy Deus Ex: Human Revolution and to stay the hell away from anything Bioware touches.