Mass Effect 3 goes gold

Executive producer Casey Hudson reveals space-faring RPG is finished ahead of March 6 debut; "many surprises" await fans.


The wait for Mass Effect 3 is nearing its end. Today, BioWare announced that Mass Effect 3 has gone gold, ahead of its March 6 debut date for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.

Mass Effect 3 is headed to the factory for mass production.
Mass Effect 3 is headed to the factory for mass production.

The news stems from the Twitter feed of Mass Effect 3 executive producer Casey Hudson, who wrote, "After an awesome effort by our team, I'm proud to announce Mass Effect is officially gold."

Hudson also teased the game's fans, saying, "Many surprises await you--this week and beyond."

Gamers won't need to wait until March to play Mass Effect 3, however. A demo for the title touches down tomorrow for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

Developed by BioWare, Mass Effect 3 is the final entry in the Mass Effect 3 trilogy, but not necessarily the last title set in the game's universe. For more on Mass Effect 3, check out GameSpot's latest hands-on preview.

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@liketires - I appreciate your concern about my mental health and I see why people would want to buy it, because it IS a good game. However, there are a lot of good games out there and a lot of them don't put these DRM burden on paying customers and don't make them feel like they're buying half the game and have to pay for the other half piece by piece in the form of DLC. So far there's a few publishers on my no buy list and I stick to not buying anything from them, it's not so much a whiny call for attention, it's just that their marketing and publishing decisions conflict with my buying interests. See, when I buy a game I expect to get the full game and to be able to play it anytime (no internet connection, no activation limits, no forced online mode, no DRM, ...). Perhaps it's because I'm from the good old times of PC gaming and alone nothing's going to change, but money is the only language they understand and if they are not getting any, that's good because that means they have to change - Whether that will be to the better or even worse is up to them. I just feel sad for all those good game developers that won't get that money due to bad choice of publishers.

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@ROMEOHELL Lol, you fell for it. I was being sarcastic rofl ;)

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@emperiox lol u think dragon age 2 was cool ?? u simply got no taste in games my frd OR u haven't played DA origins . U cant compare between DAO and DA2 ----> DA 2 SUX .

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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@bloody-hell It will be funny when you finally decide to boycott any business/entity that exists to make a profit (which is all of them). Why would you deny yourself a quality game experience just because you hate the publisher? They didn't even make any aspect of ME3 at all. Sure they added the "Online Pass" bullcrap, but most long-time fans of the series won't touch the MP (at least for their first playthrough). PS: If you need someone to tell you "yay" or "nay" to decide whether to get a game or not, then you belong in a Insane Asylum.

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"Many surprises" indeed and TotalBiscuit has some << LINK REMOVED >> about them. Let's hope at least half of his more than 600.000 followers have a brain and do not further support EA with that kind of monetizing behavior after watching that video. I know I can pass on ME3, even though I was looking forward to it, but thanks to EA and Origin I can spend that money on more indie games instead. Watching a playthrough on YouTube will do and Jesse Cox from OMFGcata (as a "lore-whore" - in a good way) will surely do one. There you go, EA, no money from me for you never more.

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Game of the year.. No Contest

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This is on my 'must have' list, and that list is getting shorter every year.

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I played the demo, it was awesome. The small amount of singleplayer in it was amazingly fun, showing off the classic Mass Effect dialogue system and great combat, and the multiplayer was really fun to play with my friend. This will be a great end to the trilogy.

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The dialogue is less because its a demo, the full game will have more choices. As for the "acting out of character" bit, that I dont understand at all. Garrus was being just as sarcastic as he usually is, Liara (who has changed a lot from ME1 to ME2, in the good way) is still prioritizing helping you with the Reapers. And Wrex (my favorite ME character) was being just as awesome and bad@$$ as usual!

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i wasnt even interested until i played the demo. the multiplayer is addicting!

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After playing the demo, I'm even more excited about ME3.

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Having played the demo I can safely say that this is going to have Shepards story got with a big bang. Can't wait:D

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I played the demo on Valentines on Story mode, with difficulty set to Insanity. I was impressed by the difficulty of the combat, but maybe I was extra squishy because I chose Adept? I'm not too worried about the demo not having many dialogue choices in any case. It was a demo =| I'm a long time fan, and I really really really look forward to ME3; I still don't like the Multiplayer being thrown in there though. @Zloth2 It's Bioware, not Bethesda. Not saying Bioware ships games bugless, but ME2 only made it to what, 1.02? I can only recall 1 bug personally, and all it was is a frozen journal entry for an unimportant side quest.

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@Banefire 76 I swear I feel like a played a demo for a completely different game. When at any point did Shepard act like a kid? When exactly was this metaphorical "high-fiving" and "bro-fisting" taking place? Only part that comes to mind was the shuttle descent to the Salarian planet. If that's the case... I'm sorry, I -like- it when the crew of the Normany actually *interacts* with eachother, something I felt was sorely lacking in ME2. As for people acting out of character... sorry, don't see it. To me Garrus was acting like Garrus, Liara was acting like Liara and Anderson was acting like Anderson... Not really sure what Wrex did or said that got you so upset. In regards to the kid dying, I can see why people would be bothered by this, since it did feel pretty damn forced. Didn't bother me too much though. If I treated every little thing about the previous two games that bothered me a little like they were game-shattering deal breakers I probably wouldn't like 'em very much. Only thing about the demo that I really HATED and that left me really worried was all the auto-dialogue and lack of options when we did get to make some choices. BioWare was nice enough to tweet that this was done for demo purposes, but that could be interpreted in any number of ways, so fingers crossed.

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@emperiox I was actually able to get a pre-order pick up of the physical copy via Best Buy. That was the only place to get any of the pre-orders anymore for the CE copy for the PC. Ordered it Monday night via BB's online site (which allows you to choose a store to pick the game up from). So woot.

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@ROMEOHELL Omg, go play Dragon Age 2. It's like the best game ever. I rented it and was like YESSSSSSSSS omg this game is the best!!!!!

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Tigus, Banefire, and everyone else ripping on the demo, I think you guys are being overly critical of the demo. I mean, it's just a demo! I've noticed that most of the complaints have been directed to the dialogue. If you play the game, and watch closely, you'll be able to see that a LOT of dialogue has been cut from the demo. So certain things are going too look strange. Bioware is known for doing this for ME demos. They don't wan't to put a lot of dialogue in the demo, so they can keep the real dialogue and story a surprise for the real game, Trust me, ME3 will NOT disappoint,

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This is bad. This is very bad. This game comes out right before my finals this quarter. T_T

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the first was was great apart from fighting, the second good fighting but bad story , third has multi player but everything may suffer for it :s

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@Ladiesman17 wE DEMAND a proper and amazing DRAGON AGE ORIGINS SEQUEL ... hell yeah !!

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All I can say is that I cannot make an 'o' big enough for the following emoticon... :O

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Liked the new roll/cover moves, liked the skill trees. Hated the character movements, specially running. It all feels more cartonesc. Dialogues not so good. And a clear influence of EA in the new found will to add stupid cheap emotional critches, like the dying kid inside the shuttle. Overall, I'm not liking what I see in the demo. Hope I'm wrong.

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@raahsnavj Yeah, all i could say during it was WTF? followed by another WTF? a few seconds later...and it kept happening. None of the characters were acting "in character" and the supposedly emotional parts like with the kid getting killed looked fake and on purpose instead of "oh no, the reapers killed that innocent boy - im gonna kill em" It was just so obviously ochestrated instead of being natural and real like the other 2 games managed to do. All i know is that Drew Karpyshyn (lead writer of ME1 and co-lead on ME2) would never have approved on it being written this way. And frankly its insulting. I should be more upset but after the rubbish that was Dragon Age 2 i kinda expected ME3 to be crappy as well. Ah well there goes another respectable RPG developer. I guess i will hope for the best and see what the reviews say.

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I know this is out of place, but I just want a proper sequel for Dragon Age Origins :(

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@Banefire76 - you probably aren't wrong. From what I can tell they wanted to make the game you are describing for 3 games now... maybe they finally pulled it off - to all our disappointment.

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Just played the demo..... Let me be clear, im a huge Mass Effect Fan i played the 1st game and loved it. Played the second game, was a little taken aback by some of the changes but overall i really liked it, especially the character stories when you went off to gain everyones loyalty and the ending was epic. But this demo......the dialogue was crap. All the Bro-fisting and high fives were nauseating (dialogue not literal high-fives). The music sounded like i was watching a cheap America vs everyone else movie......again. And I had facepalm moments aplenty whenever someone spoke and i thought, Wrex wouldnt say that! or Shepherd is acting like a nervous kid instead of the hero we know him to be..... I dunno, i think im gonna wait for the reviews before i get this one. It looks way too hollywood for my liking. I hope im wrong cause i love Mass Effect.

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i cant wait for ME3

Avatar image for Pete5506

Now the long wait becomes even longer, can't wait

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@SolidSnakeUS42 They're all sold out.

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nooooooooooooooo put more time into it ! i bet there's room for improvements ! don't finish early ! gamers don't like it & neither does my girlfriend ! ..jk i dont have a girlfriend.. forever alone..

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Cannot wait for this, epic game incoming.

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Hate to bust the bubble for the great forthcoming releases this year but ME 3 will be much likely GOTY 2012. Godspeed, BioWare.

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With all the DLC codes on all the extraneous products out there, I get a very strong feeling that I'd be doing myself a HUGE favor by waiting a while for a collection or a GOTY release. So far they've never done that with the previous versions, but the amount of money it would otherwise take to the the "complete" experience in this case is unthinkable for a video game. If nothing else at least a discount for waiting then. They've shaken too many pieces off the game to make DLC, and I just don't want to spend over $100 like the last game ($70 Collector's edition and DLC came to a total of $110).

Avatar image for Zloth2

@PlatinumPaladin - buy the first two, play those, then buy the third in the inevidable summer Steam sale. Why would you ever want to buy a game on Day 1? That's when the price is the highest and the bugs are the mostest.

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Screw this one up, Bioware... and I'm done with you for good.

Avatar image for ChameleonX

Just finished Mass Effect the other day and started ME2 last night. Can't wait!

Avatar image for Goldragon316

I can't wait!

Avatar image for eternal_blade3

While it will never happen: Bioware, please, somehow, release this in time for Midwinter Break...

Avatar image for lethal_intake

I pre-ordered the collector's edition and I'm so psyched. Just thinking about ME1 and ME2 and waiting for the release date of ME3 makes me wanna play the first two games all over again. I already played both three times... But a fourth playthrough wouldn't hurt right? Or will the ME3 demo suffice? Hmmm...

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@ps727 - not sure if it is for both PS3 and XBOX 360, but on the product page they are no longer taking reservations and it says something about how they aren't taking any more pre-orders and not to cancel your current pre-order, they don't know how many they can fulfill...something that made me uneasy, but no where else to get the collector one.

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demo 2morrow

Avatar image for PlatinumPaladin

Argh! Where has the time gone? I wanted to get hold of and complete the first game before 3 came out. Do I dare I NOT buy this on day 1?

Avatar image for SolidSnakeUS42

Nice. That reminds me, I need to pre-order the physical copy of the Collector's Edition for the PC. Thanks for reminding me Gamespot.

Avatar image for Reuwsaat

longest 3 weeks of my life

Avatar image for g1rldraco7

Man will it be released ahead of schedule or just wait until March 6? Either way I'm excited!

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By far the best game to start out the year with. Time to go all out Commander Shepard.

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Looks like she got hit with some pepper spray in that picture...

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I like surprises :)

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