Mass Effect 3 demo dropping February 14

BioWare bringing trial for March's spacefaring RPG to Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, and PC on Valentine's Day.


Flowers and chocolates are traditional gifts on Valentine's Day, but this year BioWare wants to add Reapers and Omniblade daggers to the list. The studio today announced that a demo for Mass Effect 3 will arrive on Xbox Live, the PlayStation Network, and PC on February 14.

A Mass Effect 3 demo: an appropriate Valentine's Day gift?
A Mass Effect 3 demo: an appropriate Valentine's Day gift?

The demo for Mass Effect 3 drops gamers into the title's opening sequence, allowing players to slog through the initial Reaper attack on Earth. Additionally, the game's demo will give players a taste of the franchise's new co-op multiplayer mode. The Mass Effect 3 demo for the Xbox 360 is fully compatible with the Kinect for the game's voice-recognition features.

The demo's co-op mode unlocks on February 14 for those with a Battlefield 3 online pass and via "other opportunities" that BioWare says will be announced in the near future. The multiplayer option in the demo will open for all on February 17.

Playing the Mass Effect 3 demo will give players more than just a taste of the full experience. As announced last week, those who play the Mass Effect 3 demo will unlock the N7 Armor and Omniblade Daggers for EA's upcoming fantasy role-playing game Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. The N7 Armor is based on Commander Shepard's iconic apparel, and the Omniblade Daggers are holographic blades that let gamers stab foes in close quarters.

Mass Effect 3 is due out on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC on March 6 in North America, with a European release following on March 9. For more on Mass Effect 3, check out GameSpot's most recent hands-on preview with the trilogy-capping space role-playing game.

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still waiting PSN, still nothing.

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Where's my demo?!!!!!! Had my chocolate - gave flowers to my honey - now need some demo destruction....

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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@jmrwacko Go type "SOPA and game developers" in google before you make a claim that is the complete opposite of what already happened weeks ago.

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"I know nobody is going to care as pretty much everyone thinks internet freedom is lower on the priority list than playing ME3." Every publisher will support SOPA, it's a legislative tool specifically for publishers to shut down pirates (and whoever else they want).

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@Goku40210 No hard feelings when I wipe the floor with you on your Birthday in a multiplayer match then. ;)

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Rofl I just seen this, yeah right lol

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On my B-Day Sweet!

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I saw the beta and I know what to expect. I guess I'll pass this and wait for march to load my ME and ME2 profile saves.

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Yes this is an appropriate Valentines day gift.

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@rasputin177 I noticed that too. That guy could be a politician with the way he dodges questions. I'll take his answer as a resounding "NO!".

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@Miss_Ocelot I just wanted to, I love you... ;) XOXOXO

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Seriously, this guy ducks every single question. We know the Omni tool has other uses then offensive. He asked you if the special move would change based on your class.

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I hate when these Devs say what they want to say regardless of the question. Ed asks him if the MP will provide any bonuses for SP and the guy goes on about how you can focus on either SP or MP. Listen to the question instead of spitting out scripted marketing.

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This is how my boyfriend and I will be spending Valentines, saving the universe together as we know it. Can't get more romantic than that (except maybe the romantic sub plot bits in ME).

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are people actually getting thumbs down for commenting about how they would rather spend Valentines day with their girlfriends??? wow people need to get out more....

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Annoying the fact that KoAR comes out the 7th but the demo more ME3 doesnt come out till the 14th. Gotta wait a week to get my omni blades then. lol.

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@therealFrek they're fools! theirs more people/developers againest it. SOPA and that orther bill will be shot down.

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OMG Can't wait!!

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The ME3 demo can't come quick enough! Looking forward to both solo and co-op modes.

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@Dimebag_Darrell I'd agree with you if it were that simple. Microsoft spent a lot of money developing the copyrighted program that is able to recognize voice commands. That software drives the Kinect. So if Bioware wanted to just use a microphone they would also have to develop or license voice recognition software. Because they are already publishing an Xbox game, this gave them free access to use Kinects voice recognition without paying for or developing their own voice recognition. It isn't quite as simple as just let us use any microphone.

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EA/Bioware fully supports SOPA, just sayin. I know nobody is going to care as pretty much everyone thinks internet freedom is lower on the priority list than playing ME3.

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@1stormbringer77 They won't, Mass Effect is already a mainstream success so they don't really have to do anything additional to make it more popular, other then adding the already announced multiplayer anyways.

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Great gift. :P:P:P

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EA,Bioware,If you pull off another DA:2,YOU'RE FIRED!

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@GamerGeek87 I actually agree. It makes more sense to release the ME3 demo BEFORE Reckoning releases for the crossover items. But meh, maybe the daggers will be endgame gear or something.

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@MCCHA Yeah this isn't the best time to release any game really.

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@MJ12-Conspiracy That doesn't make any sense dude...

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Awww yeah! A dinner date with my beau, then Bioware releasing the ME3 demo. This is going to be a fun Valentine's Day.

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@ToRNiO I live with my girl pal, so I can play whenever I want and I'll STILL spend the day with her :)

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@Dimebag_Darrell Couldn't agree more. I'd probably not use it anyway, because I like the precision of aiming exactly at the enemy I want lit up or where my team take cover (not "take cover anywhere you see fit", but still it's a lame marketing stunt from MS and Bioware (or EA) accepted to play their game and hurt consumers using other platforms.

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Im ready to play this

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whoever has a chick that will play multiplayer with them for a date, im envious.

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The voice-recognition features being limited to Kinect is really weak on Bioware's part. Any system with a microphone should be able to support this feature. A PC, PS3 or 360 headset can easily work with this feature, and limiting it like this is just a screw you to fans and cash grab for Microsoft. ME3 doesn't even use the Kinect camera for this from what I saw, just the microphone. At that rate the Eyetoy or a gaming-grade PC mic can do the same thing. I am truely disappointed they limited the feature like this.

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What a neat gift for Valentine's Day.

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wow, looks like it's gonna be awesome. Now all you have to do is go buy the game and be forced to download and install that crap called ORIGIN just to play the game you bought retail...

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Oh hey baby, what's up.....nooo I'am not playing the Mass Effect 3 demo I told you I'am sick and can' leave the house....I know that its Valentines Day, but the last thing I'd want to do is get you sick too...oh wait what am I sick with?.....ME3 Demo...I mean MEitis, oh crap! *Quickly hangs up phone and continues to play ME3 demo.

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I'm getting the demo.

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Whatever.....I have ME3 and Kingdoms Of Amalur reserved, I'm a big fan of Mass Effect as well as some of the folks behind kingdoms so I'm not sure I really need a demo..... Shooters need demos, JRPG's need demos but not really these two games......I'm not even interested in the extras for playing the demos, Oh, you get to look like a space soldier in a fantasy game and a barbarian in a sci fi setting.....big woop.

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please dont end up like DA2 please dont end up like DA2 please dont end up like DA2

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So I'm guessing that those coupons we got in the BF3 case about ME3 in january can be flagged as bullsh*t now right?

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I am gonna be honest and go ahead and say it. I need ME3 to be awesome. Dark Souls was too frustrating, Skyrim was too easy, and TOR was too MMO. Its gonna be this or I am heading back to ME2 and DAO for another year. Don't make me do that Bioware. Please?

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Wont be bothering with the demo, don't want to ruin the game with Spoilers and stuff. Just hope the addition of Co-op hasn't ruined the single player experience.

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Although having a demo is great, I already know I like the series so it will have nothing but spoilers for me. Still a great way to get those still sitting on the fence. I just hope there is elevators and not loading screens, planet surveying, and Mako exploration in this game, I know many don't like that side of the games but it was optional and I liked it.

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BioWare is my new girlfriend.

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In the words of Joker, "WHAT THE S**T" I cant wait that long :-(

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I'm excited for this game, but I would much rather be with my girlfriend that day than play the demo.

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I going to hold off until March, sounds like the demo has some major spoilers.

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Sorry BioWare, 2/14 is already set aside for Dear Esther. EDIT: Well.. the wife may have words actually.. So 2/15 is set aside for Dear Esther. ME3 I may just skip the demo entirely.. I haven't even finished ME2 yet. Had to put that aside for other games.

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