Mass Effect 3 brought this couple together

On Valentine's Day, BioWare brings us a story of two gamers whose surprise meeting in Mass Effect multiplayer led to a marriage.


Mass Effect 3 is known for its strong story, but the game led to another story; a story of love for two mega-fans. Today being Valentine's Day, BioWare shared a story on its blog of two gamers whose surprise meeting one day in Mass Effect 3 multiplayer led to a real-world relationship and eventually marriage.

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On the night of April 13, 2012, Jameela Cameron received an invitation to play Mass Effect 3, and though she wasn't really in the mood at the time, she decided to play anyway with her friends Sean and Estevan. After a few games, a third player--Tyler, a mutual friend of Sean and Estevan--joined the game.

Jameela says she remembers not wanting to talk much that night, but Tyler was more free-wheeling and talkative, joking that the only people who would play video games on a Friday night are "undateable." It was this humor that attracted Jameela to him.

"I liked the fact that he could make fun of himself," she told BioWare. "He was obviously smart, and he was very witty."

Estevan noticed the budding chemistry between Jameela and Tyler and encouraged them to connect via Facebook. They did, and they bonded quickly. They met up in person a month later, but there was still a problem: they lived 2,000 miles apart. As luck, or maybe fate, would have it, Tyler was already planning to move closer to Jameela in Milwauakee.

Tyler moved and eventually proposed to Jameela in June 2012 (just two months after meeting Jameela for the first time!). They were married in October of that year and have been since. You can read their full story on the BioWare Blog.

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