Mass Effect 3 alternate-ending petition raises $35K for charity

Retake Mass Effect movement collects donations for Child's Play as a way to call for BioWare to make new endings for its latest sci-fi role-playing shooter.


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A number of Mass Effect fans are upset with the way the latest entry in the series ended, and they're voicing their displeasure by giving to charity.

It's tough to argue against charity.
It's tough to argue against charity.

Members of the Mass Effect community have set up the Retake Mass Effect ChipIn fund, collecting PayPal donations for the Child's Play charity in order to call attention to their request for BioWare to make alternate Mass Effect 3 endings.

As of press time, the fund had raised more than $35,000 from more than 1,400 contributors. The donation drive will run until April 11.

The group takes issue with the current possible endings to the game, saying they don't provide a sense of closure, adequate explanation of what happened, or meet the expectations people have of Mass Effect games. As a result, they are asking for new endings that better explain story events, spell out how player decisions affected the outcome, and include "a heroic ending, which provides a better sense of accomplishment."

Founded in 2003 by Penny Arcade's Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins, Child's Play works to improve the lives of sick children through offering toys and games at a network of over 70 hospitals worldwide. For more on Child's Play, see the organization's official website.

As of press time, Child's Play and Electronic Arts had not returned requests for comment.

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Wha..... wha...... WTF ? ????

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Constructive, calm, and generously done. The nicest possible way to get your voice heard.

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@GohanRuleZZ: But would people have actually done that if they didn't have a problem with the ending? I doubt it. Its worth considering.

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Worse than the "ending" of Mass Effect 2?

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@Biggest_loser no we don't have to consider that because if they wanted to feel good about themselves they'd just donate that money themselves instead of under the ME community's name

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@ebontian all "17 endings" end the SAME WAY

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The two endings I have played didn't necessary disappoint me, but the thing I did not like about them is they where pretty much the same thing except for a color change. That I didn't really like. But to the petition I like that its going for a good cause, though I do not see BioWare giving in to the demand. Though they might match the donation the petition raised. Most likely they wont do anything and who knows maybe BioWare have dlc that explains the endings more.

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stupid reason really i don't see anyone else doing anything good, except sitting on there arses and submitting to the media as puppets. Cause yeah its okay to submit to the media cause there always right and raising money for any reason besides for a vid game reason is crazy. yeah how about this how about you all go and continue living your miserable dumb lives just sitting there taking every hit and brainwash the media throws at you. cause your all to damn scared to step outside the box and realize what a joke you are to people that are above you

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I can't believe this. My friend told me about how everyones upset about the ending I'm like "Which one, the failure, the partial failure 3 choice, the success choices, or the full game success" Apparently no-one tried beating the game fully? Hell even the strat guide (I found out from a friend) tells you about how many endings there really are in the game. I went on and donated to Childs Play myself, as the petition is silly.

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@Pierce_Sparrow yeah, BioWare's game.. It had EA sh*tmark all over it. The fans aren't dissappointed with the ending not being what they wanted, but with it not being an end to THE TRILOGY. It was a good ending for ME3 but not for the series. Squadmates were tossed asside (spend about 25 hours at least from each game with them and you get nothing after the end). They tried to explain who made the reapers half-assed and it only raised more unintentional questions. The final battle was a total joke, the gameplay time was also a joke not to mention the low-res textures which at some pointe became really annoying (even though they were in previous game too, they were not as obvious. Just look at the view on your right just before you enter purgatory, not even shaded or colored models just rough grey models. Said they'd provide conclusion to character's relationships (hence the few squadmates), but bothered to introduce 2 new squadmates. and to fill the spaces on the Normandy introduced the stupid reporter (who is also a marketing trick). Look and compare what you got for ME 1&2 and what you got for ME3 for the price of a retail game. THESE are the fundamentals and not what the "whiney" gamers want, but what they deserved to get for the price of 60$ and for the love they showed for the last 2 games and towards the company. Not to mention that by the way you're talking I gather that you either don't care about money cause you got plenty of it, or you didn't buy it like us.

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Did people like FFXIII-2 ending i wonder how many people here hated it, but love ME3 ending. Do i smell hypocrisy....

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The sad part about all this Bioware did this on purpose just so we can rant and rage about it. They knew that the endings weren't up to par with the last 2 games nor did anything you did in ME3 makes an impact on the ending. Which throws that whole notation that you decide how you end it when clearly you don't. Thats what I am angry about.

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I like this donation idea tbh. The ending of Mass Effect 3 was seriously freaking bad. I'm wondering if it is a tie-in to Mass Effect 4 though. Think about all of the endings the Normandy crashes. Can you say...SPOILER ALERT?

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@Atreides825 and others: It shouldn't change anything. You bought a game knowing it had an ending/s. Same thing happened with FFXIII-2...but i didn't see petitions for that game. If this game gets an alternate ending it will be for 2 reasons.... 1) Bioware had it planned that way from the start knowing some fans would complain so they could charge a nice DLC price for an ending they want....i highly doubt this because they aren't going to be able to go to every gamer and ask them what ending they want, but then again with the people on their forums who cry about what they want and how they want it on their forums on a daily basis you never know. 2) The inmates are being allowed to run the development asylums. Seriously, do you really think any development studio can make an ending to fit the taste of every single gamer out there? If you do, you are part of the problem and not the solution. I think gaming has changed for the worse in more than one way on the gamer side, and it's thing like this where it shows big time. P.S.: Using charity to garner pity and support? It may look nice to some but i pretty sure some people will see through it.

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wavory its not even a sad ending man its a ending where all you did means absolutely nothing its like you didn't even play the game at all, you played it but you didn't play it both at one time

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Dont hit me but I like the sad endings and I believe this was good. But I agree on the point to make more endings and the money hungry company on purpose has cut off characters to sell as DLC and I dont believe a word that they did it after finshing the game. Whats the point in seeing the ending when one and a half game is missing.

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This is a great way to go about it, instead of being childish and sending in angry letters and saying they will never purchase another Bioware/EA game there putting money in a great cause. It's a win win. Cause if the ending gets changed I feel like EA and Bioware can spin this to make them look good. And even if it doesn't get changed a lot of kids will be helped. Cheers to whoever came up with this wonderful movement.

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Oh, for christ's sake, just tie the writers to beds, hobble them and give them writing materials :P Not that it worked in Misery, but really...Guys, it's a f**king GAME. While I haven't purchased or played's just a game, and the story is the cherry on top. Get over yourselves. It's your own fault that you got wrapped up in a world of (Kevin Smith moment here) "Fictional Characters". It's great that this was handled productively, but come on here. It's corporate cookie-cutter game design. It happened with Final Fantasy, it happened with Halo, it happened with The Elder Scrolls. Speak with your wallets, and maybe they will listen. Or kidnap the writer and mimic misery. But enough of this; the game already has plenty of publicity already, and it doesn't deserve the free kind with Bioware's bait-and-switching.

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@Pierce_Sparrow firstly, it is not stupid petition. Secondly the ending (no s) make no sense whatever. Let me ask two questions of which we have many why was the joker of all alliance fleet fleeing the battle? how come that my companion who was with me in the last mission appear on the normady after the crash? The amount of plotholes in the last 10 mins can sink a freaking fleet to the depths of sea.

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While I also feel the ending was poorly written and poorly executed, the last thing I'd like to see is them cobble together a 'fan sourced' ending. It'll just feel fake and full of spite.

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I don't think I've seen a more butthurt fanbase. I love Mass Effect, I've been here since the beginning. Yeah, the ending sucked. But stop getting your jimmies so rustled over this. This is the silliest activist movement I've seen in all my days.

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Another thing you have to consider is that although its tough to argue against charity, are gamers just using this as an avenue to get what they want or are they genuinely thinking about the charity too? Its that age old question of whether you're doing something to help people or just to make yourself feel good.

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I wasted time making all those decisions just to get a big reset button like the cruicable, watch out everyone curing the genophage, allying the quarians and the geth, and krogan with the turians means nothing cause its all gonna be erased. If i knew that was gonna be the ending i might as well not even have played to begin with. All that you were fighting for meant nothing. Its okay that shepard dies, but don't reset all that i fought for please

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And Bioware, as it demonstrated with such grim finality with Dragon Age II, won't give a damn what the fans think. While the charety work is a good thing, this petition will change nothing.

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Yes, thumbs down me all u want. lol. But it does not alter the fact that I am 100% correct. Don't be butt hurt cause I speak the truth.

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The fundamentals here aren't that all the endings were terrible. In fact, they make perfect sense in the ME universe. It's that, the ending's aren't what fans want. Even taking into account that the endings are tragic, it doesn't matter that they fit the ME universe. What matters to fans is that it meets their expectations. Personally, I didn't think the endings were all that great as well, but I'm sure as hell not going to sign some stupid petition to get the ending of the game changed. It's lame. It's BioWare's series and this is how they ended it. This is how their story ends. We all have our own idea of how it ended. Player expectations really have gone way out of control. Player's need to learn that you don't always get every single detail the way you want it. If the endings were completely unnatural to the universe of ME and completely unjustified, then I could understand. But this petition thing is nothing more than a bunch of whiney gamers complaining about not having things exactly their way. ME3 is a good game. Better than a lot of others out today. Stop trying to make it seem like it's some kind of plague on the video game industry.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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Alright, this is just getting ridiculous now. Deal with it people! The ending wasn't as detailed as it could have been, I just choose to read between the lines. Not to mention I chose to get enjoyment out of the possibilities coming from the ending. SPOILERS - do people really think that the relays being destroyed is the end of civilization? I guarentee in the world of Mass Effect there are thousands of people who know those inside and out and could rebuild all of them in a matter of years.

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@AncienyDozer Just. Try. To. Get. This. The scale of the problem (the reaper invasion) is so grand that no decisions made previously don't matter. I actually liked it. It showed that no matter how hard you try, your actions mean nothing in comparison to the grand plan that made the universe work. Man vs God. Will vs Fate.

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I can't believe this raised alot of money. I hope the petition goes through.

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Glad to see something good is coming from this debacle at least. The endings were all terrible, and there was no excuse for how they contradicted the supposed player agency that was touted throughout the series. For all the decisions that supposedly mattered throughout the series, the endings completely invalidated all of them--THAT is why people are pissed. Casey Hudson's incompetent-bordering-on-inflammatory responses to the complaints aren't helping either. Although aside from that, I personally am sick of every sci fi series ending with what is basically the end of civilization or almost total extinction.

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the husks in mass effect are a pretty good metaphor for what happened to bioware aftet getting the hooks of big corporations in them.

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I can already see other developers making alternate endings as paid DLC...

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I still dont understand what was so bad about the ending, seriously...?

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Well guess that is that.When you make a ending that sucks that bad for a game that MILLIONS play, your gonna get it.

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Why are people complaining!? Bioware has said there will be another Mass Effect game, which will probably give us the answers we are looking for. No, they will not change the ending, so stop throwing money at it. That being said, at least the money is going to charity. That makes me happy.

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I guess "the heroic" ending means that Shepard takes a huge nuclear-fusion-super-cooper gun and just shoots reapers... Come on people, the way the game ended was expected right after the friendly chat with Sovereign in ME1. How can Shepard destroy what is actually a founding power of the game universe? It was obvious that he had to find either the entity that created reapers, which he did, or destroy their technology to totally wipe them out. It was naive that the ending will result in a grand fight where already battle damaged fleets will hold a victory over the God-machines, that suppress the known technology and the gathered fleet numbers. If anyone is aware of Warhammer 40,000, then imagine what will it take to actually destroy Warp Daemons. No conventional means will do. And this event will change the game universe. Same here. Shepard found a way to deal with Gods. All previous decisions don't matter. P.S. I imagine BioWare will make and alternative ending and everyone here starts ranting about greedy BW milking the poor gamers...again.

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I'm in the midst of the game right now, and am very interested in seeing how the ending is. If nothing else, this is helping Bioware by getting people interested in seeing what this talk is all about.

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@pdv_123 Honor? More like an embarrassment. Having players create a petition to change the ending means someone screwed the pooch.

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That's awesome that they have found a productive way to go about this by donating to charity. Well done. But now watch them add an alternate ending(s) as $5 DLC. Seriously, just watch it happen.

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The whole Mass Effect series is over rated, in fact anything from bioware puts me to sleep. The casual, small minded gamer continues to purchase this garbage. The fact there is such an uproar over a games ending reinforces my view that anyone that likes this series is very immature.

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@axlroselm Personally, i would not buy any ending dlc bioware put out now. The fact that the ending piss me off doesn't change. I can understand your thought and partly agree with you. It just that i don't want to let them get away with cheating people. The harder it is for them, the better. I am having fun criticize them now...

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I am still to play ME3... but from what I hear the ending was bad, I have no idea what happens but it kind of sucks knowing that when I eventually pick up the game that I will be progressing to something very disappointing :(

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A Petition by fans to change the ending of a game!!! Can there be any bigger honor for a game developer??

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The new ending will be sold as a $20 DLC and will be a 2 minute cutscene.

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It's okay, I'm sure the "good" ending will be sold as DLC.

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@cmterminator I understand your concerns. The same happened to me. I didnt like the ending either and i felt that all my efforts gone to waste. I dont defend Bioware because i dont care about them. I am a customer and care only for the quality of the game and rights of the customer like you and me. All i say is that this is not the way we should handle a developer mistake. Because this enterprise just like other creative activities based on a certain relation between creator and audience: The make a game as a creator and we judge it as an audience, not the other way around: The make a game as a creator and we tell them go and change it. If this is so, how can we differentiate between a good and a very good or smart developer. Eager customers like you and me should have wait a few days and then buy a game. This is the only way a customer can avoid the loss. Most of the time i bought a game on the launch day, i felt that somehow i ripped off. Peace.

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Say what you want about these people, this is one of the more productive ways to get your point across. A hell of a lot better than whining on the internet.