Mass Effect 3 alternate-ending petition raises $35K for charity

Retake Mass Effect movement collects donations for Child's Play as a way to call for BioWare to make new endings for its latest sci-fi role-playing shooter.


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A number of Mass Effect fans are upset with the way the latest entry in the series ended, and they're voicing their displeasure by giving to charity.

It's tough to argue against charity.
It's tough to argue against charity.

Members of the Mass Effect community have set up the Retake Mass Effect ChipIn fund, collecting PayPal donations for the Child's Play charity in order to call attention to their request for BioWare to make alternate Mass Effect 3 endings.

As of press time, the fund had raised more than $35,000 from more than 1,400 contributors. The donation drive will run until April 11.

The group takes issue with the current possible endings to the game, saying they don't provide a sense of closure, adequate explanation of what happened, or meet the expectations people have of Mass Effect games. As a result, they are asking for new endings that better explain story events, spell out how player decisions affected the outcome, and include "a heroic ending, which provides a better sense of accomplishment."

Founded in 2003 by Penny Arcade's Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins, Child's Play works to improve the lives of sick children through offering toys and games at a network of over 70 hospitals worldwide. For more on Child's Play, see the organization's official website.

As of press time, Child's Play and Electronic Arts had not returned requests for comment.

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This seriously annoys me! GAMERS GET OVER IT! Us the gamers don't have the right to state this. Its a game, you played the game, the game ended the way it what?! The developers and creative people who this project belongs to wanted the game to end the way it did. Gamers are getting power in the wrong ways lately. I'm probably going to get seriously slammed for this comment aren't I?...

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just make dlc that takes place after the ending to explain what happened or to get closure

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Get over it. Its just a game. BioWare screwed up Dragon Age. It was only a matter of time before they would screw up Mass Effect too. That's business. Its time to move on and look forward to the next great, emerging developers, and leave BioWare on EA life support.

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Those are hardly spoilers at all...

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some of the deepest moments in this series is when character make the ultimate sacrifice....I can think of a few that really did move me.

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What they should do, is have an option on an opening for Mass effect 4 which would of normally been an ending on ME3.... I may be talking no sense, but it would be an idea, also, you'd be able to choose the survivors of any scenario you chose for an ending... It would be great if they would/did allow morerole play like being able to choose the outcome of every mission and what weapons were readily available and the ability to create powerfull weapons upon finding the right ingredients when you search the planet surface as like they did in ME2.... But all I'm saying, ME4 would be alot better with more available choices and more interactivity than the previous 3 others, that is if they plan to make a ME4, we can only imagine...right??

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Whatever you think of the endings I did contribute a little since it goes to charity.

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For all you guy who don't know ...The ending really are dreams.

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Retake Mass Effect? Are you guys serious? There are far more important things to worry about/spend time on. It's BioWare's baby, not yours. In the end, they're the ones who can decide what happens, not you. The decided to go a certain route with their story, and that's their prerogative. I hope BioWare doesn't do alternate endings. If they do, it will be the start of a horrifying trend, one in which writers and designers will bow to the will of the masses versus their own creative will.

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@zero nothing childish about it lol they dont like something and they are trying to change it and in doing so earning money for a good cause ... and if the writers get offended good maybe they wont do such a terrible job next time

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@Metallicantera Plenty of games, movies, and books suffer from the same problems it doesn't change the fact that it's childish, the only thing it will do is offend the writers and then they write a troll ending or decide to charge for the "better ending". The only good thing that comes out of this is the money for Child's Play.

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@Doolz2024 I feel the same way...I done with the single player, but at last I can do MP so not all my money is wasted. @Albelnox0 That is how I see it as well. @crushbrain That is funny!

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Bioware should change the ending because they copied the 3 endings off another game.... Deus Ex

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I get the ending, do I like it? not at all. Basically it came down to all of your decisions didn't matter. The galaxy just reset itself. One man cant take on the whole galaxy. It's fine, but still at least it could of gave a little closure on plot holes, and character development.

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I'll nevef forgive Bioware or the pissy gaming community if they tamper with it.

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I don't see what the problem is with the ending. I love the Mass Effect series and with the general tempo of the third game i kind of expected the ending. I mean if you get your readiness up high enough shepard lives. I mean it leaves it open for another game and to be honest i would love another mass effect game. So the mass relay's got destroyed...harvest some reaper tech and build them again. I give bioware and EA a thumbs up for the game..for the day one DLC not so much.

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@FriendBear I agree with you. He added humor where it was most needed and he always tried to do the right thing...great character. He was one of favorites long with Thane, Garrus and Legion. All great characters!

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I can imagine Bioware donating money to the same charity rather than make more endings.

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ok for all you idiots who believe the fans are mad because the ending wasnt happy enough... stfu and read this it explains perfectly why the ending is terrible in just about every way possible << LINK REMOVED >>

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It's a game, people, I can't believe people are taking this so seriously.

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Mordins death was inexcusable, arguably one of the best characters in the game, I loved the guy who did the voice work ~ the character was perfect, and now lost forever >.

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So this is week two of Mass Effect 3's release. Just... wow...

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thing is about that biowere said that wee have diferent endigs not color change but diferent like evryone lives or all dies all in midle of somthing that all your choices will mater but they fuked up all and now i wont buy there game like dragon age 2 they do first games beter than second ones they never learn that game is for fun and if you give intreview and sai that ye all players will have difernt ending and blablabla and in the end puff and nothing that what all this is about

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yeah bioware we'll definitely keep on talking about how legion died FOR NOTHING, and how Mordin died for absolutely NOTHING. Let me qoute the turian primarch, "my son will be remembered in the 9th platoon as history continues" to bad that history is now GONE. So his son died FOR NOTHING. To bad Shepard died FOR NOTHING and had a big reset button like the cruciable thrown at his face, not to mention haley joe osmond from AI

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Seems kinda childish to me I've played plenty of games with endings I didn't like, you know what I did I accepted it and moved on.

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@tarrascythe It's apparent you've read nothing about "Retake Mass Effect", get yourself informed before flaming.

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Yes, please give us a boiler-plate Hollywood ending because we want a printing press developer who makes us feel good. I need a more verbose story to a 100 plus hour saga. Add my name to the Retake Mass Effect Petition because I have no creative criticisms of my own and have no desire to discuss the endings' meaning. Please accept my anonymous $25 donation (average donation amount).

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@endersgone It's not that unlikely. BioWare has a history of catering to fans. It's also not unprecedented. Bethesda changed the ending to Fallout 3, where your character originally dies at the end of the main quest.

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This is so beautiful. It goes go to show when humanity has a common goal anything is possible.

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I think we can expect Alternate Ending DLC in the future. Hopefully a full expansion like Dragon Age's "Awakening" DLC, not just a mission pack like those in ME2.

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I think Bioware should definitely not change the ending. If they do, its gonna be another thing companies will charge you over. They will create really crappy endings with the excuse of it being artistic and realistic, and charge you money for you to get your happy ending... this is the catalyst, i hope they dont change it. If you guys cant handle it, go play some other game, but dont ruin games for us, we don't have enough money to buy happy endings... SPOILERS: About the game's ending. First of all, i really liked the ending of the game (the green one). While i think they borrowed heavily from Deus Ex HR, i think it was a perfect finale to an amazing series. Seriously, the entire series was melancholic and mysterious, if they ended thing with a rainbow, it would really detract from the experience. So in the green ending, you get a perfect combination of sacrifice, heroism, and evolution (the reason for everything that's happened). Can you picture Shepard surviving and spending the rest of his days slacking on the beach? wtf... it had to end this way. Heroes don't get happy endings, that's what makes them heroes.

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@lwe316 Go very far? Mass effect fans have come together and donated 40k for charity, we've exceeded our own expectations - as I said earlier our primary cause is charity, we know full well the chances of getting anything changed is incredibly unlikely.

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This is kinda redic guys, yeah okay. The ending sucked . . . but even if they change the ending ppl will still hate them. And seriously? 35 thousand dollars to change the ending to a fictional story? Yeah I loved the Mass Effect series, but not that much.

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@Biggest_loser I think that since the money are given to charity anyways, little does the motives matter. It's not like it's donated by a megacorp to change the public's opinion, right? It's a good way to both pressure the company and to help people regardless of the motive of each person that helped.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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Its all business. This is how went down. EA guy with big cigar talking to Bioware monkeys: "Ok, you have X number of months to complete this thing or you're fired. It has to include day 1 DLC, online multiplayer, and has to leave room for a sequel. Any questions?" Bioware monkey: "Uh, sir, that would ruin the plot momentum and shepherd's character, wouldn't it?" EA guy walks over to the Bioware monkey, takes his hand and puts out his cigar in his palm, leans down a whispers, "but it will make us MILLIONS!" Then he fires the only guy who knew what the customers wanted. lol.

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While I applaud the fact that at least this petition is raising money for a worthwhile cause, I for one just simply don't agree with the reasoning of the bad ending. What I have read leading up to this game is that while it may end Shepard's story, it's not the end of the Mass Effect story. Plus who's to say that there isn't DLC in the coming months that will explain all this anyway? You all are entitled to your opinion. I just don't agree with it. Again, glad to see the donations to charity, but I don't think this will go very far.

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According to the wisdom of Laura Parker that charity money is going to have to be refunded. Ending can't be changed. It's art.

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The ending was so depressing. I don't even feel like playing through the game again because of it.

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I'm beginning to see (or at least hope) that this is less about impetus for a rewrite and more an outlet to the frustrations of a scorned fanbase. Imagine what we could have accomplished around the time of Phantom Menace was released.

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@tfkowns the endings are the same (ish) because they all set up the start of ME4 which is more then likely already being made

Avatar image for endersgone

Anyone is welcome to join our cause over at the bsn, getting the endings changed/altered is very unlikely (we all know that). This is primarily for charity, if bio changes anything it's just a bonus at this point. Hold the line : ) << LINK REMOVED >>

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I think this was a brilliant way to get emotional fans to channel their anger and frustration for a positive movement. It's almost 40k dollars now, in two days. You don't see this everyday, people.

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$35,000 for charity. The first good thing to come out of this game....

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POSSIBLE SPOILER If you survive at the end do you continue to play from after the battle, or before you attack Cerberus like normal ?

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i think the problem with the ending which aren't bad alone but need more -its jsut a pick a b or c and we get very little explination of what the hell just happened -also it would be nice if we could LIVE through it-i do like the synthisis one but other wise it lacks-also a few more endings based more on what you did not your war assets would be nice -i just feel it should have been better

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Wow, $35 thousand is great for the charity. At least something good came out of the outrage. I think I might donate too.

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why are people doing this, Bioware is laughing at you because they will MAKE DLC TO GET MORE MONEY FROM YOU this was an amazing tactic to get more monies but in reality they are scumbags along with EA Mass Effect ended with the first game!!!!

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I like Mass Effect 3, it's a good game that plays a lot better than ME2 and the multiplayer is actually good but frack the ending man.... After this I doubt I'll buy another Bioware game...Ever since they got picked up by EA they've been going downhill, Mass Effect has been their stronger franchise but after making major mistakes twice and totally screwing up Dragon Age 2 and dropping a single player MMO on us....WTF, just give us KOTOR 3 for crying out loud....I'm done....

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I have a feeling like many on the internet that shepard was indoctrinated at some point in the games and those are not real end to the game, there is many weird things happening at the end of the game imo... im afraid that Bioware/Ea will try to milk us for money with dlc in upcoming months (for those that want to pay for them ofc) i dont care about happy ending that so many people want, i just hoped for answers to so many questions and things that happened in the trilogy. And some choices that we made seem to not matter much in me3 as i hoped.