Mass Effect 3 alternate-ending petition raises $35K for charity

Retake Mass Effect movement collects donations for Child's Play as a way to call for BioWare to make new endings for its latest sci-fi role-playing shooter.


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A number of Mass Effect fans are upset with the way the latest entry in the series ended, and they're voicing their displeasure by giving to charity.

It's tough to argue against charity.
It's tough to argue against charity.

Members of the Mass Effect community have set up the Retake Mass Effect ChipIn fund, collecting PayPal donations for the Child's Play charity in order to call attention to their request for BioWare to make alternate Mass Effect 3 endings.

As of press time, the fund had raised more than $35,000 from more than 1,400 contributors. The donation drive will run until April 11.

The group takes issue with the current possible endings to the game, saying they don't provide a sense of closure, adequate explanation of what happened, or meet the expectations people have of Mass Effect games. As a result, they are asking for new endings that better explain story events, spell out how player decisions affected the outcome, and include "a heroic ending, which provides a better sense of accomplishment."

Founded in 2003 by Penny Arcade's Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins, Child's Play works to improve the lives of sick children through offering toys and games at a network of over 70 hospitals worldwide. For more on Child's Play, see the organization's official website.

As of press time, Child's Play and Electronic Arts had not returned requests for comment.

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I am ready to give charity.

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*spoiler alert* I thought about it after a day and can basically sum up the ending this way: Before, I was looking forward to replaying all three games after knowing how all my choices affected the outcome to create one more Shepard. Now, I don't care anymore because nothing you do has any affect on anything when it really mattered, the end. I mean did Bioware ever play a Fallout game? Every choice you make is discussed in the ending and resolved, even stuff you ignored.

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I don't understand the detractors. The people donating want to bring attention to their desire for a new ending(s). They've chosen to do so by donating to charity instead of, I don't know, angrily ranting and threatening people. Read the actual wording of the charity drive and you'll realise that no one is "demanding" anything. And as most people donating have been saying: "what's the worst that happens? A bunch of money gets donated to a children's charity."

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...If forcing someone to make an ending you want...Is it really an ending? Also, @ferna1234 That's an awesome statement. I love it

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why are all of you complaining about this, its aggression in the form of HELPING SICK CHILDREN!! what is wrong with you?

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I think this is really cool and they basically kill two birds with one stone. On the one hand you get a huge donation to a very worthy cause and on the other hand u hopefully convince Bioware to make an alternate ending to Mass Effect 3. This is alot better then just complaining about the games supposedly terrible ending. I just hope that if Bioware does decide to make an alternate ending for Mass Effect 3 they don't charge ya'll for it seeing as how you've already donated a large sum to a very worthy cause.

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I have heard so many bad things about the ending(s) of this game that I will not get it.

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SPOILER: You will hate the ending.

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@00Joseph00 You might want to place a big SPOILER warning label on your post.

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Just a publicity stunt. :roll: I would rather they focus on the more convincingly consumer-related issues with this game - like its on-disc DLC and its requirement that the player experience anything in between Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 to understand the prologue of the third game. Oh sure, it can be argued as a product-satisfaction issue, but the ending isn't exactly related to more technical matters like user-friendliness and product packaging.

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@liketires Not letting it but I still have to justify how much I spend on my games. It being an EA published game im already in the used department.

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@liketires I loved Nier, one of my fav games this gen, but each to their own I guess

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@Lordcrabfood I disliked Nier, too much confusion and was all over the place for me. Never played Deadly Premonition. But Alan Wake and Heavy Rain are exemplary examples of story telling so I agree with you on those.

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@liketires Final Fantasy, god no. I prefer the stories of Nier, Deadly Premonition, Alan Wake, Heavy Rain

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@RadView Dont let everyone spoil it for you. They are just upset because there isnt as much closure as theyd have wanted in the endings (which is justified). But the game as a whole is one of the most emotionally engaging stories ive ever played, and I have admittedly cried a few times >.> lol

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I'd like to see a new ending, after playing three games the least they can do is giving me the chance of ending this game properly... For those who are saying the endings are ok... Just play the game till the end, then comment.

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@Lordcrabfood Guess I can't make you think any different, but what are games with good stories and gameplay in your opinion then? So help me God if you say Final Fantasy.

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I have played ME1 and 2 and enjoyed it, but the more I read about this so called bad ending(without spoiling it for myself) the longer it will be before I purchase this game and see what all the fuss is about because Ill be waiting until I find an uber cheap used copy now.

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Quit whining. Jesus. I've never seen gamers whine so much.

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@liketires I have had to misfortune to play many Bioware games, they are all terrible. Boring stories, boring gameplay. Bioware are the worst developer on the planet. FACT.

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didn't a similar charity petition go around for dragon age 2 that also fell on Bioware/EA's deaf ears?

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@nightmarishkitte I agree, the 3 current endings would be acceptable as long as there was a more heroic ending along with them. Also an ending even MORE dark than the other ones would be another great addition. (Reapers win, kill all organics)

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Are these people for real? what a sad, sad world.

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@Lordcrabfood Have you ever played KOTOR or Baldur's Gate? Or any one of their other games besides DA2? (ME3 was an amazing game before the endings.)

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Anyone that finds a Bioware product even remotely engaging is obviously intellectually handicapped.

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Who cares? The game ended that way to let you decide what happened. as well as provide a hook if they ever want to bring the franchise back. If you want to find out what happens, buy the DLC. Welcome to the new video game industry.

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I've already beat & sold the game and moved on to Tales of graces, then looking forward to xenoblade chronicles. The ending was definitely 'MEH' but whatever, not going to spend more money for extra endings.

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u'r such crybabies.. u don't like bad endings? go watch Disney channel.

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@darckdeth 6??? I had THREE... and they all sucked... (I reloaded and tried them all).. same cinematic by the way... except one is blue, one is green, and one is red... talk about lazy...

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one the ending was just fine no need to change there are other routes they could have taken but its fine u have 6 to choose from.

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lol give me thumbs down, just makes me even happier.

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Why not just end Bioware? I say the vote that counts is the one with money attached to it...

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@lwe316 Yes, you're right we are the minute vocal minority (right now), but I expect our numbers might grow a bit in the coming weeks - as others finish the game. There are some who will give us grief and misrepresent our cause, but any way this turns out donating is better than just raging on internet forums. I'm aware that our donations have little chance of changing things, but I think we turned our frustration into something positive... even if our motives might be in question.

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dont change the endings...just add more endings

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to all you sayin to get over it the games must mean something different... when i spend 5 years across 3 games developing relationships connecting to characters and investing in situations i want to see how it all turns out. these endings where not extremely horrible, they just left no closure man, no sense of reward for all that investment...

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lol, ultimate revenge..lets donate to charity instead your DLC! that will totally make them listen...

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Nothing makes me happier then knowing that you idiots who buy Bioware games are not happy with their purchase.

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I applaud the charity effort.

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Though I'm not optimistic, I really hope Bioware does something with the end - an expansion pack, or something. I busted my hump all yesterday so I could see how the story ends, and that's the thanks I get? Not quite what I was hoping for...

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And DLC cash.

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Does anyone else think that Bioware made their ending terrible on purpose just to get all this press? Just sayin lol

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wtf??? I laughed when I read this article. how about every other production companies make a bad ending so we all have more good people on earth to do the right move...

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@ endersgone Raising $40,000 is nice, but from what I understand about this: 27,963 people as I write this like the FB page to change the ending. 1715 people have contributed. Lets round that up to 30,000. Mass Effect 3 so far has sold appox. 1.85 million copies in the first week. So if you go by those numbers, the complaints are coming from 1.6% of the people who bought the game. Plus another thing people have to be careful of is that you're not just donating to Child's Play as a way to somehow shame Bioware into doing something about the ending. There will be some people who say, "Well, if it had been the ending you had wanted, would you still be donating to Child's Play?" I'm not saying Bioware won't listen to the complaints, but I don't think a total rewrite of the ending is going to happen. Again, just my opinion. Don't have to agree with it if you don't want to.

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They'll just do what enix-square did. create a viral video that leads to mass effect 3 Pt. 2 Frankly all the games sucked and i never played past any of the demos. serves you idiots right. you want a movie go to the theater. you want a game well..........go buy past GEn systems cause they ain't gonna make games anymore

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I hope Bioware does release dlc with a new ending and charges all you whingers a premium. The series is so lame, who cares!? A different ending will not lift the series out of mediocrity.

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I tell you a secret. Not only the last few minutes were the end of the story. During your mission you decided which races should stay alive at the end. The final cutscene and the whole story is about the reapers,synthetics and the connection between different races. These were more important than the future of your crew members...

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I played all 3 Mass Effect games on my 360, but having purchased a great gaming PC, I had planned on buying the trilogy down the road again once the last of the ME3 DLC had finished coming out. That being said, while Bioware has the right to finish their story however they want (because it is clearly THEIR story and NOT ours, despite what they said in their advertising campaigns) I will not be buying them again, such is my dissatisfaction with the ending as it is. That is how MY Mass Effect story ends... with my money staying safely in my wallet.

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Wow that is a lot. The average donation per user is really big.

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I love games and all. but seriously its just a game !!