Mass Effect 3 alternate-ending petition raises $35K for charity

Retake Mass Effect movement collects donations for Child's Play as a way to call for BioWare to make new endings for its latest sci-fi role-playing shooter.


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A number of Mass Effect fans are upset with the way the latest entry in the series ended, and they're voicing their displeasure by giving to charity.

It's tough to argue against charity.
It's tough to argue against charity.

Members of the Mass Effect community have set up the Retake Mass Effect ChipIn fund, collecting PayPal donations for the Child's Play charity in order to call attention to their request for BioWare to make alternate Mass Effect 3 endings.

As of press time, the fund had raised more than $35,000 from more than 1,400 contributors. The donation drive will run until April 11.

The group takes issue with the current possible endings to the game, saying they don't provide a sense of closure, adequate explanation of what happened, or meet the expectations people have of Mass Effect games. As a result, they are asking for new endings that better explain story events, spell out how player decisions affected the outcome, and include "a heroic ending, which provides a better sense of accomplishment."

Founded in 2003 by Penny Arcade's Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins, Child's Play works to improve the lives of sick children through offering toys and games at a network of over 70 hospitals worldwide. For more on Child's Play, see the organization's official website.

As of press time, Child's Play and Electronic Arts had not returned requests for comment.

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I just will drop that here... the video is from last summer, btw: << LINK REMOVED >>

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Seems Gabe and Tycho from Penny Arcade liked the endings << LINK REMOVED >>

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haha wow. havnt beat it yet. cant wait to see the ending now lol

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they have now raised almost 46,000$ and the ending to this game keeps him human but gives no closer to the countless stories we have all tried to work towards. This was to be a happy ending in some ways.

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so people need to pay for a better ending???? LOL!!!!!!

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Well life isn't all about happy endings. I have personally experienced ups and downs. This ending of ME 3 only humanizes commander Shepherd. Anything other than that would have made him/her a GOD !!!

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And people still say it was a good ending... Seriously, where the world went wrong? Can't you see BioWare did this only for polemic? To call attention from everywhere? Just like RDR, an ending that doesn't feel like a closure. It's a "WTH, let's do anything in the end, nobody cares anyway" kind of ending. What is Gears had that? What is the movie Wanted had that? Or Lord of the Rings? Think thoroughly, did BioWare did right? As a gamer i say no. I'm glad to see people fighting for their beliefs.

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@vader501st and don't be soo quick to judge that i am a part of whining to change anything the end we got was perfectly thought out and a god damn great strategy to keep sheep interested. I am just jealous im not the one doing the herding. It's all about the benjamins business as usual.

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@cpenney96 Not really. Silly of BioWare to think its own FANS would be able to CONNECT THE DOTS. Congrats for whining and falling into the trap yourself, by requiring them a step-by-step epilogue because people are strictly forbidden to make any interpretations whatsoever. Should have released control of the fanbase and pulled another Dragon Age 2 instead.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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lol @vader501st cause PLOT HOLES and INCONSISTENCIES gaping wider than kim kardashians legs for a black dude are a thoughtful and fitting way to end any story. nothing more than a trap for more DLC.

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What's so wrong about this? Consumers have the right to complain about the product they bought. Drawing attention to the cause through charity is a win-win situation. I hate how people compare ME3 to movies and other games. The whole ME experience is based on the promise of choice. For those of you who've completed the game, you know how that went...

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to pay more for the ending you wanted to see? oh, come on you guys! don't encourage them, soon we'll be paying for alternative endings too... just like DLCs...

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lol@ people complaining about the ending. 12y old CoD folks have better understanding than those so called "fans". It was an open, thoughtful and fitting ending to a superb trilogy. Get over it.

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I did not like the ending as much as the next person but signing a petition telling the devs to change the ending of their own game is ludacris. Ps. If u choose the bad ending option(the red one that destroys everything) u see a 20sec video of someone waking up in an area surrounded with ruble which hints the possibility that those endings were indoctrination's. Check this video for more proof << LINK REMOVED >>

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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To have to pay extra for a decent ending to ME, truly a new low. EAs whoreishnes knows no bounds. I am proud to say I have only once bought DLC, and that time it was justified and on sale. It was the World at War complete map pack and zombies for 10$, the only time Ive seen one worth it, it was before hackers ruined the game anyway.

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@wexorian I agree,and it's nice that you mention that because I was just thinking about it. Read this everyone if you don't know what's going on << LINK REMOVED >>

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Win: Dark Souls.

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"A Heroic Ending will soon be available via DLC. Five dolla" -EA

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it's mroe worse ending that kottor 2 got :D

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Strange i replayed me 1 6 time Me 2 9 time for different endings and choices, mass effect 3 1 Replay and don't want to replay it again, and i'm not only one who Got Hole in their hearth, yes main hero dead that makes sense like in dao if you wanted to kill warden, But with mass relays being destroyed and many many unanswered questions make Game non replay able.

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It is kinda of a spoiler, but it is my way to laugh about it..... Reaper: We came to kill/harvest you to extinction to save you from being killed by the synthetics which you created , so new life will evolve and we could do the same thing until the Universe ends....We are your salvation, we are here to rape you ...oh sorry to reap you..... Shepard: Huh?? That makes no sense.....Takes the gun and blows his head off......Meanwhile Joker was playing with EDI on Normandi and engaged the ME relay by mistake just a few seconds before a big explosion occured that eventuali destroyed all of the relays and caught them in the blast...Normandi crashed and they were stranded on a nice planet..They lived happily ever after making kids and crap.... After a hour Shepard wakes up in his library with a book in his hand ... Stargazer guy: And this is how the cookie crumbles .................................. Did this made sense???

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"$35,000 from more than 1,400 contributors" I know it's for charity an all that, but an average of $25 per person? Them gamers but be seriously pissed with the ending! I haven't bought the game, and never owned the others.. but if the ending's as bad as it seems to be I'd probably blame EA. Everything they touch generally turns to $hit. And yes I genuinely meant the $ with intention of referring to money :P

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Sadly, if they did release alternate endings they would probably make money out of it. Xbox Marketplace: Alternate Endings DLC 500 MSP or whatever it would cost. Because so many people would want it, they would most likely exploit the fact.

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Sir_Grakul is right. I mean yeah it is sad that Shepard died but this is more dramatic. Do you want the next cliche ending ?

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I know this is off the current theme, but if they get the same idea for Dragon Age III the company can pack their bags cause nobody will ever again buy something from BioWare. ''That's new BioWare game is it? Don't play it will not have an ending.''

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The endings were fine.

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Was the ending just as bad as "The Sopranos" or worse.

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Mass dEffect 3.

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I actually dished in some, not because I want the ending change that badly but I actually sympathise with a lot of the fans because it's just so incredible they love a series this much and is willing to take a step like this. I don't care what people may say about it being Bioware's product. Personally I don't care cause all I've done in the Mass Effect universe is be a jerk and killed anyone I got a chance to and the Destroy ending seemed so perfect for me.

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haven't seen the ending yet, but atleast the money is going to good purpose :)

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Using the money for charity is a dirt move because BioWare cannot ignore that and neither can EA for the sake of image. Nontheless, it was a necessary one, and fair play when it's EA.

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I agree with jollybest1, This was all part of a plan to make you pay for a decent ending via DLC, and also the choices you made along in the game didnt matter at the end, pointless. I was disappointed at the last battle, I was expecting a large battlefield with all the different allies fighting alongside you in a mass brawl, what did we get? A few blokes running through some buildings along with a light beam at the end!!!!! Crap!

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I'm glad for the spoiler warnings and everything but the ending doesn't sound too good. I like the idea of new endings just release it as free DLC please and not paid for DLC. Be nice EA, be nice.

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We're not angry, at least I'm not, I'm just frankly annoyed that the endings made NO sense whatsoever. *spoiler alert* If you destroyed the reapers and survived, how are you still alive (the special ending) when all synthetic life is destroyed, which is INCLUDING you (from all the synthetic parts Cerberus chucked into you). Why is the Normandy gunning it away from the pulse (Insert color here) nova, how did your squad magically appear back on the Normandy etc, the list of plot-holes are bigger than Texas at the moment We all just want BETTER endings, not crap, confusing ones.

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I am sure I will not buy the stupid DLC if they do that. Probably they will because i feel it was their plan all along ........Bioware will sunk even lower. So many people are happy to give them money for something that should have been good in the first place. This is why gamers receive less and less complete products....Jeez I miss the BG days when an expansion was something that expanded the game not complete it..........I hope CDPR will never do this crap with the Witcher franchise...

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there's rummor that we will get DLC called "truth" what will change Ending somehow due aprill may.

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@jollybest1 lol, we have ourselves a psychologist. No sweetie, sorry to burst your bubble but I am not angry or frustrated. Confused, yes. I just don't understand how anyone can like this garbage. Anyone that actually pays good money for this game is an idiot. FACT.

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@Lordcrabfood It is your opinion, I can live with that , but you present your opinion as a fact which isn't.....To much hate man for something that should be enjoyed .....Think about it the only one that cares we are idiots or not for playing ME games is you....The question is why do you care??? When writing something you should know why did you wrote those things. Is it hate or what??? You should find some closure because you are frustrated.......

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My favorite game for about two days. Then I crawled back to Heavy Rain after the ending. FORGIVE ME QUANTIC DREAM D=.

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That's not the true ending but a dream sequence. There will be a ME4 guys. Trust me : )

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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@jollybest1 The game is idiotic therefore only idiots like it. Very simple premise really.

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@Lordcrabfood @Mr__Maniacal Well one thing is to dislike a game but telling others they are idiots for liking it it's stupid and immature, you force them to take your choice . There are guys older than you that played that game and enjoyed it, is it that hard for you to understand that everybody has different tastes or are you communists??? ...........

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Please people, its not a real ending if you force someone, the authors to implement an ending not in the game itself. It will just be a fake ending!! I didn't like the ending but I don't want it to change for the reasons I just said. What's probably better is to make BioWare explain the choices and hardwork we have done in the three games and a proper closure through a DLC or Expansion pack. Not a DLC for changing the ending.

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Arhh .... WHAT? Wow... i have not reached the ending yet but... why people are so upset about their endings? O Well... As long we get a new ending for free instead of a DLC which cost $$$

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As nice as donating to charity is, do they seriously expect Bioware to make a new ending by doing this? Seriously?

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There is only one ending to the game: disappointment. No matter what you choose, it won't matter, and you will be disappointed.