Mass Effect 2 wins Golden Joystick double

BioWare's action RPG takes the RPG and Ultimate Game of the Year awards at London ceremony; Call of Duty series picks up Shooter and One to Watch gongs.


The 27th annual Golden Joystick awards took place in London today, with awards dished out according to the results of a public vote. Last year's ceremony saw Fallout 3 claim the Game of the Year award, with the game also winning PC Game of the Year. Gears of War 2 did the same for the Xbox as well as Killzone 2 for the PlayStation.

This year's ceremony abandoned the platform-specific awards and focussed instead on genres. It was perhaps this decision that led to only a couple of double-award winners: Mass Effect 2, which took home both RPG and Ultimate Game of the Year awards, and Plants vs. Zombies, which claimed Strategy and Download titles. There were no other repeated winners, leaving big hitters such as Assassin's Creed II to take prizes alongside more indie fare such as World of Goo.

Call of Duty did well as a franchise, though, with the upcoming Black Ops taking the One to Watch award, marking the third year in a row that a Call of Duty game has claimed that prize. Modern Warfare 2 also took the Best Shooter award and managed second place behind Mass Effect 2 in the Ultimate Game category.

Ultimate Game of the Year

Mass Effect 2

Action/Adventure Game of the Year

Assassin's Creed II

Download Game of the Year

Plants vs. Zombies

Fighting Game of the Year

Super Street Fighter IV

Music Game of the Year

Guitar Hero 5

The One to Watch

Call of Duty: Black Ops

Online Game of the Year

League of Legends

Portable Game of the Year

Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver

Puzzle Game of the Year

World of Goo

Racing Game of the Year

Forza Motorsport 3

RPG of the Year

Mass Effect 2

Shooter of the Year

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Soundtrack of the Year

Final Fantasy XIII

Sports Game of the Year


Strategy Game of the Year

Plants vs. Zombies

UK Developer of the Year


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Mass Effect 2 all the way ! till mass Effect 3 landed. Go BIOWARE !

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i'm on ma toes man

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@eal-zubieri Mass Effect 2 is better than Mass Effect 1 in every way except the story. In ME2 the plot is basically recruiting people ME1 is much more grand. I'm not disagreeing that its an amazing game I love it and have played close to 300+ since getting (yup...insanity LotSb is FUN) and it deserves Ultimate Game of the year but that terminator boss really ruined the last big fight for me. Story wise its not bad its just as good as ME1 but even so ME2 is an excellent game and thats why Bioware is my fav developer.

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Mass Effect 2 easily deserves the Ultimate Game of the Year award. I wish there was a category that would have given Red Dead Redemption an easy win like "Best Western Game of the Year" hahaha. I'm sure it was close up there on the votes though for game of the year. Oh and on a side note: Excuse me for letting my immature side come out when I say this but is the person's name who wrote this article really Guy Cocker?! lol

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i don't understand why people are complaining about me2 i mean its much better game then me1 in every way from story to gameplay and i think it surpassed a lot of games i played(and one of them is GEOW2) in my whole life.

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mass effect 2 was one of the best games i played this year and totally deserved the award.

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Their year schedule is weird. Which year,Q4'09 to Q3'10?

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For some reason I find it really weird to think of ME2 and to a lesser extent AC2 as games that came out this year. Feels like I played them both so so long ago. ME2 and AC2 are easily the two best games I've played this year, followed by Halo Reach and RDR. It's been a good year for games.

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The irony is that few, if any, of these games use joysticks as controls anymore.

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i'd definitely say the award is well deserved. mass effect 2 was an awesome game and did what it was suppose to - surpass its predecessor in almost every way. sure the planet/resource scanning was a complete drag but the upgrades you could purchase with newfound resources made the mundane process worth it. on top of that, the game featured a top notch sci-fi story that was awesome for ME1 players to come back to and easy for non-ME1 players to jump in. all in all, i raise my glass to Mass Effect 2. Hope the third is even better!

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For people wondering why this hasn't won and why that hasn't won is either because, they weren't in the voting process and secondly people didn't vote. Personally, ME2 is ultimate game of the year. Jagex are a nice company also, but I would have voted for Codemasters if they were on there, just because F1 2010 is so good :D

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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Mass Effect = Best Series in video gameing history if u ask me.

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Mass effect 2 is GOTY, i said it just after completing it and I'll say it again , on third play-through at the moment my top games this year are : 1.ME2 2.Heavy Rain 3.MGS : PW 4.LIMBO 5.RDR 6. GOW3 7. Bayonetta RDR didnt really grab me that much compared to ME2, MW2 is only a military shooter and im bored of the MP, didnt play SMG2

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MW2 was by the THE worst game of the year out of all genres. How the hell did it win an award...

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ME2 is my game of the year and I'm glad the Golden Joystick people agree. RDR was pretty impressive as well but Bioware have basically created a new genre with ME2, the action/shooter/rpg.

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Mass Effect was really good but the improved gameplay, story and graphical style of ME2 blew me away. As good as RDR and GOW3 are i think ME2 picking it up was well deserved.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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I played Mass effect and though it was very good but when i played mass effect 2 i was slightly disappointed, it was good but it felt more like an action adventure than an rpg compared to the 1st one.

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Sports GOTY - FIFA 10? That one was ok, I guess. If you consider it internationally. I don't know if this one falls within the release date range but I would've picked NCAA 2K11. That game is AMAZING. Don't know much about ME2. Never played it. People are saying that it's coming to PS3 though so I might have to pick that one up since it seems to be so popular. I am, however, still a Call of Duty junkie so my personal GOTY would be any title that falls under that name. MW2 this year, BO next. XD

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"Where is the italian plumber?" Stuck in the 90's?

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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Red dead, demon souls and galaxy 2 should of been in there. Still hats off to bioware for mass effect 2 as that game truely is amazing.

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Where is the italian plumber?

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The awards cover games released between May 2009 - May 2010, that's why games from last year are included and some of the more recent releases ignored.

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IMO these awards are all bit of an annual joke - LOL

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Red Dead Redemption should've won Ultimate Game. Why didn't it? I'm guessing it wasn't released in time to be eligible for this years awards? If RDR was eligible but it didn't win anything, I just can't see that happening.

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I know there are a lot of people out there who aren't fans of Blizzard/WoW, so this might not be a popular opinion: But how the hell did Plants vs. Zombies beat Starcraft 2 for Strategy Game of the Year? That's just a blatant travesty.

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@Ronnie_Rim - And Fallout 3 wasn't released last year when it won Game of the Year award for 2009. I'm pretty sure its because of when the awards are held, so for example anything released from now till January will be part of the 2011 awards even though its technically a 2010 game. As for the awards, ME2 was clearly not the best game of the year. Its a solid game, and I enjoyed it... but its certainly not the best. Also, for MW2 to be the shooter of the year shows just how bad a year it was for shooters since MW2 is pretty much the same thing as COD1, which came out 6 years ago. You would think an innovative game, or at least one that we don't see released every year would win... like Bad Company 2. It might not have been very innovative, but at least DICE doesn't re-release it ever year and call it a "new" game.

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Modern warfare 2 wasn't even released this year . . .

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Mass Effect 2 is a good game, thats all. Nothing special. Dragon Age is so far ahead. Mass effect has boring locations, simplified landscapes and fighting, and to be honest the minigames that take so much time in the game are boring. God of War 3 is my game of the year.

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In truth, I am disappointed in seeing ME2 win game of the year. Sure, it was a great game, i shall not deny it but it lacked alot of things that made ME great in the first place. It was dumbed down and turned into a glorified dating simulator. For me, Red Dead Redemption is clearly the game of the year. It's a stunningly well created master piece with barely any faults, decent setting, in-depth characters and fantastic gameplay. Halo: Reach should also have been a possible contender but alas, what can we do about it?

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@fabledveteran i agree thats its great that ps3 owners are getting ME2, however i think alot of the appeal will be lost as they wont have played the first one, i would have hated to play the second one without playing the first one.

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Been on ME2 now for PC for 21hours and still loads more to do. Thats not even listening to codex etc hehe.

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Well Earned : )

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Im glad ME2 got the two awards, to be honest when games like Modern Warfare 2 sell millions of copies more than anyone else, its nice for the smaller played games and companies get what they deserve and be recognised... i loved Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 and have played both through about 6 times and eagerly await the third game, and i really don't think there is much else on the market at this moment that is like Mass Effect... Im also glad to hear the PS3 will be getting it as this will increase populartity and sales for the series and will mean more people get to play a great game

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ME2 rules. nuff said.

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Over-all I'd say some great choices made here, it's a shame that Halo:Reach didn't get any credit though. Mass Effect 2 was jaw dropping and for me it was the clear game of the year. Can't really disagree with COD getting shooter of the year, personally I'd say Halo:Reach but I know I'm in the minority. Pokemon for portable game of the year: absolutely, it was great. Wouldn't say Jagex but I've never played Runscape

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@Nighttrain50 - by that logic RDR is an action adventure with some choices. Just because it's a 3rd person shooter doesn't mean it's not an RPG. You can upgrade your character, weapons, armour, AND make choices. Learn some things about games before commenting

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I agree Mass Effect is great games, its really nice to see how fun sci-fi world is.

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@Nightrain50 Role Playing Games started off as dice rolling tabletop events, where you PLAYED the ROLE of your character and made choices. When they started making video games of them, at first they were little more than choice making programs ("use the beef jerky on the gnome? y/n"), again, where you played the role of your character. So by the original definition of RPG, Mass Effect 2 is a true RPG. You make choices, and you play the role of the character that you create.

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Red Dead Redemption was the Game of the Year.

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Mass Effect is a great franchise but 1 is better than 2. There's no way it should win "rpg" of the year since it can barely be considered one. ME2 is an action shooter with a good story and some choices... not an rpg as we know them.

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Wow, I didn't really know all that much about Mass Effect but it looks like it might deffo be worth buying when the PS3 version pops up.

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I just started my 3rd playthrough of Mass Effect 1+2, hoping to do this one on Insanity difficulty. Mass Effect is Bioware's masterpiece, it is the best sci-fi game since Half-Life and Mass Effect 2 deserved both of these awards. We need Mass Effect 3 already!

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I just literally finished my 5th playthrough and the 'lair of the shadow broker' dlc and it makes me so happy to read this. Very well deserved! I'm already losing sleep waiting for ME3.

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ME2 deserved this award so much. I'm not a Bioware fan boy but I've double-dipped on ME2 on steam and xbox 360. Simply because I want ME3 to have that bit more money pumped into its' production, for the selfish reason that I want to get another great game for my own fun.

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Wasn't AC2, MW2, and GH5 released in 2009? Anyways, ME2 was much deserved, and very expected.