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Mass Effect 2 Walkthrough

Save the universe as a Paragon or a Renegade with the help of GameSpot's Mass Effect 2 walkthrough.


With Mass Effect: Legendary Edition out now, a new generation of players can finally access one of developer BioWare's most iconic RPG franchises. If it's your first time playing these games, you'll need some help and insight to prepare you for the exciting journey ahead. The Legacy Edition, in particular, brings significant changes to the original games that better incorporate its various DLCs into the main experience while also creating new challenges thanks to adjustments to the way your actions impact the final game's epic conclusion.

Due to these changes, we've compiled a suite of new guides to help you navigate the unique aspects with our Mass Effect: Legendary Edition guide roundup. However, if you're keen to have a walkthrough handy to help you navigate the core experience of Mass Effect 2, then below you can find our original walkthrough, which we published at the time of the game's original release. You can also read our Mass Effect 1 walkthrough and Mass Effect 3 walkthrough.

For more about how the collection stacks up, be sure to read our Mass Effect: Legendary Edition review in progress.

Mass Effect 2 is the epic sequel to BioWare's space opera role-playing game and features the return of the presumed-dead officer Shepard and a brand-new adventure with more challenging battles and more crucial decisions that will change the fate of the universe. Save the universe with the help of GameSpot's game guide.

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When you select a new game, you have the option to import your character from a previous Mass Effect save file. The neat thing about this is that the consequences of the choices you made in the first game will be reflected throughout the course of this new experience. This maintains a stream of consistency, but is not necessary to fully enjoy the game. Note that for the sake of consistency, Shepard will be referred to as a male character throughout the guide.

The opening sequence introduces (or re-introduces) the player to the beloved Normandy and the motley gang commandeering the spaceship. All is fine on the Normandy at first, but the situation very quickly deteriorates as the Normandy suddenly sustains heavy fire from enemy attack.

The Normandy has suffered fatal damage and will go down at any moment. Shepard forces everyone to evacuate while he braves the hazards of a dying ship to save Joker in the cockpit. This is a good opportunity to familiarize yourself with moving Shepard around. The path to the cockpit is relatively linear and devoid of any immediate threats, so move forward with a purpose toward a frantic Joker. Convince him to abandon the Normandy one way or another and watch as the ensuing events unfold.

The Awakening

Now comes the fun part: character customization. Construct Commander Shepard's mug to your fancy, but once you exit the Lazarus Project Shepard's look will be final. Continuing tailoring Shepard's core personality and character class, and when ready the game begins proper.

Shepard goes through a lapse of consciousness before a voice over the intercom rouses the slumbering and now groggy Shepard. It's Miranda. She informs him that the ship is in dire straits and that he needs to get moving. Grab the highlighted M-3 Heavy Pistol along with its thermal clip further up and prepare to quickly learn how to use it. Shepard is soon attacked by LOKI mechs, which go down after a few direct hits. Take cover as needed, destroy the oncoming opposition, and proceed through green-lit doors to your destination. Not too long after the initial skirmish with hostiles, Shepard runs across a fallen comrade's M-100 Grenade Launcher.

TIP: For shooting enemies, you generally want to zoom in for a cleaner and more accurate shot. Un-zoomed hip fire reduces accuracy and wastes thermal clips.

Equip this shiny new toy by going into your weapons inventory and use it on the trio of enemies below. There's a movable platform to the right; use it to descend to the scrap metal-littered catwalk and dash through the jet of flames. The first accessible door leads to a room devoted to research on…presumably Commander Shepard himself. There's a wall safe, whose elementary security can easily be bypassed by simply matching up the icons. Just woken up and here you are already with credits flooding into your pocket!

A man is seen standing his ground against enemy waves just beyond the next door. You learn that his name is Jacob. This time around you'll notice that more dialogue options have sprung up on the left side, allowing you to dig up some much-needed answers on the present situation. The dialogue options on the right usually steer the conversation toward a conclusive end; it's better to exhaust the left side of options for investigative purposes. Jacob, however, doesn't have the time nor patience to be your information squeeze toy right now. The rest of your questions will have to wait until after you help him neutralize the immediate threats. Jacob possesses Biotic abilities that will prove very useful for quick disposal of the mechs. Feel free to play around with them.

As promised, Jacob opens the floor to any pressing questions Shepard has. Jacob spills the reduced-fat beans version on the Lazarus Project, Miranda, the Normandy crew, and this hectic situation. When ready, Jacob follows you as a squad member and lends you his Biotic powers. While he will automatically respond appropriately to danger, you can take full advantage of his abilities as well. Follow the linear path toward more enemies and to the source of a distressed Wilson.

Unfortunately, when you find Wilson on the ground, he's badly wounded and requests Shepard for some first aid assistance from the Medi-Gel station on the wall. Grab the Medi-Gel and patch up Wilson, who declares the debt is now even. Some discussion regarding the possible identity of the traitor ensues with Miranda popping up as one of the potential candidates. Wilson seems very eager to place the blame on Miranda, but any further discussion becomes disrupted by an enemy invasion. Barging through the exit doors, several mechs have taken the fight to Shepard, Jacob, and Wilson. Luckily, the newest addition to the squad, Wilson, has the Overload ability that will make short work of the new invaders.

With the enemies neutralized, Jacob continues the conversation, revealing who they're working for and that they're trying to recruit Shepard for their purposes. Whatever your reaction, it's time to head out. In the hallway, spot the Data Pad on the ground and hack it to receive some credits. This hacking puzzle involves matching up a pre-set code sequence that is displayed at the top and a series of other code sequences slowly scrolling upward. You must identify and match up the correct code sequence with the pre-selected one three times within a time limit for a successful hack.

The squad meets more resistance in the hangar, and the action only heats up as they probe deeper in. As if on cue, more mechs come to life and react aggressively to your presence. Don't forget the fact that you have very powerful and useful allies at your disposal. It would be wise to use their abilities and extra firepower to your advantage as you tread through these danger zones. We strongly advise going up the right-hand side to avoid being ambushed by more mechs. Through the facility's exit, we bump into Miranda, who is alive and well, to Wilson's dismay.

Remember that you earn (and have been earning) Paragon and Renegade points depending on how you react to the following developments. At this point, you also get to pick apart Miranda's brain for any other information you would like to delve deeper into.

The remaining survivors ship out for an audience with the Illusive Man at the Cerberus outpost. Follow the path down to be taken to the Illusive Man. It turns out that Shepard's initial meeting with the Illusive Man isn't exactly as he thought it would be, but no matter--there are still answers to be had and Shepard wants them one way or another.

You come to a lull in the storyline, a period between finishing up the meeting with the Illusive Man and the newly assembled crew's setting off for the mysteriously disappearing colony of Freedom's Progress. Use this intermission to talk to Miranda and Jacob in order to farm either more Paragon or Renegade points before departing. If you have Squad points to spend, do so now and, when ready, move out to Freedom's Progress.

Freedom's Progress

Onboard the ship en route to the missing colony of interest, Shepard and company go over a few small details about the colony. The ship touches down on the desolate landing pad and investigation of Freedom's Progress begins. This clearly deserted first area offers no well-kept secrets only an eerie and unnerving stillness pervading through night. Press onward through the conveniently unlocked doors. When you reach a second open area, search the crates to the left for credits before opening the door. Just beyond the colony's security personnel in the form of LOKI and FENRIS Mechs come online in response to your unwelcomed presence.

Take cover and blast through the enemy defense. Keep in mind that as the squad leader you can issue orders to your squad members for tactical positioning and ability usage. Incendiary ammo won't pack a bigger punch than normal here, so keep them on reserve for better use at a later time. After the threat subsides, head into the barracks ahead to find a wall safe for more credit after a successful hack and a Medi-Gel kit. Once you've cleaned out this building and searched the crates to the left for credits, your squad runs into a pair of mechs guarding the next door that leads to some unknown visitors.

A small team of quarians have apparently arrived before Shepard and his crew and turn their weapon-wielding sights on the new arrivals, but one of them seems to recognize Shepard and immediately realizes the gravity of her mistake. Despite her initial reaction, Tali is glad to see Shepard, but doesn't rather approve of the company he's with at the moment. No matter though because they form a temporary truce in order to seek out one of her lost men. This Veetor fellow apparently is somewhere on Freedom's Progress, and so the two teams must now set out to locate him.

Lead your team out of this building and into the next cluster of buildings, where you will stumble upon some very light defense. There's a wall safe here as well for the taking. When you emerge from the building, some Alliance Assault Drones zero in on your team, forcing you to take cover. Luckily, you can restock on thermal clips and med up in the adjacent building. A hysterical Tali comes in contact shortly after to inform you of Prazza's wayward plans. Hurry to their position to salvage any chance at gaining information from Veetor.

After demolishing the mechs that get in your way in the next open area, get your squad members into proper position as indicated by the big orange arrows and wait for Tali to open the bay door. Things get a bit hairy and more complicated as a formidable YMIR Mech joins the fray. Unlike the other small and inferior drones, this mech is slightly more intelligent and boasts an intimidating-looking frame that is armed to the teeth with heavy shields and firepower. Fortunately, the area teems with objects that offer relief--though fleeting as it may very well be--from the mech's relentless attacks. Be warned, however, that certain objects can be destroyed and leave you or your team member exposed; these objects are identified by their yellow lining.

This hulking piece of metal will take your shots as if they were nothing, closing in on your position slowly but steadily and forcing you to constantly move to different cover spots. Do not lose heart! Miranda's Overload ability leaves a big enough impression on this drone that the rest of your combined might will triumph over this creature. Don't forget that you have some extra firepower in your inventory, so dig through them to find the most adequate tool for this clean-up job.

TIP:Use Miranda's Overload to quickly dismantle this YMIR's shield.

With this major threat neutralized, the aftermath of this creature's rampage is clear: bodies strewn all over--a grotesque scene indeed. Use this opportunity now to loot the surrounding buildings and check the fallen mech for Iridium and Microfusion Array, which increases the heavy weapon ammo capacity for the entire team. Tali is busy tending to her wounded companions, but Veetor is nowhere to be found at the moment. Perhaps if you open the door of the building next to the damaged YMIR Mech…

Veetor's fear and paranoia have reduced him to a babbling fool, who doesn't make any sense when you first encounter him. After working it out through Paragon or Renegade means, Veetor finally turns his attention toward his visitors and proceeds to explain what he knows about the present situation. Still obviously shaken up by the recent occurrence of events, Veetor tells Shepard's crew that he has more information contained in his omni-tool. At this point, too, Tali comes to Veetor's aid and pushes you to make a choice: be compassionate and understanding, or be forceful and get what you want.

Whatever your decision you find yourself again in the company of the Illusive Man. He applauds your performance on Freedom's Progress, but the information you acquired doesn't seem to come as a surprise to him. You get debriefed on your next assignment and are introduced to your new pilot of your new ship.

The Normandy SR2

As fate would have it, the Normandy never truly leaves Commander Shepard's side. The only thing is to assemble the right crew for this baby. Shepard had tried persuading the Illusive Man to recruit the former crew of the original Normandy, but many of them have gone awol or not approved by the Illusive Man. You will have to make do with the dossier he supplied. The beginning cutscenes on the Normandy introduce you to the ship's AI named EDI and provide a quick tour of the Normandy. When you've regained control of Shepard, you can choose to immediately depart for the next destination, but you will be missing quite a lot of juicy Codex information and opportunities for side tasks.

For now, check out the interior of your new Normandy, which was replicated fairly well with a few new improvements as Joker will attest to this, and talk to the crew members. There is a ton of information to be gleaned here for doing so, and don't neglect EDI either. She is a talkative one, but will withhold certain information, unfortunately. Miranda can be found on deck 3, and Jacob is holed up in the armory. A new addition to the crew is Kelly Chambers, who serves as both your assistant and the crew's counselor. If you are interested in pursuing any romantic affair with her, you may want to choose the more flirtatious remarks when you ask her whether she's happy here. Otherwise, expect a Commander-subordinate relationship with the other responses.

Bulk up your Codex and volunteer yourself to a few of the simple side missions. For starters, the ship's cook, Mess Sergeant Gardner, has compiled a grocery list for some shopping at the Citadel, and the familiar Dr. Chakwas, from the original Normandy crew, obliges your kindness with a shoddy attempt at hiding her overflowing need for some brandy. Finally, in the engineering room, you meet Daniels and Donnelly, who have a conjoined sentiment on a design flaw of the newly rebuilt Normandy. They are going to need you to help them find some FBA Couplings.

NOTE:That makes a total of three side quests thus far. These are covered in greater detail in the Side Quests section of this guide.

When you're comfortably settled in the ship, it's time to decide where to go. The Galaxy Map on the CIC opens up realms of possibilities on where to go, but at this point your overriding objective is to assemble the new Normandy team, and the Illusive Man has provided a dossier that contains all of the qualified individuals that are to be recruited. Four of them can be pursued right now, but if you want to stray from the main objective for now the Citadel is a great first place to visit. Unlike in the first game, the Citadel does not play a very pivotal location in this game. However, there are a few things of interest, especially if you've undertaken the tasks asked of you by some of your crew members earlier. In addition, if you've read the message from Anderson, you have been urged to pay him a visit for a chance to explain yourself.

The next portion of the guide will take you through the Citadel, but if you choose to follow a different path, skip to the appropriate section for crewmember recruitment.


You can reach the Citadel via the Mass Relay in your system to plot a course to the Serpent Nebula and then to the Citadel itself. After the previous geth attack, security measures at the Citadel have tightened up a bit in an effort to prevent another similar attack. You are stripped of your weapons and Biotic amps when you first enter--not like you will be needing them here though. Exploration of the Citadel is limited to a few sectors. Feel free to explore and go about things at your leisure. We only want to usher you to a few important points of interest and pinpoint minor objectives that should be completed during your stay here.

A minor setback at the security checkpoint sends you to Captain Bailey. However, Shepard's reputation and lovable mug supersede any need for formalities, so he's let off the hook this time. The conversation with Captain Bailey collects quite a bit of intel on a variety of subjects. Avina, located just outside Bailey's office, acts as an information source for additional happenings within the Citadel. Explore the Zakera Ward (the level you docked in) to obtain a new side quest and finish out some existing ones. To the right of the informative hologram, a pair of Krogans mutter among themselves about fish in the Presidium. This opens up the side quest "Krogan Sushi." Further exploration takes you to the Citadel Souvenirs shop, where you can propose an endorsement contract or accuse them of classism, and the Zakera Café, a prime location for goods, including the stuff requested by your ship's cook.

In Rodam Expeditions on Level 28, you rub elbows with the rather unfriendly turian store owner and have a chance to secure a discount on his wares. Just past the disgruntled Etarn lies the entrance to the Dark Star lounge, a popular hangout spot for the ward dwellers. If you're looking for the Doc's Serrice Ice Brandy, you've no need to look any further. Like with all other of these alcohol-related establishments, the Dark Star has its share of occasional lurking wallflowers, which in this case goes by the name of Presidium Groundskeeper. If you've picked up the Krogan Sushi assignment, you can verify the rumors of fish in the Presidium once and for all. The Dark Star has seen busier nights, so other than Shepard's quick and awkward dancing and ingestion of alcoholic icky-looking green ooze there are more pressing matters to attend elsewhere. If you're itching for a chance at more Paragon or Renegade points, Khalisah, a news reporter who has sullied Shepard's name in the past, can be found past the Dark Star entrance.

More shopping is available on Level 26 and is home to another side quest. First, outside the shipping warehouse you witness a quarrel between a high-strung quarian and an accusatory volus. A hapless C-sec officer attempts to mediate the situation, but is getting nowhere. At this point, Shepard can step in and lend his investigative powers in redressing the situation, thus netting you the side quest "Crime in Progress." The two shops that reside on this level of the Citadel offer up their endorsements to the famous Commander Shepard as well. Place special interest in Saronis Application, as the storeowner Marab and his store will play a key role in the side quest "Crime in Progress."

The Rapid Transit can take you directly to the Presidium, where Anderson awaits, and that's the only place left unexplored. Anderson fills you in on a few details, but his unpleasant history with Cerberus has given him reason to remain tight-lipped on certain issues.


Omega is home to two of the recruits: the professor and the Archangel. As well, you can find many more side quests in these criminal-infested slums. Warp speed to Omega in the Omega Nebula on the Galaxy Map to be on our way!

Even as a well-known galactic hero, Shepard will get his fair share of animosity, and some of the first encounters occur here on Omega. A batarian named Moklan recognizes Shepard and sends him to see Aria in the nearby Afterlife nightclub, giving off a nasty attitude in doing so. Nothing you say will make this ill-mannered brute back down, much to Shepard's chagrin. Guess that leaves you no choice but to do as he says and go see this Aria.

A line to get in the esteemed nightclub extends out the front entrance, but approach the bouncer and he ushers Shepard and crew inside. Kylan, yet another batarian with an unpleasant disposition, immediately tries to instigate things with the Commander upon approaching him in the vestibule, but put on a fierce front to shred this batarian's bravado to pieces. Inside the bustling two-story nightclub, you might be overwhelmed by the flashing lights and sordid sights, but your real purpose here is to seek out Aria in the back of the club. Why hurry, though? There are a few things of interest here at the booming Afterlife club.

First off, a krogan who goes by the title of "Patriarch" occupies a room somewhere in the lower levels below. You can learn a great deal about Omega, its history and Aria from him. He becomes an important figure in a side quest that can be obtained later. Next, ordering a drink from the lower bar's bartender sends Shepard into a dizzying collapse. He later awakens somewhere outside the club to discover that he's been poisoned and receives the "Batarian Bartender" side quest. From here, you can get your first encounter with vorcha and learn about the plight of a young, stranded quarian at Kenn's Salvage. This is where you can also purchase the FBA Couplings that are much needed by the Normandy's engineers. Further details on these side quests can be found in the appropriate section under "Omega." Some more exploration of the market area will expand Shepard's growing number of store discounts. When ready, return to the Afterlife for the audience with Aria. Locate her behind the bar on the level above.

Speaking with Aria has proven to be a useful--albeit unplanned--move. Being the current overlord of Omega has its perks, especially access to extensive information pertaining to the whereabouts of the two potential candidates on the dossier: the professor and Archangel. Extract as much information as you can from the cocky Aria before you take your leave.

Now armed with Aria's reliable information, you have two choices: join the mercs or head to the quarantine zone. You have to tackle both eventually if you are to ever complete your Normandy crew, but it's up to you to decide whose help you want to enlist first.

Dossier: Archangel

It seems that Archangel has made enemies. Lots of enemies. Different mercenary groups have banded together in a somewhat ordered effort to take this guy down. It sounds, then, that the logical game plan would be to join up with the mercs under the guise of assisting them in Archangel's capture. Locate the merc recruiter near Aria to speak with the freelance recruitment officer inside. As it turns out, the freelance mercenaries (you and your crew) will be used as a diversion--"fodder for his bullets" as Shepard himself puts it--while the main mercs carry out their plan to kill him when he's distracted. Sounds like a suicide mission, but it's the only ticket to Archangel at this point it seems.

As the newly hired mercs turn to leave, a young thuggish adolescent barges in and shows his eagerness in joining the mercs' ongoing operation, but you can go down the Paragon way and snap him out of his delusional thrill-seeking ways. When you're ready to depart, locate the Blue Suns driver by the shuttles to the far left of the Afterlife club entrance and speak to him.

The driver deposits your team at the edge of Archangel's base. The first task is to find Sergeant Cathka and report in for duty. On the way, you meet Jaroth, leader of the Eclipse. You learn some new information including Jaroth's personal vendetta against this cunning Archangel. On the desk behind Jaroth is a data pad that is to be delivered to Aria. This triggers the side quest "Deliver Data pad." After leaving Jaroth and moving on into the next hallway, loot the room on the left for some credits, Element Zero, and the chance to re-wire the currently inoperative YMIR Mech's friendly fire system. This will be very useful later on.

Just through the opposite door sits Garm, leader of the Blood Pack. It seems Archangel has a knack for garnering resentment. Moving on, you can crack the item on the ground for some credits before proceeding to the locked door that can be hacked. This door leads to the merc's storeroom full of all kinds of goodies, including a Microfield Pulsar, credits, Medi-Gel and some power cells. Sergeant Cathka is not too far now. Head toward the gunship and speak first to his assistant to gain Cathka's attention.

When asked if Cathka will lead the assault on Archangel, he lets out a hearty laugh and tells Shepard that he's just the tactician and gunship repairman. In the middle of the conversation, an incoming message tells the plan is a go, urging Cathka to immediately deploy the Bravo team, which you are a part of. Cathka returns to work on repairing the gunship, and you get the chance to perform a Renegade action. Be aware, however, that going through with it will have a more-or-less positive impact later on, particularly in the overall "health" of the gunship.

The freelancers with Shepard and co. among them have begun their assault on Archangel, but they get to witness firsthand the truth in all of the rumors surrounding Archangel's killing abilities. When you regain control of Shepard, the real task now is to protect Archangel and prevent him from falling to these weaklings. Archangel's health meter appears onscreen and tracks his present vitality. To succeed in protecting Archangel, though, you will need to turn on these unsuspecting freelancers. These freelancers are preoccupied with Archangel at the moment, but once you open fire on them they will divert their attention and treat you in kind.

It is important to assume that these freelancers, despite all the belittlement by the mercs, are capable enough to present some challenge. Raid the building and take care of the guy working on the bomb, making special care not to set the bomb off just yet. Scout out the Multicore Amplifier upgrade in the first floor of the building to increase your entire squad's tech damage by 10%, and hack the wall safe on the second floor for credits as well. Conveniently enough, there are also Medi-Gels and stockpiles of thermal clips if needed.

Walk through the door to come face-to-face with the famed and much hated Archangel, whose identity should come as a surprise to the player. The short-lived thrill of this reunion is crushed by the gravity of the situation. Archangel will hold off the incoming attackers while he entrusts Shepard with what he knows to do best: kick ass. Turn around and pick up the M-15a Vindicator Battle Rifle from the couch. Pick off the enemies and start heading down to the main level. Archangel will announce when they will begin to enter the building. Hopefully you left the bomb untouched earlier, so now it will be useful against the waves of enemies flooding through. Wait until a good chunk of enemies have assembled near their doom and blast it.

Not pleased with the performance of the scout soldiers, Jaroth sends in a YMIR Mech. Again, hopefully you reprogrammed it earlier in the mission. If so, you've gained the upper hand in this section. The YMIR Mech becomes an ally and unleashes on the opposing forces. You can leave the majority of the work to the beefy YMIR, but be sure to supply some firepower before it turns into scrap metal. Eventually, Jaroth himself steps into battle, but you have enough firepower and Biotics to easily overpower this single Eclipse leader. With Jaroth down, the merc alliance has to re-mobilize. Return to Archangel for the next step of the mission. There's a footlocker in Archangel's room for looting.

The remaining two factions are beginning to move and have already breached the lower level. It's time to make a decision. Will you let one of your teammates stay with him? If Archangel is badly injured, it certainly would be a great help to have that extra firepower and tantamount to his survival. Keep in mind also that if Archangel ever falls it's an automatic mission fail. Choosing to leave a teammate with him doesn't necessarily gain you Paragon points (we actually got Renegade points when Jacob was left behind). Either way, you need to make the choice and be on your way.

The first task is to close three emergency shutter doors before they run through. Head forward and hit the first green switch in front to start lowering the shutter. As soon as you hit the button, Blood Pack members start charging through. If any of them pass through the shutter line while the countdown is in progress, it will be reset. Just keep them at bay while waiting for the timer to run out. There are two more located on either side. Vault over the barricades and slog through the swarms of Blood Pack until you reach the second shutter button. When this is done, Archangel releases the lock on the final door to the third shutter switch. This room has already been overrun with the advancing Blood Pack. Push them back while you move to the switch.

At this point, Garm and his minions rush Archangel at his post, but Shepard returns in time to help out. Take out the varren, the dog-like creature, and the laggards below before moving up to help Archangel with Garm.

Speak to Archangel for a quick breather. Momentary relief gets broken by the appearance of a familiar-looking gunship, the very same Cathka was working on. It seems to be back in fully operational mode. Unfortunately, that's not our only concern. A small squad of Blue Suns led by a feisty vixen named Jentha has flanked them as well. Jentha is a smarter warrior than the rest of her small fry companions, but that doesn't mean she is impervious to Incendiary Ammo or headshots. The problem only escalates as more Blue Suns infiltrate the building below.

Archangel is finally bested by the superior armor and firepower of the gunship, but it's now up to you to take down this flying deathtrap, preferably with the grenade launcher. Once the gunship goes down, the mission comes to a completion. The gravely wounded Archangel is transported back on the ship, where the trusty Dr. Chakwas returns him to tip-top shape with a few scars to show for his time spent on Omega. Archangel is now an official member of the Normandy crew. It's only natural to go find him at the main battery on deck 3 and chat him up for his backstory.

Dossier: The Professor

Acting on Miranda's logical suggestion, the new crew sets out to add to their ranks a professor. Mordin Solus is a professor who's volunteered himself in the quarantine sector of Omega. What exactly is going on there? Go find out at the entrance to the slums, but you are promptly stopped in your tracks by the callous turian guarding the front. Witness him rebuff a human woman's passage into the quarantine zone despite the fact that humans remain immune to this deadly plague. While he adamantly opposes access to the slums by any Omega resident, he can certainly be persuaded if you explore some of the conversation possibilities.

Once he steps aside, your crew enters this war zone, where the district guards will open fire on intruders. Fortunately, you have weapons with which to defend yourself. As a side note: depending on how you were able to get in you may or may not actually have to draw any weapons.

Search the box near the entrance for some units of refined Element Zero. Not too far in you already run into some unwanted hostility. Slip into the adjacent corridor for thermal clips and a Medi-Gel station. This path leads to the Gozu District. Here you can find a wall safe, burning bodies, and a dying batarian slumped against the wall. This batarian hates the fact that humans cannot succumb to this wretched plague, and for this reason, his attitude will at first be anything but amiable to Shepard. However, if you utilize the quick time Paragon action to save him, he quickly sees the good in humans and changes his tune, becoming useful for information. Otherwise pilfer some credits once he keels finally utters his last breath and keels over.

Onward to the professor!

Continuing on, Shepard soon runs into more guards. Take the stairs to the second story and station one of your squad members on the balcony overlooking the room for a better vantage point. There is a Medi-Gel station here as well some credits for the taking. Following the battle, head behind the barricades to find some extra firepower in the form of a Kinetic Pulsar. The next area can get a bit hairy. It seems you've stumbled upon a violent struggle between the Blue Suns and Blood Pack. The Blood Pack, comprised of krogan and vorcha, are slowly encroaching upon the Blue Suns' territory and phasing them out. Not liking this maneuver, the Blue Suns retaliate, but your squad will quickly find themselves reluctantly thrown into the struggle, as they some of them turn their attention toward you. Shoot explosive targets to make short work of the enemies if possible.

After the fierce gunfight, explore the room beyond the kitchen equipment to collect more valuable Element Zero. The adjoining apartment room appears to be already occupied by some human scavengers foraging the disheveled place for anything left of value. Appalled by your entrance, these folk try to claim their right to the loot since they were here first, but some stern talking can net you additional information. From here, it's a hop away from the doc's clinic.

There are surprisingly a whole host of valuable items for the looting here in the clinic. You can check out all the offerings of the facility before you find Mordin hunched over a patient in the examination room. When Shepard approaches Mordin, Mordin comes off as frantic and a lunatic. He talks fast, but rest assured that the Illusive Man would never allow just any Joe Schmoe aboard the Normandy. There are urgent problems that Mordin must first take care of here. Of course, Shepard extends his helping hand to Mordin--whether for ulterior motives of wanting Mordin on Normandy or simply because he cares we'll never know. Be sure to ask him about his assistant as well, which opens up the opportunity for another side quest.

Mordin pulls out a shiny new weapon and hands it over; it appears that he's much more than a mere doctor. Leave the clinic and it shouldn't be long before you run into the first batch of Blood Pack enemies. Right now the vorcha and their filth have overrun the path to the Environmental Control, and they certainly do not lack in numbers. As you shred their defenses, more reinforcements trickle in to replace the fallen. Push forward, signaling your squad members to start flanking them from all sides if possible. The Incendiary Ammo in addition to the explosive canisters positioned at various locations should tack on some extra hitting power on these organic creatures.

With all signs of danger effectively wiped clean, you now are free to roam about the area searching for spoils. There should be a great number of thermal clips lying about should you be running low. The diligent explorer should walk upon a gambling terminal that yields some easy credits. Locate the stairs next to the gambling terminal and head up to run into another terminal. Press onward when ready until you reach a corridor with two doors. The one on the left leads to Daniel.

Some rather belligerent batarians have got Daniel in their grasp. Your actions here determine the fate of poor Daniel. You can diffuse the situation by going the Paragon slant and have everything resolved peacefully. On the plus side, Daniel leaves you some Medi-Gels as thanks. Whatever the case may be, you are going to tap into your killer instinct as soon as you step through the opposite door in the hallway. More Blood Pack hooligans inhabit the next area, but should be taken down no problem with proper cover.

Be prepared to take cover as you progress forward when the rockets start raining down. There are about three vorcha toting rocket launchers on the ledge above. Although lethal these vorcha neglect the fact that they are standing next to explosive canisters. Get as close to them as possible while staying on the current floor for a clearer view of said canisters, and when the opportunity arises blow them up to make short work of the enemy. There are stairs leading down to the area below. Just a few more Blood Pack scum to clean up before you can reach

Move through to the Ventilation Control to encounter a few stragglers, and be sure to check the adjacent waiting lobby for a Medi-Gel and some credits. Advance deeper in to meet some Vorcha with conflicting interests and an ambitious goal. Of course, leave the talking to the guns. After taking out this initial wave, head straight for the central console and insert the cure. Once you do, more Blood Packs appear from behind, including a few rocket launchers perched high above. Carefully inch your way toward them for a cleaner shot. From here, your objective remains the same except you need to power up the fans on both sides. No doubt the Vorcha will make this task incredibly difficult for you as evidenced by the appearance of all kinds of Vorcha Heavies. Prioritize taking out the Vorcha Heavies and Krogan and continue to pick off the Vorcha to reach your objective.

Once both fans are activated, the crew automatically returns to Mordin bearing the good news. And as promised, Mordin hops onboard your Normandy expedition. You can choose to stay put or return to the ship. Back on the ship you can speak to Mordin after the cutscene for additional information on his background and whatnot. Now is also a good time to speak with Miranda and ask about potential upgrades for the Normandy using whatever resources are available at the moment. Wrap anything else up that must be done onboard before disembarking for the next recruit.

Dossier: The Convict

A short gander at this next recruit's profile may make you raise an eyebrow at the Illusive Man's moral standards and judgment, but there's no question that having the "most powerful human biotic ever encountered" would be a phenomenal asset to the growing team. Jack is currently being held in the turian prison ship, the Purgatory, and to get there we'll have to jump to the Hourglass Nebula. Find the Purgatory in orbit and dock the ship to begin operation prison breakout.

Well, it's not exactly a breakout since Cerberus' deep connections have allowed them to negotiate the dangerous convict's release. A quick run-in with the prison guards has everyone's weapons drawn within minutes, but the well-timed entrance of Warden Kuril stifles the situation before it gets out of hand. He explains that the security within the Purgatory is so airtight that nothing ever goes wrong here. You can proceed to pick his brain about the Purgatory itself, Jack and the Warden himself. The Warden takes his leave to go check on some expected funds and orders you to head straight to Outprocessing. On the way, you'll have a chance to intervene in some prisoner brutality and meet up with one of the prisoners for more information.

Reaching the Outprocessing room, Shepard receives a message from the Warden over the telecom that plans have changed. The bastard has double-crossed you! Sure enough, troops of Blue Suns guards swarm the room. It looks like all matters of diplomacy have died with these hypocritical traitors. Make your way to the Supermax wing and dispatch the lone technician in the room. Pick up some Element Zero and a Medi-Gel before opening the security lock on all of the prison cells. Jack gets released, but looks like she may need our help.

When you arrive at the scene, it looks like Jack has taken cared of everything. Scan the YMIR corpse for Ablative VI, boosting the squad's shields, barriers, and armor by 10%. Chase after Jack, who's left nothing but utter destruction in her wake, and pick up any items on the way. Eventually you enter a huge room with overfilled with signs of chaos and bloodshed. On one hand you have prison guards vainly attempting to bridle Jack's fury, but to no avail. Then you've got other prisoners dealing with the Blue Suns, which by the way is a good thing, so avoid pissing off the prisoners if you can. Finally, there's a loose YMIR running amuck and shooting anything that moves. Bring down its defense and turn it into a scrap metal.

Scan the shotgun on the Blue Suns' corpse for the Synchronized Pulsar upgrade, which effectively ups shotgun damage, and hack the PDA for some credit before heading through the door. There are more items to be had in the connecting hallway, right before reaching more prison security. Here the enemy defense boasts dozens of Legionnaires and normal guards as well as a YMIR Mech. Bring out the big guns and take cover, remembering to inch your way forward when the coast is clear. Check the body near the exit for some credits and continue on to some credits and power cell supplies in the following corridor.

Warden Kuril opts for the cowardly way of fighting--that is, to hide behind a giant impenetrable shield that is operated by three shield generators. As Blue Sun minions fill the room, head to the giant blue bubble, in which Kuril is hiding, and locate the three blue strings of energy spiraling out of the main shield and into the three towers. Locate the blue and white checker-patterned panel on each tower and destroy it to disable the shield. If you're having trouble, deal with the Blue Suns first. Once the shields go down, you can unleash a direct assault on Kuril himself. You still have to eat through his shield and armor though, but that's a cakewalk.

After the fall of Kuril, Jack agrees to go onboard the ship under her single condition. Either hand her the files she asked for now or later. Either way, she establishes her post in the lower levels of deck 4. Speak with her now to find out some details about her dark past and her perceptions of Cerberus.

Dossier: The Warlord

Our next subject of interest is a Dr. Okeer, also known as Warlord Okeer. Okeer is a krogan who has been in contact with the Collectors and thus makes him extremely valuable as a member of the team. He was last seen on Korlus, although it is a mystery to everyone whether he is there by choice or otherwise. Whatever the case may be, Shepard warns everyone to be ready for anything. On first impression, Korlus has seen better days. The wreckage and mountains of rubble tell the tales of much strife within this place. Everything seems calm for now, but move forward enough and you run in to the first batch of hostile Blue Suns. After eliminating them, speak with the wounded merc for some intel, but depending upon your attitude the merc may or may not call for reinforcements. If he does, you can act rashly to prevent any more trouble and bank some Renegade points.

The next point of contact turns more ugly with more Blue Suns becoming aware of your presence. One of them is a Heavy and will fire rockets. These enemies may have a slight advantage by virtue of their upper perch, but well-placed headshots can bring even the toughest of men down. Progress further in to find a sole krogan fending off the remaining Blue Suns himself. Help him eliminate this common enemy and speak to him afterward. The krogan reveals that he has lived only for a week, but has experienced things many have yet to face within a lifetime. The krogan's accelerated development, nurtured by some mysterious foreign presence, has allowed it to understand and convey speech and perform combat duties. Ask him to show you the way to the lab, but will decline your invitation to join up and stay behind instead.

Loot the body for some credits and prepare yourself for battle as a few Blue Suns recklessly charge in to attack. From hereon, you will be running into a lot of Berserkers that can become tricky to kill because of their rapid health regeneration. Proceed further once you've taken cared of the waves of Berserkers and pick up the Platinum on the way. The door at the top of the stairs requires a bit of hacking prowess to bypass. Inside you find a Scram Pulsar tech from using your Omni-tool to scan the sniper rifle, a Medi-kit, and some power cells.

As soon as the door slides open, thwack the enemy on the other side of the door and immediately take cover before the rockets start raining down on you. Put a bead on the enemies occupying the space on the other side. Move into the side room for more heated encounters with the Blue Suns, including a few Heavies and a Centurion. Farther down the catwalk, where the Heavies set up their attack post, you can find a PDA to hack for credits.

Head through the door and follow the path up to an area teeming with more enemies and a voice heard overhead ordering everyone to kill the trespassers. Well, that can't be good. Keep pushing through their thick line of defense. If needed, there's a Medi-kit in the room here. Search the Blue Suns corpse by the ledge for credits. Continue to focus your efforts on surviving this onslaught of Blue Suns at the next point by taking out the shielded Legionnaires in front and then moving forward to pick off the Heavies. The room ahead features a wealth of credits and power cells to pick up. Head toward the door outside, but move past it to the PDA first for some extra credits.

This final leg of this furious shoot-out leaves the Blue Suns desperate at this point, as they continue to throw more and more of their men at you in a vain attempt to thwart your advances, but you just tear through them like nothing. Only one more wave left. Once the cries of dying Blue Suns have muted, head through the door to a few pick-ups and through another to the ultimate target, Warlord Okeer. He seems neither surprised or elated to see Shepard, and he won't shy away from telling why.

During your negotiations with Okeer, Jedore rears her face in by releasing toxic gas into Okeer's lab. In desperation of protecting his legacy, Okeer strikes a deal with you: kill Jedore and he will tell you what you want to know about the Collectors. You will find Jedore by following the linear path down to her. To your dismay, Jedore has the full support of a YMIR Mech as well as some Berserkers. As long as Jedore remains alive, the machine will continually spit out disposable Berserkers. Focus your fire on Jedore from the get-go. She totes a rocket launcher and both aspects of defense, so she can be a tough cookie. Land headshots imbued with Incendiary Ammo to bring her down that much faster. Unfortunately, killing Jedore doesn't end the battle immediately because the YMIR is still on the loose. Only when this YMIR is destroyed as well that EDI notifies Shepard to make haste back to the lab. Access the console to trigger the next sequence of events.

The crew returns to the Normandy with unexpected baggage, and Shepard interrupts a heated discussion between Miranda and Jacob regarding the krogan. Miranda suggests erring on the side of caution since, genetically engineered or not, it is a krogan they've got onboard. Make your decisions about how to put her at ease to end the discussion. The krogan is stored in the port cargo on deck 4 of the ship. You don't have to deal with the issue of taming it just yet, but you may want to sooner than later. The krogan makes a heavy contribution to the brute force side of the team, so if that's your thing this new addition may be hard to pass up. However, losing the krogan permanently is a very real possibility depending upon how you conduct yourself upon its awakening. When you're ready to face the krogan, head down to deck 4.

After take EDI's information into consideration, it's time to open up the tank. The krogan's unknown initial response quickly turns violent, but the krogan stops short of killing the pinned Shepard. He wants a name. How you answer here will ultimately determine the krogan's "survival." Openly show who is in charge, and the krogan's demeanor will soften to your higher authority. Failure to do so may only incite more anger and (perhaps) an unwanted outcome.

The next step…

By now, you have gathered the first four listed recruits from the Illusive Man's dossier, and now the Illusive Man has summoned you. The Illusive Man suspects that the Collectors are on the move and will swoop in on a colony called Horizon if they haven't already. You are to go there and investigate.


It shouldn't be long before Mordin develops the means to counteract the Collector's threats--a way to safeguard you from being paralyzed by their swarm…or so Mordin hopes. The armor upgrades are still prototypes and have yet to be field tested, but he's going to bank all his hopes on the armor's working as intended…

You discovered just earlier that you are just a step behind the Collectors, but hope for rescue is not all lost for these colonists. First contact with the Collectors arrives quickly enough. These initial guys are protected by only shields, so whittle them away with relative ease before proceeding onward to collect some power cells from the middle of the field. A data pad lies on the picnic table further up as well. When you round the corner from the first battlefield and into a new area of desolate civilization, more Collectors converge on you with Husks thrown into the mix. The building to the right provides windows through which you gain clearer views on the advancing horde. Don't forget to hack the data pad before you leave.

A quick scan of the dead Collector yields a Lattice Shunting upgrade. Shepard and crew come upon a dead Husk. After they toss some wild speculations around as to its origin, the Commander reminds everyone the reason they're here in the first place. Time to move on. More buildings mean more Collectors hiding among them. A cursory search through these deserted buildings lets you walk away with some credits and a Medi-Gel if in need.

Up ahead you come across an odd sight: some colonists frozen in a stasis field. There's nothing you can do for these people right now but to move on and eradicate the source causing this condition. Pick up the particle beam leaned against some debris and move into the nearby building. It won't be long before the area transforms into a fierce battlefield. Walking among these Collectors is the Harbinger, who simply takes complete control over the Collectors and makes them more powerful. When the possessed Collector dies, the Harbinger simply jumps to another shell. The Harbinger will continue to reside in living Collectors for as long as there are any left roaming about in the field.

The stairs on the right hand side take you to a high vantage point that provides an excellent view of the entire area. Clear the way to the locked door on the far right. You need to first bypass its security lock before being able to enter. Once inside, Shepard finds a quivering and un-frozen survivor seeking the sanctity of this bunker, untouched by Collectors. Speak to this mechanic about the attack or any of the other available topics to determine the next course of action.

Apparently the Alliance arrived in Horizon with the chief intent of installing defense mechanisms, but may have had a hidden agenda as well. Right now, though, activating those guns on the Collectors seems to be this colony's best recourse. However, they need to first be calibrate, so the targeting control center is the next destination. Now before you head off and leave the poor guy behind, forage the room for a gold mine of goodies: Platinum, Medi-Gel, credits, and even a weapons locker.

Stepping out of the safehouse, you set upon a swarm of Collectors and Husks lying in wait. Again the Harbinger will be possessing bodies here in addition to Scions mingling with the rest. If needed, some power cells can be obtained from the very back on the veranda of the left-hand building. Spot the deceased Collector in the distance and loot its putrid remains for a Hyper Amp, which boosts Biotic attacks by 10%. Once you've confident you've reaped all the spoils you can from this area, bypass the security lock on the next door and head through.

The layout of the spaceport seems to foreshadow the coming of some epic shoot-out, and true enough, the previously empty spaceport becomes the center of a wild, booze-less Collector party. Run out to the

Before long, Husks and Scions fill the area with their moans and environmentally-destructive projectiles. A direct hit from the soulless albeit weak Husks can severely weaken you, so it's important to exercise extra caution when dealing with them, especially with so many running loose in this case. If a Husk somehow manages to dodge your bullets, don't hesitate to knock it out with brute, dependable force. We found that the best way to deal with this battle was to run laps around the area with Husks in tow and avoiding the Scion's line of fire. Staying in one spot almost guarantees becoming completely inundated and overwhelmed by the enemy. Sprint periodically to remain ahead of the Husks and take them out with either Biotics or weapons. In terms of mobility, you outpace the Scions several times over, but their biggest advantage--aside from their sheer destructive force--is their extremely tough exterior. Hopefully you equipped the particle beam from earlier; this weapon eats through their armor like a warm brownie.

After raiding the area for its bare offerings, locate the computer terminal in the center of the area to bridge the connection to EDI. It will take some time for EDI to fix calibration errors, and you will have to defend the tower in the meantime. The enemy gathers fast and descends on the team. Quickly seek shelter behind the area from which the first batch of Husks emerged previously and patiently sit through the first two waves. When one of your teammates mentions that there may be more coming, leave your hiding spot because more Husks are about to appear. The situation very easily deteriorates to an all-out frantic effort for survival, but this is more easily achieved with your teammates still up and your ducking for cover as necessary behind the abundant objects.

The Collectors have one final stand: they deploy an aerial creature called a Praetorian. This winged alien hovers far enough above the ground that only projectiles can reach it. The Praetorian is cloaked with a regenerative barrier that protects its otherwise feeble health. Thankfully, the barrier is relatively easy to peel off with close-range shotgun blasts. You will not be able to harm it while the barrier is regenerating or, more obviously, when it is active. It shouldn't take too much longer for the Collector's disposable pet project to be put out of commission.

Shepard finds himself in the company of the Illusive Man and receives three more dossiers. Looks like the team is going to be expanding even more. At this point, too, Kelly Chambers may inform you that Miranda or Jacob or both will want to speak with you. Going to their station on the Normandy will unlock their individual side stories--ones that you have to help them write the ending to. These are the start of what are known as "loyalty" missions, which are covered in-depth under their respective mission titles. While going on Illusive Man's recommendations for Normandy recruits is another route to go by at this point, you can also look deeper into their back stories by partaking in these missions and gain some insight into their character, as well as have them firmly pledge their loyalty to Shepard and the mission.

IMPORTANT NOTE:At this point, you will be able to partake in your crew member's individual side missions for loyalty. As crew captain, you have the final say in whether or not you want to involve yourself, but note that completing these missions guarantees the crew member's absolute loyalty, which may or may not be game-changing. Kelly Chambers will let you know any time one of your crew has something on his or her mind. Jacob's and Miranda's are available right now.


Let's first head to Illium for fresh, new locales, a bunch of shopping, and more importantly a couple of crucial missions here. Warp to Tasale in the Crescent Nebula to find the asari-controlled planet. It becomes lucidly clear that someone has been expecting Shepard's arrival and subsequently prepared for it by having all docking fees waived. The friendly asarian asks you to speak with the person responsible: Liara T'Soni. You don't have to walk away from the initial greeting baffled by your good fortune, as you can proceed to interrogate the concierge for some answers and general information. It looks like Liara can help you with locating certain individuals as well, so let's pay her a visit.

As the concierge mentioned, Liara is found on the trading floor and can be found by heading up the first flight of stairs you see. Nyxeris sits outside her door and respectfully greets the Commander. Head inside to find a very frightening Liara in the middle of an important business call, but upon seeing Shepard her general mood submits to elation as they embrace. Liara's tied up with commitments here, so she won't join you when asked. She will, however, give up whatever information she has on the two dossier recruits here. Liara has a favor to ask of you, and you can choose to accept it right now, but know that this mission involves some seedy stuff and will earn you Renegade points.

Check out Serrice Technology, a kiosk selling high tech wares. As always, you can talk your way into a discount. And of course, no city is complete without its own premiere dance club. Eternity is the name of Nos Astra's hotspot and a good place to obtain information. If you're here on Miranda's mission, then her contact can be found here as well. A slave broker by the club entrance is stuck in a quandary with her Quarian slave. There are plenty of conversations you can eavesdrop for giggles. The bartender is an interesting character as well--chat her up for some interesting tidbits of info.

In the transportation hub of the city, you will find a myriad of shopping opportunities. Baria Frontiers is a kiosk that sells galaxy charts. These will help fill out your galaxy map and aid you in completing certain side quests. Gateway Personal Defense is manned by a very jaded worker who just shoos you along and refers you to the kiosk. The final kiosk of interest is one called Memories of Illium. Its operator, however, is embroiled in her own relationship woes. Speaking to her initiates the extremely short side quest: Blue Rose of Illium.

Now to take care of some real business…

Dossier: The Justicar

Justicars work to uphold the highest order of the law and will not hesitate to use lethal force to bring wrong-doers to justice. One Justicar that has caught the Illusive Man's attention is Samara. Her arrival in Illium has just about everyone on edge since almost all activity within Illium can be constituted as breaking the law.

Now if you've already been snooping around Illium for various reasons and already spoke with Liara, you will need to speak with Officer Dara, who's situated at the police kiosk in the transportation hub. She panics at the mere mention of Samara's name and tells you that Samara is in the commercial spaceport. Hail a cab and start heading there. You witness a volus named Pitne For trying to leave Illium but is stopped by an asari detective who insists that he stay. For now, speak to the locals for some information, then report to Detective Anaya. She seems eager to get the Justicar out of here as fast as possible--perhaps Samara is bit more than you bargained for after all.

Samara is currently at the crime scene, but speaking with Anaya should give you the authorization to get through the purple tapes. Once through, turn toward the computer terminal for some shipping data related to an optional assignment (Stolen Goods Found) and then continue on to salvage the circuit boards near the dead-end. You soon run into a small squad of Eclipse sisters. Only the Vanguard poses much of a threat, if any, to you.

Head through the door to find Samara. She speaks with a quiet but very deadly calm and preaches to you about the Justicar code. You learn that Samara is very intent on getting the name of a certain ship and will agree to join you if you can get her this information.

The first order of business from here is to wring some information out of Pitne For. Do what you need to get it out of him. Eventually, he caves and agrees to help you out for your help in return--a "I wash your back if you wash mine" kind of deal. He hands you a passcard that lets you into the Eclipse base via the elevator. Head in the elevator to the left of the crime scene area and use the console to activate it.

Battle nips you in the butt straightaway as a sole LOKI mech comes to life and alerts everyone else to your presence. A Vanguard leading the first Eclipse pack greets you when you enter the next door. In the midst of the battle, EDI notifies you of red toxic clouds that can be especially deleterious if you stand in them for too long. The gas doesn't appear to gradually dissipate either. The enemies will cunningly use these to their advantage and release them all over, but keep in mind that they can be hurt by them too. A new meter appears at the bottom right of the screen, measuring your toxicity level, whenever you are exposed to this deadly gas. If it fills up, it's game over.

More enemies will pop out as you approach the door on the other side. Dispose of them while staying away from the toxic gas and then head into the room. Inside, you'll find a Scimitar Assault Shotgun and a weapons locker to swap out weapons as you see fit. The door to the right takes you to a single Eclipse sister named Elnora, who pleads her innocence and denies all involvement with the rest of her wretched bunch. You have a choice here: act on the Renegade action or let her go peacefully. Afterwards, search the entirety of the room for some power cells and a Hyper-Amp upgrade from the Sample 634 Analysis machine. Go up the stairs back outside to find more Eclipse through the door. As usual, the Vanguards will be the biggest fish among them, but be wary of them coming too close--they tote shotguns.

Before ascending the next set of stairs, hack the terminal here for a good chunk of change. The top of the stairs is the ambush point set up by the next wave of Eclipse mercs. This time they're pulling out the heavy-hitters with Vanguards and Heavies camping in the back. Continue on to find a couple of Vanguards, but they're just an appetizer. The main course is the gunship in the background. Fortunately, though, you won't be dealing with it right at this moment. Pick up some refined Platinum from the left side of the room and shoot your way through to the other side.

Examine the data file on the desk to listen to a very familiar and pretentious-sounding voice. Detective Anaya would be overjoyed to take this in as evidence. Onward!

The LOKI mechs warm you up for the real fight ahead. Spy the box of power cells and keep them on reserve for when you need them. The now fully operational gunship now launches its assault with its array of heavy artillery. Don't be intimidated by its size and fancy showing of its raw firepower. It's all roar and little bite. Duck behind solid cover (ones that aren't fragile) and retaliate with heavy ammunition of your own when the gunship holds still long enough. The gunship tends to ebb into the horizon and then fly to the other side to get a better shot, so be sure to change cover. Occasionally, FENRIS mechs will be deployed, but your squad members should be able to handle them without your help. After disposing of the gunship, you must press on for the real adversary is just ahead.

Hack open the security door, hack the security terminal, and nab the shipping manifest--all in a day's work. Through the next door, you run into a Volus named Niftu Cal who touts his Biotic abilities as those far above average. He sounds a little delusional, but you can oblige him a bit. Soon it becomes clear that he may be a major nuisance in your ultimate objective, so you can either take the Paragon route and put him out of commission, or let him waltz to his doom, consequently banking Renegade points.

The final corridor before Wasea is one blessed with a weapons locker and a Medi-Gel station. Perhaps this is foretelling of unpleasant things to come? We recommend the Collector's particle beam rifle to make this a cakewalk. Pry open the final door to face Captain Wasea. Introductions are for sissies. She seems highly irate and takes out her frustrations on your crew.

The numerous toxic gas canisters littered throughout the surrounding environment provides her with a slight advantage. She will use her various powerful Biotic abilities to shred them apart. Equip the particle beam rifle and unload on Wasea before her lackeys even enter the scene. The particle beam will ravage her self-regenerating barrier, her protective armor, and her health bar, effectively eliminating her within seconds of the battle's start. You still, however, need to attend to her minions when they do appear, but that in itself should be a borefest. Afterwards, hack the terminal behind Wasea's desk and grab the data pad upon it.

When you return to the spaceport, pay a visit to Samara straightaway in the police station. She is very pleased that you have kept your end of the bargain, and now she will honor hers. At this point, you can also speak with Anaya about what you've found during your sojourn in the Eclipse base. When all is said and done, the crew is happy to welcome this poised (and sexy?) justicar aboard the Normandy.

Dossier: The Assassin

According to the dossier, Thane Krios has been trained from childhood in the art of assassination with a specialty in marksmanship. The Illusive Man thinks he would make a great asset and would like you to find him. It is rumored that he has a target on Illium, and thus, it is highly likely that there is where we will find him.

If you are not already on Illium, return to the docking station and pick up Thane's trail from Liara (if you haven't inquired about him already). She refers you to Seryna in the shipping area. Seryna gives a stand-offish attitude at first, but when pressed she lets you know that Thane is headed for Nassana in the Dantius Towers. Not surprisingly, this involves the Eclipse mercs. Seryna offers you her assistance since offing Nassana will be in her best interest.

Nassana drops your crew off amid a fleeing group of salarian workers who are mercilessly gunned down by some LOKI mechs. The accompanying FENRIS mechs crash through the glass window to start up this battle. After doing them in, head off to the left first to pocket some credits from the terminal and a Medi-Gel. Then, move to the opposite side to find a salarian survivor. He has been gravely injured, but manages to tell you a few bits and pieces of information. There are other salarian survivors to help further in, and unless you are outright callous you are encouraged to aid these innocent beings for Paragon points. You may earn some serious Paragon points by fixing up the salarian's waning health with a Medi-Gel.

The salarian turns and hobbles away presumably to a safer place, but following him you find out that is not the case at all. LOKI and FENRIS mechs emerge from hiding and bullets streak through the room in no time. The salarian is strangely nowhere to be found, but regardless more battles need to be fought and won. Most of the enemies unleashed by the Eclipse are of the machine type, so expect the effects of Incendiary ammo to be nullified. If you have them, Cryo ammo are much more apt for dismantling both mechs and humanoids. Also on the plus side is the fact that these enemies charge at you without a shields.

Head through both doors to the upper level and pick up the Medi-Gel and spare ammo clips before dipping your bacon in the frying pan in the area ahead. The usual welcoming party intercepts your crew. Nassana's strength seems to rely heavily on numbers--she can throw a great many Eclipse mercs at you as you work your way toward the next checkpoint. The LOKI mechs and troopers will be in abundance, but thankfully these guys are more easily disposed of. Shielded Vanguards, on the other hand, may be more of a handful, especially when in tandem with the other mercs. Expect to slog through quite a few waves of mercs before you finally reach the elevator door. The music should stop, signifying the welcoming end to these bad guys…for now.

Don't hop in the elevator just yet. Walk past it and the other door to the far back to find a security terminal and a M-97 Viper Sniper Rifle for both Garrus and Thane. Bypass the door now to open the door on a surprised and relieved group of salarian workers. The friendly salarians echo Seryna's exact opinion on Nassana, complaining that they are often ill-treated. You can elicit more information about the Tower and Thane himself. After the salarians depart, scour the room for some goodies: a Medi-Gel and a slew of free credits.

As soon as the elevator is called, Shepard voices a legitimate concern aloud: the elevator likely won't come down empty. Quickly take cover! The elevator doors slide open and out pops a Bounty Hunter along with Eclipse Engineers. These guys can certainly slow your progress slightly, but not nearly enough to put a damper on anyone's plans. Pile into the elevator and ride it to wherever it takes you. It deposits you just behind an Eclipse trooper. His fate is at your discretion, but be warned that the Renegade option will put your team in heat. Pick up the datapad on your way out to initiate the Salarian Family Data quest.

Entering the room at this time provides the perfect opportunity for a pre-emptive strike. The stationed mercs are in correspondence with Nassana and the mechs are currently deactivated. All that will change, however, once the first gunshot rings out and flushes out all available personnel within the area. Scan the opposition to discover that your primary concern is the Vanguard in the room--not much of a concern at all.

There's another locked door here with a salarian locked behind it. Only this time this fidgety worker needs a little more reassurance than the rest. Exercise some disarming dialogue to put him at ease, or lash out at his behavior. The latter results in needless bloodshed. Either way, search the room for more Medi-Gel and credits. Round the corner to find some power cells and a ramp leading up and to more Eclipse resistance, mostly Vanguards. Some Element Zero to be uncovered, as well as a Medi-Gel kit and a weapons locker to raid.

Outside on the bridge, the mercs are too engrossed in their work to notice you immediately. Use this to your advantage to lay the surprise attack on them by blowing up the explosive. Scattered among them is a more formidable foe, an Eclipse Commando. Follow the path to the back to find a corpse surrounded by ammo, a Medi-Gel, and a Microfield Pulsar upgrade. Hack the device for credits as well. The bridge ahead presents more enemies, and as you move deeper in the more and more thick the action gets. Pretty soon the presence of rockets flying through the air confirms Rocket Drones amongst the attack squad. These drones sit in the far back, perched on high ground. They can be avoided entirely if you rush toward the end of the bridge, where lose their line of sight completely.

This danger-filled trek across the bridge doesn't stop once you reach the other side. More enemies lie in wait and jump at the opportunity to finish you off. Once the dust settles, one last door stands between you and this treacherous Nassana. Thane makes his appearance in the most ninja way possible, and wastes no time in sealing the deal to work under Shepard. Thane and Shepard have common interests, and Thane will gladly join the crew.

Dossier: Tali

Remember Tali? The Illusive Man recommends her to be a part of your team now, and that makes sense since she was on the original Normandy. Tali is said to be found on the planet Haestrom, so plot a course for the Far Rim and land on this once-quarian-colony-now-turned-geth-outpost. As the shuttle touches down on this arid planet, EDI warns you about the environmental hazard the sun presents. Stay away from direct sunlight or your shields will overload. Some parts like the bottom of the ramp ahead lack shade. In these situations, you want to sprint to the next patch of shade and generally minimize the amount of time spent under the solar rays.

Dart down the ramp to the bottom of the gate; the gate doesn't budge, but the control panel to the small room on the right will fix the situation. Loot the body for credits too. Within moments of the gate opening, a geth dropship dumps a few geth enemies in the area. Unlike yourself, the geth are unaffected by the intense solar rays, making it even more important for you to stay under cover of shadows. Geth troopers also possess the ability to go "berserk"--as indicated by their a sudden surge of blue--whenever a geth comrade nearby collapses. These berserked troopers need to be dealt with first. The right half of this area is completely bathed in sunlight. Following the shadows eventually sticks you in an area to the right with a Titan Pulsar upgrade and ramp leading up.

Geth enemies line the upper floor, but you can't really get a clear shot of them until you trek up the top of the ramp, where there is also a Medi-Gel. Clear out the geth choking off the narrow pathway and proceed to the end of the path. Look down to find geth heavies busting out the rockets. Dispose of the pesky rocket launchers and slide down thin shadow cast by the towering pillar on the ramp. If you're daring, run past the pillar to the next shady area to find some Iridium. Well-worth the risk if you ask us.

Follow the shady area to the far right, through some well-covered passage, and cut down the geth found here. You will find a M-9 Tempest submachine gun, a respectable upgrade, and a radio with a live person on the other end. The other end turns out to be Kal'Reeger, the quarian leader, who tells you that Tali is with some of his men in the area ahead and require assistance. Unfortunately, the geth love making your job harder by immediately barricading the door that leads to Tali. This minor problem can be addressed--merely a nuisance. You must now find two sets of demolition charges. The geth further rain on your parade and introduce the Hunter and Destroyer. Hunters have cloaking devices that make them invisible and sometimes un-targetable. The scary thing about Destroyers is that they have a large blast radius upon death, causing significant splash damage. Remember to kill these particular enemies at a distance.

One of the charges is inside the building to the left. It's riddled with geth inside and out. Clear them out to find the charges on the desk and Tali's audio journal. As you turn to leave, the exit is blocked by an approaching Prime and a couple of smaller lackeys flanking the sides. The Prime is more heavily protected and packs a mean arsenal of deadly attacks. Bring this thing down quickly with your hardest-hitting weapons. Thankfully, there are a couple of Medi-Gels within to help resuscitate fallen comrades. The other set of charges brings you lower into the ruins and through a Destroyer. Charge through them and navigate through to the control room above to operate the shutter controls. This opens up the door below, making way to the second set of charges, Medi-Gel and power cells. Remember to scavenge the area for Iridium outside--there should be two caches.

The geth have amassed in numbers and are waiting for you back outside. You can flank them at the top, but you play a dangerous game that way since the top level catwalk is baked entirely in sunlight. If you press up against the wall with the shutter controls, you dodge the sun's glare and the powerful rays altogether, setting you up the perfect vantage point from which to pick off the opposition. This, at the very least, takes care of the Heavies present. Once calm has swept over the area, plant the charges on the blockade and get out of the way.

The door leads to a slew of goodies: tons of credits to be had and a Kinetic Pulsar upgrade. The real goal here is to communicate directly with Tali via the communications console. Tali unlocks the previously secured door, allowing you to proceed on with the geth annihilation. The door slides open, and at first, you see a Medi-Gel station, but a little further down you encounter some recon drones with built-in camouflage features. Hopefully, your other squad members can zero in on these little buggers while you concentrate on the fast-approaching Primes. Fight your way to the other side and step through the door. There's a hack-able wall safe on the wall behind you.

When you examine the controls, the shutters open and reveal a very deadly foe: the geth Colossus. It is as self-imposing as it seems. Kal'reegar is here and is also pinned down by the massive threat looming overhead. Speak to him to learn the lay of the land and discuss the angle of attack. You can score a ton of Paragon or Renegade points by having Kal'reegar stay put or participate in the battle, respectively. We chose the latter option, which meant supplemental firepower from Kal'reegar's rockets in exchange for a huge dip in the Renegade end of the morality pendulum.

There is a large middle area that separates you from the Colossus. While the Colossus has the luxury of following your every move and shooting fiery projectiles in your direction, you will have to work to get close to the giant. In the meantime, geth enemies in all shapes and sizes inundate the battlefield. The sunlight is also still an obstacle. We found it relatively easy going up the left side in the safety of shade and slowly advanced on the Colossus. The geth were annoying to deal with, but as long as you duck behind cover they do go down without too much of a problem. Your teammates should also be close behind, and they will help you finish off some of the stragglers. Unload your best weapon on the Colossus. You need only blow through the self-regenerating shield. The rest is history. Tali unlocks the massive door behind it.

Don't forget to raid the various Iridium deposits located around the battlefield before meeting with Tali. Enter the room to pick up some extra credits from the damaged geth and speak to Tali.

Collector Ship

As soon as the new Normandy team is assembled as stipulated by the dossiers, the Illusive Man wishes to speak with Shepard (this may also happen when you recruit only Tali and one other). Take not that once you decide to step into the debriefing room to initiate the meeting you will go through with the mission immediately. In this meeting, you learn that a Collector ship has been disabled by some turians during a fierce battle. He would like the Normandy crew to board it and investigate, as this is the best chance for gathering any information on this threat, especially information regarding their homeworld.

As you navigate through the eerie and gloomy interior of the ship, EDI reports that this ship is the same one as the one that attacked Horizon. Perhaps there are survivors onboard? The crew finds an empty pod that may have been used to house the human prisoners. Further up a grotesque display of the Collector's dirty work only serves to strengthen their conviction in stopping this vile threat. More astonishing news awaits you at the control terminal, revealing the true lineage of the Collectors. Afterwards, you rummage through a stockpile of weapons and are given a choice of upgrading your skill in using a current weapon or attaining weapon proficiency for a weapon that you normally are unable to use. Just a few steps farther down you get to hit up a weapons locker, replenish heavy weapons supply, and pick up a nice batch of Element Zero.

Continue up into the larger room, where your attention is turned toward the ceiling. Hundreds of pods dangle like lifeless bats from the ceiling--a very disturbing image indeed. Press on toward the incline and inspect the Collector technology at the top for some credits. Stay true to this path and veer to the right to a computer terminal, which yields the Ablative VI upgrade. The path ahead slopes steeply upward, bringing you higher and higher up on the ship. Keep your finger on the trigger and prepare yourself, for no place ever remains as calm as this when Collectors are involved. The command console ahead is the final trigger that springs the trap, leaving Shepard and crew clawing their way out of this one.

Collectors have been lying in wait and now launch their attack in full-scale. Several platforms float in to meet yours and plop several drones and Guardians on your plate. Blow through these guys as quickly as you can although never compromise protection from cover in favor of getting off that last shot. You're soon about to have a full plate with Harbingers and Scions together making the overall meal highly unappetizing. EDI is tasked to full capacity, as she is battling hacks from every which direction; be patient as she works to get you out of there.

In the meantime, remain under cover and prioritize killing the Harbinger first should he arise. Recall that the Harbinger is only able to synchronize with nearly dead troopers, so kill off any Collector with only a sliver of health. The Collectors may keep you under the illusion that their numbers are endless (which, in all honesty, could very well be true), but they will eventually stop coming. There are power cells on the far platform if needed. EDI asks you to manually re-connect her with the system, so return to the panel glowing green.

The Collector ship has begun to regain power, and so the time has come for you to jettison. Hop off the platform and run through the tunnel. On the way, pick up the Medi-Gel and credits. The Collectors will not let you off the ship without a fight. If it's a fight they want, they've definitely picked the right people for it. Collectors swoop in from all over and fill the cavern with sounds of their clicking and gunfire. Husks and Abominations are thrown into the mix as well. There are Element Zero, a Medi-Gel, and power cells to be scavenged in the area. If you're unsure of where to go, keep in mind that the idea is to descend into the bowels of the ship.

EDI forces open a door that will allow you to escape, but those plans are temporarily put on hold when a Praetorian rears its ugly head in the fight. The strategy for dealing with this hindrance is exactly the same as it was when you first encountered it back on Horizon. It regenerates its shield and pursues you with dogged perseverance. You're going to have to move around significantly to avoid the Praetorian's deadly lasers and additional heat from Collector support. We suggest weaving up, down, and around the two ramps and adjust yourself accordingly to protect yourself from fire. Don't be afraid to zap your heavy ammo store dry because there is a crate of power cells just below.

EDI pulls through with a brilliant door hack. Stay on course to obtain credits, a Multicore Amplifier upgrade, and the last Collector push before you successfully escape. Collectors quickly converge on your position and attempt to pin you down, but patiently battle it out as you have been and you will be able to continue on. Joker urges you to hurry, but he doesn't realize the dozens of Husks standing between you and freedom. Fall back as the horde grows, but use Biotics as they become available to tear these things up. Run toward the shuttle and make the great dramatic escape.

Shepard confronts the Illusive Man about what they've learned aboard the enemy ship. The Illusive Man explains that it was a necessary evil, but also that he believed Shepard would be able to succeed. And succeed he did. Cerberus now has intel on a derelict Reaper ship. Before that, we highly recommend forging stronger relationships with your crew members by taking on their loyalty missions. Not all of them require completion, but would be highly recommended. We've already covered two of the loyalty missions (Miranda's and Jacob's) at this point and will now extend coverage to the remaining seven.

Derelict Reaper

Cerberus has managed to locate a derelict Reaper ship in Hawking ETA and would like you to recover the IFF that will allow the Normandy to safely use the Omega 4 Relay. You're going to need to stock up on some fuel before you attempt the journey. You will be dealing with a Husks and Abominations. As you know, these walking corpses can swarm you in great numbers so it's important to avoid staying in one place and getting overrun by these dangerous enemies.

After entering the ship itself, it activates its shields, preventing crew extraction from the Reaper ship. You're going to have to manually disable it from the inside. Advance through the ship, cashing in on the opportunities to collect more credits while you're at it. Eventually, the path narrows out onto a catwalk littered with combustible explosives--a good indication of the ambush to come. Husks start hauling themselves onto the catwalk. Run forward and trigger their appearance to gather them all, then run back and wait for these horrors to run by an explosive, prompting you to finish them all off in one swift move. You will want to utilize this strategy for dealing with Husks as you progress through the Reaper ship. Some useful Biotics for mowing down Husks also include Incinerate and an area of effect Pull.

Pass through the Husk-filled area only to be met with more Husks, but they are purposefully dispatched by an unidentified sniper. This friend (or possibly foe?) doesn't seem to show sign of aggression toward you for now. Nearby you can pick up a Cerberus sniper rifle, some credits, and valuable Platinum. Ready your weapons as the going is about to get tough. Further ahead hordes of Husks along with a Scion pick a fight with you. Wait as long as you can to demolish all the Husks at once with an explosive and keep backpedaling to gain distance between you and the approaching enemies. Abominations are also a target here, and the resulting splash damage from killing one can inflict damage on Husks as well. Biotics like a fully upgraded Charge, Pull, Slam and Incinerate should work quite well here. Check the far back of the area for a Medi-Gel and a Lattice Shunting.

Turn onto a diverging catwalk to a locked door. What you find beyond the locked door should surprise you, but attending to more threatening matters takes precedence: Husks pull themselves onto the walkway and start lumbering toward you. Not long thereafter, a Scion files in behind as well. Fall back to the wider, more open space to properly maneuver around this madness. Biotics work best at ripping apart the Husks instantly. Progressing along this area only calls forth more Husks, Abominations, and eventually a Scion. At the very least, you have several Medi-Gel stops as well as a number of credit terminals. Check near the bottom of the stairs for power cells and a Cerberus shotgun for a boost to shotgun damage.

After inspecting the terminal for credits, you start heading down only to be stopped in your tracks by the approach of not one but two Scions as well as the usual flood of Husks and Abominations. Don't drain your heavy ammo completely because you'll receive another healthy dose of the same medicine just a little further ahead. Luckily, you'll be able to replenish some of your stores with some power cells at the bridge. Afterwards, bypass the security door and head inside to take the Reaper IFF. Seems a little too easy, doesn't it?

The mysterious sniper from earlier is hunched over the Reaper core, frantically working on something as he is assaulted by Husks. He fends them off with ease at first but eventually becomes overwhelmed and unconscious. This is where you step in to mop up the remaining mess. Husks and Abominations clamber onto the platform from both sides. Eliminate them all, check the laptop on the left side, and then target the Reaper core. The Reaper core closes its protective shield after sustaining some damage and unleashes legions of Husks. Keep whittling away the health of the core until it is completely destroyed.

Shepard and crew decide to bring the stranger they meet onboard the Normandy. Miranda, Jacob, and Shepard argue over what to do with the hitchhiker. You decide his fate. He would make a welcome addition to this powerful team, offering a number of useful techs. However, be warned that embracing him as a companion may close down social avenues with Tali. If you still want to activate him, head to the Crew Quarters and enter the room beyond Dr. Chakwas' office.

IMPORTANT NOTE:At this point, you are fast-approaching the end of the game. Once the very last mission is underway, you will not be able to change the events that are about to transpire. What you've done so far has a strong influence on how the final mission will pan out. We highly recommend that you delay it until you have upgraded all necessary things, secure loyalty for all crew members (or making amends with those who have not pledged their loyalty), and generally done all that you plan to do. The outcome of the final mission can change significantly depending on these factors.

Stop the Collectors

Joker recommends that Shepard and his crew use the shuttle to reach the next mission, but things go horribly awry. The Normandy finds itself in incredible peril once again. Shepard is away, and Joker must be the one to save the ship. Guide Joker through the ship, following the lighted path, while the rest of the crew sacrifice themselves to keep Joker safe. EDI makes an inappropriate joke in this time of crisis--great, an AI with a dire sense of humor. Complete EDI's instructions to bring Shepard back.

All that's left now is to go after the Collectors through the Omega 4 Relay. It is risky business, but you must steel yourself against what is to come if you are to ever rescue your crew--nay, the galaxy.

IMPORTANT NOTE:There are spoilers in the following:

First, before going to the Omega 4 Relay and partaking on the suicide mission, we highly recommend that you delay the mission until any still pending loyalty missions have been completed and you purchase all available Normandy upgrades. Every Normandy upgrade you do not get results in the loss of a crew member en route to the Collector base. We also advise that you upgrade your own weapons and armor to their full potential if possible.

Omega 4 Relay

Caution: There may be major spoilers ahead, but the following information is of paramount importance to achieving success.

It's no wonder why so many ships attempt to pass through the Omega 4 Relay and never return to tell the tale--the entire thing is an intricate death trap. If you've been pursuing a relationship with one of your potential suitors, you will consummate the relationship at this time. There's also one last meeting with the Illusive Man. He has no more relevant information for you that would be any aid. The Collector base is within reach now, but like everything else you've faced in this danger-filled mission nothing is ever easy. Some laser-shooting space sentries called oculus assault the ship, and it is during this crisis that--if you neglected to upgrade the Normandy--you start losing team members permanently, up to a total loss of three initially (with the real potential for more soon). You don't necessarily need all members alive to beat the game, but preserving the entire crew is especially vital for getting the No One Left Behind Achievement.

From hereon, too, your squad choices will determine who survives and who dies. (We speculate that those crew members whose loyalty has not been gained may die first.) During the battering of the Normandy--on two separate incidents--an oculus breaches the ship, and Shepard must deploy a fire-team to face it. Depending on who you choose to be on your fire-team each time is a major determinant for who dies (if without upgrades). The oculus wields a powerful laser and often disappears in the midst of the battle. During this brief stalemate, rummage around for ammo if you need it. The armor covering the oculus is impervious to Biotics and can only be taken down by maxed out weaponry or heavy weapons in general.

Later on, in the briefing room, Shepard and the crew (or what's left) devise a plan of attack. A trained technician must infiltrate the base via the vents to open the central gates for the attack squad. A second fire-team must help keep the technician safe. At this point, you have to choose the most ideal candidate for these roles. For the trained technician position, the obvious choice falls on either Tali or Legion, depending upon who is alive. If neither is alive, the person you send may meet an unfortunate end. For the fire-team leader position, prior experience in combat situations is a plus. Miranda, Jacob, or Garrus fits the bill perfectly.

When choosing your own squad, know that this mission pits you against enemies with Biotic barriers and armor. Bring anyone with Biotic powers like Warp, Incinerate, Overload, etc.

Head away from the landed shuttle and begin breaching the base. The Collectors are on their way and meet you in the big room. Torch these small fry and vault over the obstacles to get moving. Your technician informs you that he or she (in our case it was Tali) requires some assistance in removing a blockade. There're some valves ahead to disable, which open up the way for Tali. You need to disable a total of eight valves in a timely manner. Because the vents are so hot your technician won't last too long if you don't open the valves quickly. Collectors will work to slow you down, but you don't have to kill them all. If pressed for time, ignore them and hit the valve button first. Rush through to hit the remaining seven valves and save your game before you activate the last one.

The next leg of the mission summons the powers of a skilled Biotic user to protect the squad from the Collector swarms. Samara (or Morinth) or Jack would be qualified for this task. Again, you will need to assign another fire-team leader. And once again, Miranda, Jacob, or Garrus would do just fine. An escort needs to accompany the survivors back to the ship. Anyone who is loyal can carry out the task, but we recommend Mordin as this guarantees his survival (even if he is loyal he has been known to kick it). Once you've made your choices, it's time to get on with the rest of the mission.

Your Biotic specialist (it was Samara for us) creates a massive dome-shaped Biotic barrier to keep the swarms out and only the swarms. Bullets can still freely pass in and out of the shield. You must stay within this barrier throughout the long walk. When enemies show up, the Biotic specialist is kind enough to hold steady while you take care of the threats. Speak with her whenever you're ready to start rolling again. Later on, you start encountering Husks, Abominations, and a Scion. As you near the door to the central hub, the Biotic specialist begins to tire--holding up a barrier of that magnitude is quite taxing--but simply move forward to advance to the next sequence. If you've chosen the correct person for the job (and we don't see why you wouldn't have), everyone gets away safely.

Next, the team gears up for the final showdown, but some preparations need to be made first. Some people need to stay behind and hold the defense line. When you choose your own fire squad, pick the weaker, non-defensive types like Tali, Jack, etc. Keep in mind that this hand-picked crew will stay with you for the remainder of the game. The people you do not pick remain behind to watch your back. The stronger the defensive skill of the crew members that stay behind, the stronger the likelihood that the entire group as a whole lives.

Your personal squad hovers away on the platform. Other platforms spiral in and bring waves of enemies, a scenario that should be reminiscent of the encounter back on the Collector ship. The last platform holds two Scions and some Abominations. Conserve your ammo here as much as possible, using a combination of Biotics and well-placed shots to take down your foes. Afterwards, activate the end platform to move toward the center of the station.

The full horrors of what the Collectors have been doing are realized and must be stopped. You must now destroy each of the four feeding tubes that empty its contents into to the massive central structure. The tubes become vulnerable intermittently when the protective shutters open up and expose its orange contents, usually after a round of Collectors arrive. The tubes don't take much before they shatter; focus on eliminating the tubes while fending off the incoming Collectors. Once all the feeding tubes have been destroyed, the Illusive Man interjects and forces you to once again make a choice that will certainly have sweeping consequences on humanity. Choosing to save the technology gives you a myriad of Renegade points, whereas destroying it garners a wealth of Paragon points.

Either way you still have the monstrous creation to deal with. Empty all your weapons on the mechanical abomination at one of several places: the eyes, the mouth when it charges up its primary laser beam attack, or the chest cavity. When it charges up its laser beam attack (as evidenced by the large mass of energy collecting at its mouth), you have a couple of seconds to unload on its mouth before the attack goes live, at which point staying behind cover is the wisest choice. The monstrosity tends to duck down and pull itself back up in cycles. Any weapon whittles away its health, although the biggest hitters are, of course, weapons like the particle beam, the Cain, etc.

Mission complete! You have the option to continue tying up loose ends in the current game (like side missions and whatnot), or starting a new game plus with the same Shepard.

Loyalty Missions

Miranda: The Prodigal

If you've had some one-on-one conversation with Miranda at one point or another, she should have told you about her overbearing psychopath of a father. Well, now her past has finally caught up with her, and she desperately beseeches your help. Her contact Lanteia is on Illium at the Eternity Bar. When you speak with her, she notifies you of the plan to get Oriana to safety. After the conversation, you must choose your third crew member since Miranda will (obviously) be a mainstay for this mission. We recommend bringing someone like Garrus to round out your squad.

A welcoming party at the warehouse takes an aggressive approach at first, but stays their ground in the hope of a peaceful negotiation. The merc leader's proposition seems to leave Miranda with the short end of the stick, so all forms of diplomacy goes up in flames if you act on the Renegade interrupt action. We suggest you take this even unless you're completely against any form of Renegade action, as it makes the subsequent battle go a lot smoother.

The drones and troopers will drop like flies against Miranda's Biotics, but the other enemies may need a little more than a few shots. Work your way through to the elevator in the back of the warehouse. Miranda has been withholding some details and fills you in on the missing parts. Shepard voices his concerns about Niket's reliability, but Miranda's unwavering trust for her long-time friend mutes any of his suspicions.

The elevator drops your team off at the shipping yard. There's a PDA to be hacked in the container just outside the elevator. Ingress further to trigger the appearance of a half-dozen or so Eclipse enemies on the other side of the conveyor belt. A few explosive containers sprinkled in close proximity will ease the weight of this battle. Also recall Miranda's comment about explosive materials being transported by the conveyor belts and use them to your advantage. If you're low on thermal clips, be sure to rummage through the places they've fallen for extra clips. Continue on to find a Medi-Gel, the Microfield Pulsar upgrade and some credits from a locker.

Captain Enyala's barking sends more mercs swarming the scene, but she should know by now that no number of bad guys can slow Shepard and his team down. Locate the security terminal in the opened container to the right to glean a few credits. Scan the downed soldier as well for an upgrade to increase your Medi-Gel-carrying capacity. The next area features the standard enemy fare, but be sure to give a thorough search through the opened containers here for refined Element Zero as well as some easy credits from the PDA and the security terminal on the wall. The path to the next elevator door becomes riddled with the likes of Vanguards, who are much more aggressive and protected than their peers. If needed, there is a Medi-Gel station right next to the elevator and some power cells near it.

Things turn out in ways Miranda had never imagined. Overcome with the feeling of betrayal, Miranda turns her pistol on her most trusted friend. You can pull the Paragon interrupt to prevent her from having this on her conscience, but it seems fate won't give Niket a second chance. Now is the time to deal with Enyala.

Enyala is not alone. She has her whole cavalry at her beck and call, but some of them can be dispatched almost immediately by shooting the cargo of explosives moving overhead. Enyala is sporting a barrier and armor protection combo, so expect her to absorb quite a bit of firepower before taking the real damage. You must kill off all the enemies within the area to advance the storyline. Scope out the area once the battle is over to find credits from the security terminal and a locket lying atop a crate nearby. This locket belongs to an Asari near the entrance to the trading floor back on Nos Astra. Board the elevator to watch the rest of the cutscenes and conclude this mission. You've now unlocked Miranda's Slam biotic and a new outfit for her.

Jacob: The Gift of Greatness

When you go to see Jacob, he seems very distraught. He confides in you that he doesn't think much of a father, especially since he's vanished 10 years ago onboard the Hugo Gernsback. Recently, however, he's received a distress signal from the Gernsback on Aeia. Jacob thinks he's just chasing ghosts, but would like to have some closure on the matter. He requests that you take him to the site for further investigation. 2175 Aeia is located in the Rosetta Nebula in Alpha Draconis. You're going to need some fuel and probes before you attempt the journey. When you reach the planet, you need to scan the planet surface for the distress beacon. Dispatch the probe once you have and land the shuttle.

This thriving green environment hides a sinister secret, and we'll need to get to the bottom of it. Some very strange things have befallen the Gernsback crew, as evidenced by all cryptic messages from the voice logs and the holographic beacon. Head around the corner along the grassy path to find a woman--she has trouble articulating her exact thoughts due to some mysterious neurological degeneration. The conversation gets cut short when some feral hunters appear. You can use a Paragon action to save the woman's life and engage in battle against these heathens. These guys are rather tough despite not wielding any protective equipment.

After spilling their blood, check around to salvage parts and continue up the hill to land upon a small settlement. There's something strange about this settlement as Shepard is quick to point out. You clearly aren't wanted here, and the inhabitants only spout nonsense. Continue through the camp to see what else you can turn up. A PDA on the crate at least yields some semblance of civility, but go up further to come in contact with some aggressive LOKI mechs. Speak with the doctor to receive the crew's logbook to unveil the harsh reality of the survivors here.

Get the mech to explode on the blockade and free up the path. Undoubtedly more LOKI mechs are on the loose further up, and you've no choice but to eliminate them as they come. Jacob's Pull Biotic is doubly effective here, so have him use it as often as possible. The LOKI drones spawn in greater numbers than before, but the seemingly endless waves eventually stop once you've gunned down a good number of them. Scan the heavy pistol on the crate for Titan Pulsar upgrade and salvage the spare parts nearby for credits while you're at it.

Continue the trek along the cliffs, past the LOKI patrols, to some spare parts, power cells, Medi-Gel station, and ultimately an expanse featuring walls of barricades posted all over. You can expect more hostiles, although this time not from fodder like the LOKI mechs but from more formidable opponents, such as brainwashed survivors and a YMIR mech. The YMIR mech should instantly top your kill list, so cut through this troublesome machine quickly before the humanoids get the chance to close on you.

With the immediate threat neutralized and all enemies out of the way, forage the area for Element Zero and credits from a PDA. Head through the door and follow the path all the way to a spaced-out Ronald Taylor. Through this encounter with his father, Jacob finally closes this saddening chapter in his life and is ready to commit himself fully to the mission at hand. Back on the Normandy, Jacob discovers who exactly forwarded him the beacon signal from Gernsback. With this, Jacob has his Barrier Biotic unlocked.

Jack: Subject Zero

If you recall, Jack's willingness to join Normandy rested on the condition that she had free access to Cerberus' files. Well, now she's found what she was looking for, and her blood boils with the desire to exact revenge on those who did her wrong in the past. She has traced her old Cerberus facility back to a planet called Pragia and wants to go there as soon as possible. Jack confides that her intentions for going are anything but nostalgia-related. Jump to the Dakka system and set the course for Pragia.

Jack doesn't exactly feel at home when she arrives, but she intends on seeing her plan through to the end--only she wants it done more quickly. Descend the ramp to enter the seemingly empty facility. The terminal in the back still functions and releases credits when you override the security system. Be sure to plunder the still functional devices for credits as you move through the facility. All is disturbingly still and silent, other than the soft pitter patter of the rain gently pounding on the building surface. Just when you thought it was safe to lower your gun you can vaguely hear howls of varren. Put down the galloping varren and continue past the courtyard.

After checking the security log in the hallway, proceed down to find a fresh varren kill. This facility was supposed to have long been abandoned. Bypass the door next to this varren to find a crate of Element Zero. So much for being alone. Perfectly live Blood Pack scum begin to open fire when you step foot in the next room. You may have some questions for them, but this is certainly no time to be mulling over these puzzling circumstances. Before hacking the door, hack the PDA in the room for more credits.

Some more Blood Packs appear on the balcony and varren roam the cell corridor. There's not much else to do other than finding credits in one of the cells. Take the door on the other side. This eventually puts you in a lab room, where you can view security logs, pick up the Hyper Amp upgrade, and obtain power cells. Jack stubbornly refuses to believe anything but her memory, and if memory serves, her cell is close--it's time to finish this.

The next room boasts more Blood Pack. It turns out that Kureck and his team were salvaging whatever they can find in the facility but are disappointed with their findings. Get ready for a gunfight! Kureck is the main target here and knowing how to shatter his double protection should be second nature by now. Something worthy of noting is that Kureck possesses the Warp Biotic--just a heads up. When all is said and done, check the back for a terminal to hack and then rush through the door to Jack's old home.

Inside is a man named Uresh, who recognizes Jack. He's another survivor of this horrific facility. Jack will want to kill him, but you can stop her with a Paragon interrupt. Inspect the various objects around Jack's room and the old blood stain out in the hallway to end the mission.

Conflict: Jack and Miranda

A conflict arises between Jack and Miranda once both loyalty missions have been completed. Back on the Normandy, Joker reports in a disturbance in Miranda's office. Shepard checks in to see that Jack is furious at Miranda for denying Cereberus' involvement in her sufferings, while Miranda pushes the fact that it wasn't exactly. At this point, sufficiently high Paragon or Renegade points are required to effectively resolve this issue without alienating either crew member. Otherwise you end up losing one's loyalty at the expense of helping the other. Chances are you this will happen to you, but fret not--you can regain the offended character's loyalty later on. In order to do this, you will need to be nearly full Paragon or Renegade.

Garrus: Eye For An Eye

Garrus holds a long grudge against a former trusted friend, Sidonis, for backstabbing him, and now he's looking to get even. Closer investigation has led Garrus to believe Sidonis is on Citadel in correspondence with a fellow named Fade. Some previous missions should have brought you already to the Citadel, so we assume you are firmly acquainted with its layout. If not, we suggest you refer back to our first visit to Citadel earlier in the walkthrough for a tour.

Fade hangs out on Level 26, at the shipping warehouse. Head down to find Fade accompanied by his fair share of muscle (the two krogans). A quick draw of the weapon--resulting in Renegade points--will put the burly brutes to sleep. This dazzling display of intimidation loosens up the volus' lips, giving you the information you need to find the real Fade. The volus imposter directs you to the factory district, reached by way of Rapid Transit.

Harkin is surprised to see you, but reacts in a way that is unlike that of someone who is happy to see an old friend: he sics his Blue Sun lapdogs on you. These Blue Suns enemies fall very easily, so thin out their numbers to catch the fleeing Harkin. Harkin is quick to assemble an army of LOKI mechs to slow you down as he makes his escape. Pursue him through the warehouse, cutting down the mechs, and stop to hack the wall safe on the far left wall.

The chase brings you deeper and deeper into the warehouse, and deeper into enemy territory. A bunch of LOKI mechs and Blue Suns eventually close on your position. Keep driving them back while hacking wall safes to loot credits. Be sure that the coast is clear before attempting to hack anything because any damage will lockdown the security system. When you get to a seemingly dead-end, clean up the spoils (power cells, Iridium, etc.) and activate the bridge controls.

The bridge controls open up a new area and bring forth a new wave of enemies, of which include a more competent Commando and a YMIR mech. Focus your firepower on the YMIR mech. If you have the particle rifle handy, the lasers will sear through its barrier and melt away the armor. Afterwards, pick up the Medi-Gel and hack the circuit board on your way through the door to the next room. In here, you will find some power cells, a forged ID, and more credit-collecting opportunities. Open up the windows. It looks like Harkin has nowhere else to hide. Garrus revels in this fact and prepares to do him in good.

Enter through the warehouse door and steady your trigger finger in preparation for a deluge of mechs and Blue Suns mercs. Harkin is desperate, though, and unleashes two YMIR mechs on the party. Bust out the heavy weapons and focus on one YMIR mech at a time. Circle around an indestructible object to break the YMIR's line of fire. With the troublesome mechs out of the way, you need only climb over the huge steps to Harkin.

Garrus is intent on getting Harkin to do what he wants and gets his point across with a little brutality. Harkin lets up and arranges the meeting with Sidonis. The rest of the mission is just trying to talk Garrus out of making a bad choice, or letting Garrus go through with it. The Paragon slant will earn you a great deal of Paragon points. With the conclusion of this mission, Garrus becomes loyal (as he always has been) and discovers his Armor-Piercing ammo ability.

Samara: The Ardat-Yakshi

After spending some time on the ship, Samara has finally been able to pinpoint the exact location of the Ardat-Yakshi, whom she has been chasing for over 400 years. She stresses that the time to act is now and that her target can be on the move within a month's time. You can proceed to dig deeper into the complicated past she shares with this particular Ardat-Yakshi--the truth should compel you to help her. The Ardat-Yakshi can be found on Omega in the Afterlife club, where it--according to Samara--is the perfect place for her to cultivate her murderous acts. Finally bringing an end to this demon and her devilish ways is of utmost importance to Samara. Do her this favor and she will forever be in your debt.

Agree to help Samara and, without further delay, plot a course for Omega. It's hard to imagine that you have gotten this far and have yet to step foot on Omega. If that is so, then you may need to refer back to the Omega portion written out earlier in the walkthrough for a more formal introduction to the place. For our purposes, we are going to assume you have been following our walkthrough or at least visited the sordid planet beforehand.

The first person you should see is Aria who hasn't yet left her seat in Afterlife. She doesn't know where the Ardat-Yakshi is, but she does know of her last victim: a young girl in the tenements near Afterlife. The tenements are located near the preaching zealot and the now sealed quarantine zone. Head through the opened door to find Diana, the unfortunate victim's mother. The tragedy of her daughter's death has driven this loving mother to deep sorrow, and the real nail in the coffin is the fact that no one believes that her dear Nef was murdered. Console her and let her know you're on her side. She unlocks the door to Nef's room, where you can peep on her holo journal.

Listen to all the available journal entries and devise a plan with Samara on how to capture this villain. Samara knows Morinth very well: Morinth will escape via many possible routes if we just stormed her place. We need to set a trap and lure her out. Samara explains that Morinth preys on creative people, people with a spark that only she longs to extinguish. You fit the bill just right and will be the bait to draw her out. Be mindful of what you say from hereon. Keep in mind that all the information gleaned from the objects found within Nef's room will help you very soon.

IMPORTANT NOTE:From here, it is extremely important that you make a separate save file. It is very easy to botch the mission and lose Morinth forever, effectively forfeiting the chance for Samara's loyalty.

Hit up the bouncer standing outside the VIP room entrance. Mention the name Jaruut to be let in. From here, this entire operation is an exercise of predatory manipulation. The key is to be as alluring as possible to Morinth by following all of Samara's advice and remembering the clues you found earlier. When you enter the club, keep in mind that Morinth is watching your interaction with other patrons at all times. There are a few ways to go about piquing Morinth's interest and you must make your choices wisely.

There are a few people with whom you can interact here. Be careful with who you end up approaching, as you may just preclude any chance with getting at Morinth. Draw out Morinth with the following methods (you only need to do a couple of these) in no particular order: Near the entrance is a guy named Vij. Speak to him and remember the band name he mentions. Another guy to speak with is Horftin. He gives you some safe words to relay to his boss to help her get out of the bar. If your Paragon meter is high enough, you can talk the bartender into providing everyone with drinks on the house. If you have enough Renegade points to unlock the Renegade option here, go for it when you speak to Vertin.

Carry out these events in no specific order until Morinth finally calls out from the shadows and invites you to her booth. Some things you want to touch on when having the conversation: music, art, and travel. Name drop the band Expel 10, glorify Hallex, and praise Forta. On the subject of vids, ask about violent ones to reel her in. Success is near when Morinth relates power to one's worth. Agree with her sentiment to seal the deal. By now, Morinth's lust for you spirals out of control as she invites you over to her place.

In her apartment, examine the assault rifle on the wall for the Kinetic Pulsar upgrade. She has a ton of decorations throughout her apartment that she doesn't mind talking about. When ready, speak to Morinth and push her buttons until she can take it no longer--she must have you now. Her powers as an Ardat-Yakshi begin to take its toll on Shepard, but Samara barges in just in time before Shepard is completely consumed and reduced to an empty shell of a person.

Samara emerges as the victor of the battle, but is she finally happy? She does not wish to dwell on the subject right now and only wishes to leave. Samara is now loyal and unlocks Dominate.

NOTE:It is possible to have Morinth replace Samara on your crew's team. This option is available if you are deep enough in Renegade waters that you can allow this to happen. You go really deep in the red in Renegade points if you go through with this. However, nothing really changes other than the fact that you have Morinth instead of Samara.

Tali: Treason

Tali has been charged with treason against the quarian Migrant Fleet, and her punishment for treason is banishment. She herself doesn't know what her charges are, but she's determined to find out. She requests that the Normandy detour to the flotilla to look into the nature of these groundless accusations. You must travel to Raheel-Leyya in the Valhalla Threshold.

Captain Kar'Danna is a friendly face and reveals to Tali her crimes upon arriving. Preparations for a trial are being made to verify these allegations, but until then Tali must remain on the ship. You're free to roam around the ship. Casual exploration takes you to Shala'Raan, who gives Tali news of some disheartening developments. Tali is part of the Normandy crew now, and as commander of the Normandy crew, you speak on her behalf and in her defense. Shal'Raan leads Shepard and Tali into the trial hall, thus beginning the trial.

Shift the trial toward clearing Tali's name and offer the Normandy's assistance in reclaiming the Alarei, the ship Tali's father was on. With this, Tali is temporarily exonerated from the accusation of endangering the Migrant Fleet and is tasked with recovering the now geth-infested Alarei. You can talk to the quarians in the immediate vicinity for more information on the situation. One of them should probably be very familiar, but he doesn't look to be in the best state of mind. When you're ready, take the path on the right to the shuttle driver, who requests the crew to be ferried to the ship.

The geth have been expecting you and waste no time in their little greeting party. Cloaked Hunters and troopers need to be dealt with right from the get-go. Refill your heavy ammo supply with some power cells in the back. In the connecting hallway, you are faced with three doors: one on the immediate left, one straight ahead, and the last rounding the corner. The first room on the left is utterly harmless, but holds a Medi-Gel station as well as a credit-giving terminal, but more importantly it triggers a sequence in which Tali discusses in-depth the deliveries made to her father. The room straight ahead features a massive computer console, which gives up the Cyclonic Particles upgrade. It is the door furthest away from the starting point that leads to a small room occupied by a single enemy. Aside from that, you can check the laptop and wall safe for credits and witness a little of what might have happened on the ship.

The geth have been tracking your every movement on the ship and have already sent reinforcements to meet you in the next lab area. Take cover behind and pick them off as they trickle in. Grab the Medi-Gel on your way out and inspect the console for some experimental data. Head to the next room. You start on the top level while the geth begin to filter in the room from the lower level. Ransack the room for thermal clips from fallen geth and credits from abandoned laptops.

Tali sights something in the next corridor that causes her great grief. Now more than ever Tali must strengthen her resolve and she does, knowing that her commander is right behind her. The side room next to the body donates a plethora of items to help your cause, including power cells, Medi-Gel, and credits. March right into the next room to find a geth Prime waiting on the other side. Any more movement into the room catches their attention. Download some credits and snag the sweet model of the flotilla ship from the desk in front of you. Then, prepare to engage the Prime. Circle the transparent wall in order to stay mobile while retaining protection from the Prime's fire.

Apparently, they were protecting the large quarian console in the room. You now have the evidence you need to completely acquit Tali of her "crimes," but now the responsibility for this incident falls on her father. Tali wants to leave the evidence out of it, but it's ultimately up to you. Keep in mind that there are a few things to be aware of. Namely, consequences that may or may not throw away Tali's loyalty.

Should you present the evidence to clear Tali's name, Tali sees this an act of betrayal since she had told you not to beforehand. You don't get her loyalty. Alternatively, you could not present the evidence and instead use unlocked Paragon or Renegade options to command the jury to exonerate Tali, or appeal to the crowd to have Kal'reegar and Veetor (if they are present) to vouch for Tali. Or, simply refuse to present the evidence. All of these options will secure Tali's loyalty and consequentially make her last ability Energy Drain.

Thane: Sins of the Father

Thane can be found in the life support room of deck 3 on the ship. He sits at his desk and mulls over his life. This assassin has come to terms with the reality of his sickness, and so one of his last requests is to see his son, Kolyat. He regrets to discover that Kolyat has followed in his father's footsteps and has gone to the Citadel on an assassination mission. Thane wants you to go to the Citadel to find him and stop him before he gets too far in over his head.

We assume once more that this is not your first trip to the vast Citadel. If it is, we urge you to check our detailed coverage of it in an earlier part of the walkthrough. Otherwise, there is little else to do but to seek out Kolyat once you've arrived. The C-sec tracks incoming and outgoing visitor traffic, so naturally the first person to see is Captain Bailey for leads on Thane's son. Captain Bailey looks into it and mentions the name Mouse, a small-time criminal, who serves as the liaison between Kolyat and the person who hired him. Perhaps we should pay him a visit.

Mouse is upstairs standing next to Rodam Expeditions. Mouse seems timid at first, but opens up when he recognizes Thane. You can utilize Renegade or Paragon actions to make him spill the beans. He mentions Elias Kelham and chalks him up to be some real bad news. When you go see Captain Bailey about Kelham, Bailey admits that Kelham is untouchable due to police bribery. After some guilt tripping, Bailey relents and brings Kelham in for interrogation. You and Thane must play good cop and bad cop. As the names of these roles suggest, you accrue Paragon or Renegade points with appropriate role-playing. Decide which role you would like and get on with it. If you're curious, we went with bad cop.

Throughout the interrogation (and depending on your role), you will get a number of interrupts. You don't have to respond to them all. These are just measures to squeeze the necessary information from the detained Kelham. Eventually, Kelham croaks and discloses the target's name: Joram.

After talking to Bailey, Bailey orders a transport to whisk the duo to the 800 blocks. This final leg of the mission requires you to shadow Joram from the catwalks above. The Citadel features an extensive network of catwalks above the ground floor. Thane will use his drell ninja magic to disappear and follow the target unseen while you follow him from above and constantly update Thane on any changes in movement. Joram is flanked by a big krogan bodyguard and is hard to miss. See where he goes and follow the catwalk in that direction. You must never lose sight of Joram nor fail to update Thane. You have only one chance at this.

Sometime later, though, your cover is almost blown when a human male demands to know what you're doing up here. Either talk to him to smooth things over or act on the Renegade interrupt to knock him out cold. The former wastes time and risks you losing Joram.

When you finally catch up to Joram, Kolyat makes his move. Thane and Shepard must work to change Kolyat's mind. If you're after Thane's loyalty, you must settle this without bringing grave harm to his son. Thane's ability, Shredder ammo, becomes available and is now loyal to Shepard and the mission.


Tuchanka is definitely worth visiting, primarily for the two loyalty missions that take place there. This krogan-run world does not take too kindly to other races, as evidenced by the unfriendly greeting upon landing on Tuchanka. They tell you to take it up with their clan leader.

Entering the disheveled city, you find more evidence of prejudice when a great majority of its denizens snub you. All except a local shopkeeper by the name of Ratch, who is a smart businessmen and is perhaps one of the few in Tuchanka who won't discriminate, utters more than just a few curt words. The jingle of your credit-filled pockets is like music to Ratch's ears. He drives a hard bargain, though. Unlike many of the other shopkeepers you've spoken to before, you must wrest the discount from him by first completing a small favor. He's got a pesky problem with some pyjaks and wouldn't mind a little extermination. See the side quest for further details. The other storeowner at Fortack's Database sells significant weapon upgrades--rather his kiosk does--but at steep prices. If you're wondering, there is no discount to be had from him. Still, that isn't to say that you should totally dismiss making a thought-out investment.

The krogans amuse themselves with varren pit fights, as you'll find a pit somewhat in the middle of the town. You can wager credits on your favorite varren at the kiosk next to the fighting pit. Each bet costs you 100 credits, but the rate of return for winning is not bad. There's not much else to do in this rubble-filled environment aside from the aforementioned points of interest and paying a visit to the clan leader.

Urdnot Wreav (or Urdnot Wrex) sits on his throne overlooking the varren pit. His bodyguard appraises you with a piercing gaze before Wreav speaks. You can proceed to ask him about any number of things, including Mordin's intel on a salarian captive, which funnels you toward Mordin's loyalty mission. Similarly, for Grunt's loyalty mission you need to bring the confused krogan before Wreav to catalyze the mission's start.

We'll start with Mordin's mission.

Mordin: Old Blood

As you've picked up from earlier conversations with the loquacious salarian, Mordin has been wrestling with regret of his past actions over the krogan genophage project. Mordin has picked up word that a former associate of his named Maelon was captured by Blood Pack mercs on Tuchanka. Mordin wants to rescue him at all costs. On Tuchanka, speak first to the clan leader and inquire about the captured salarian. Wreav refers you to the scout stationed at the gun range. The scout is aware of the situation and provides you with a truck to fetch the salarian yourself. For this mission, you'd want to bring a good balance of Biotic-users and soldiers since Mordin himself is a tech user.

There's a weapons locker nearby for your weapon-swapping convenience. From here, step through the automatic door into potentially dangerous grounds. You don't need to venture too far out before the first enemies arrive on sight. Klixen skitter straight at you; be sure to kill them from afar as their death triggers a detonation sequence that can damage all within. Not much farther in front, more klixen scurry from hiding although this time they are joined by some varren. These warm you up substantially for the tide of Blood Pack mercs that about to come.

A mix of Warriors, more varren, and some Pyros comprise the first attack party. The streets know these warring conflicts well as there is plenty of cover behind which you can hide. Past the Pyros is a box of Iridium that should properly be looted. As you slide down the slope, you spot a door in the distance, but it is protected by a myriad of Blood Packs. After clearing out the area, search the area for the combustion manifold. This item can be presented to the krogan mechanic to complete an optional assignment. This is discussed in-depth in the Side Quest section, under Combustion Manifest.

The door ahead connect to the hospital, but they can't be opened without some prior security override. Once inside, you spy a dead human body lying on the ground. Mordin scans the body but is unable to identify the poor sap. The krogans are known to be more prone to aggression, but neither Mordin nor Shepard can condone the krogan-related activities that transpired here. Obtain some Iridium nearby and continue through the door here to confront some Blood Pack, who graciously decide to let you walk freely in order for you to spread the word of the Blood Pack. While the talking krogan gets on his high horse and spews gibberish, you have a Renegade opportunity to prematurely end his verbal diarrhea of the Blood Pack's mission.

This act of aggression spurs the rest of the Blood Packs into action, as they flow into the room from the door above. Most of them enter with armor, but there shouldn't be enough of them to present any threat. Pillage the crate of Iridium and a Medi-Gel before heading upstairs into the experimental labs. You can holster the weapon--there are no gunfights to be had. There is, however, more Iridium and credits to fatten your wallets. Among other things to examine are a computer console and the lifeless body of a krogan on the experiment table. Then, inspect the terminal near the body to receive an armor upgrade for Grunt.

The hallway outside of the lab leads to two doors: one on the right and another on the left. The door to the right unveils the missing krogan the chief scout had mentioned earlier. The krogan has been experimented on and is brainwashed into thinking that he is doing his clan good by allowing to be tested on. You can either let him rot away or appeal to his warrior spirit, convincing him that he need not be a pansy and return to Urdnot's side. This also completes the side quest concerning the Missing Scout.

The next room boasts more Blood Packs and volatile containers that can be used to shatter the armor. Continue to crush the opposition and work your way down, picking up the power cells by the stairs in the process. Armored krogan and varren emerge from the door. While you're fighting them, the real catch, Chief Weyrloc Guld, storms into the room. He hides under protective layers of thick armor and a barrier, but hopefully by now you know how to deal with such foes. Following the battle, enter through the unopened door to find a credit-collecting opportunity, then proceed to the lower levels. A research terminal yields a Microfusion Array upgrade. Finally, head through the door here to find Maelon.

It turns out that Maelon is doing this on his own accord. The way he sees it is that curing the genophage is the only way to repent for his past sins. Mordin's objects, but Maelon's radical notions drive Mordin to a rash but--in his eyes--necessary action. You have a couple of seconds to use the Paragon interrupt to prevent the action from finalizing, but inaction ends the mission faster. Either way, you must decide what to do with Maelon's data that was left behind. Preserve it and bank Renegade points, or destroy it to place a firm hold on your Paragon status. Opt to stay behind a little longer to exploit the opportunity for more credits in the room.

Grunt: Rite of Passage

For Grunt's loyalty mission, you need to bring him to see Urdnot Wreav, the clan leader, in Tuchanka. His assessment of the krogan clone is that Grunt is simply growing into adulthood. Since Grunt is a progeny of the famed Warkeer, Wreav sees this as a good opportunity to accept him into his clan in order to exert a greater political influence. Dissent hangs like a heavy curtain in the air, however, when Uvenk refuses to accept Grunt as anything other than a manufactured fake. Wreav directs you to the shaman. When you find him, he's already arguing with a frustrated Uvenk. Unfortunately for Uvenk, the shaman has the final say. A Renegade interrupt appears sometime during the conversation. If you go through with it, the display of violence piques the shaman's interest and places himself in support of Grunt 100% at this point.

The Rite of Passage involves surviving waves of enemies. A keystone in the middle of the arena calls forth the first wave of enemies: varren. The ferocious varren are surprisingly susceptible to melee combat. As you're running around the expansive arena, collecting a bevy of credits from turbine parts and corpses of warriors who have so obviously failed the test, mining some Platinum, and hoarding power cells and Medi-Gels (as needed), feel free to deliver brutal blows to their cranium.

The next wave pits you against klixen--and lots of them. Recall that these gross-looking creatures self-destruct upon death. Don't allow yourself to be swarmed and get engulfed in some mass explosion. The third and final shockwave brings forth a thresher maw, which is basically a giant worm that spits a projectile of acid. The worm burrows deep underground and re-appears at one of three spots in the distance. Whenever it rears its head back, it's about to launch an acid projectile. Simply side-step this or take cover to break it. There are two options to go about this: wait out the 5-minute timer and roast some marshmallows while you wait, or kill the thing. Doing the latter unlocks an Achievement.

Uvenk acknowledges Grunt's strength, but he wants Grunt for other more selfish reasons. Grunt will have none of that, though, and quickly draws his weapon as his final answer. The chief opponent is Uvenk, but he is accompanied by some buddies who carry the same characteristics as past enemies. Be sure to comb through the battlefield for credits before killing him. The mission officially ends after the conversation with the shaman. You gain Grunt's loyalty and his Fortification ability.

Legion: House Divided

This unlikely comrade has some issues to settle concerning his own kind. A great divide between who Legion refers to as "heretics" and the typical, more peaceful members of the breed threaten to bring peril to the survival of their species. The existence of these heretics (and now Legion) debunks the generally accepted theory that Legion's kind had little autonomy. Legion wants you to head to the Heretic Station to stop the heretic minority from unleashing a virus that could have far-reaching repercussions beyond the annihilation of free will. The Heretic Station can be found in the Sea of Storms.

With the threat of the virus hanging overhead and the heretics busy with scrubbing out Legion's clever distraction, the squad must waste no time in infiltrating the station to the main core. You can pick up a Medi-Gel on your way down into the first room. Legion cautions you that tripping the green data streams along the floor will awaken the geth, but the locked door doesn't let you pass until you pass through the data stream lined in front of it. Look to the right to find three dormant geth. Get the first shot off to jolt them back to life, then destroy the geth hub behind. The hub can be salvaged for parts as well. Repeat this process of destroying geth hubs to deactivate alarms and salvaging parts for credits throughout the station.

In the outside hallway work quickly to override the two turrets and have them deal with the approaching geth for you. The next room is lined with more data streams this time flowing into two separate hubs. Choose your cover position wisely to avoid getting flanked. Eventually, you reach a room with two more re-programmable turrets that will help you eliminate the attacking geth. A power cell and Medi-Gel lay next to the opposite door that leads to some Palladium as well.

Once you step through the next door, you are immediately under fire by some geth Troopers and a Hunter. Hack the terminal behind you to acquire Cyclonic Particles. Follow the linear path down to the next room, where more data streams snake through the long, winding path. Again two separate hubs--you know the drill.

When you finally reach the main terminal, Legion starts deleting the virus from the system, which takes time. Meanwhile all the geth are alerted to your presence and will storm the place in an effort to stop the deletion of the virus. The geth come in waves from the lower levels and fan out to the ramps to close on you. You have a good view of the lower level by staying at the top. Luckily, a good number of turrets are setup around the room, all of which can be repurposed to aid you with thinning out the arriving forces. Don't activate them all at once--just a few at a time to be conserve enough to last until the final wave.

The time has come to face a decision that may or may not have far-reaching consequences: rewrite the heretics or kill them? Rewriting them grants you Paragon points, while the other option--killing them--only drags you deeper in Renegade points. Whatever your choice the station is rigged to blow, and you must quickly make your escape to safety. You have three minutes to exit through the now unlocked door to the right of the terminal and return to the shuttle, but the geth don't make it easy and put up a final line of defense that includes a Prime.

Conflict: Tali and Legion:

Assuming you've completed Tali's loyalty mission as well, trouble stirs on the Normandy when you return from the mission. Tali is offended by Legion's presence on the ship and his attempt to upload data about the quarian flotilla to his people. A sufficiently high Paragon or Renegade score is required to retain both crew member's loyalty. Otherwise, as in the dispute between Miranda and Jack, you risk losing one's loyalty.

Kasumi: Stealing Memory

This Loyalty Mission is part of the Stolen Memory download pack for the Xbox 360 and PC versions of the game, and comes included on the PlayStation 3 disc. Kasumi will ask you to accompany her to Bekenstein in the Boltzmann system of the Serpent Nebula cluster. She will be your only companion during this mission and you will be unable to select a second. Kasumi will brief you on Donovan Hock and the task of reacquiring a lost graybox. You'll also be given a special formal outfit to play the part of Mr./Ms. Gunn in and effort to get on Hock's good terms.

The party at Hock's estate is packed with Eclipse guards and your host will not allow Kasumi inside. She will however cloak and sneak around unnoticed, only revealing herself when either no one will see her or you engage in combat. Once on your own, head down the stairs in the back of Hock's mansion and open the vault. Kasumi will appear and let you know that there are several layers of security: a kinetic shield, a DNA scanner, and a password. The shield is the easiest to disable: Simply return ot the halls and cut the wires powering the shield's generator. The other two tasks will take a bit more effort.

To release the voice lock and discover the password, talk to Hock directly and converse with him via Paragon and Renegade options. Eventually he will make a speech that will allow Kasumi to record a sample. With this new data, head to the security room and kill the guards inside. Afterwards, Kasumi will suggest looking around. Examine the data pad to learn the password for the voice scanner.

You can gain a sample of Hock's DNA from his bedroom, but there are several means on entering. If you already gained the password mentioned above, Kasumi will tell you that she also has a sample of Chief Roe's voice. Head towards guard, Samuels, and tell him that Roe gave you permission to enter. The alternative is to break in from below. Head outside and make your way to the right side and leap over the railing. Kill off the two enemies below and proceed to bust through the window.

Regardless of how you enter, search Hock's belongings to undercover his DNA. Check the couch, wineglass, and datapad to get some uncontaminated samples. If you decided to break into the room, avoid the alarm clock, as this will signal several guards to attack. With all three necessary parts acquired, head to the vault and gear up in your armor.

Search tne vault for the graybox; an indicator will appear showing you the distance from your objective. After a short scene, Hock will deploy a large wave of Eclipse mercenaries lead by Roe. They tend to favor flanking and incinerate, so be careful and order Kasumi to sneak behind them. Once this group is cleared out, proceed down the halls and through the underground.

The regular Eclipse staple forces will engage you as you make an escape. The ones to look out for are the Asari Commandos that posses tough barriers and biotic powers. However, the main thing to worry about is several YMIR Mechs, which should always be the prime target. Eventually you'll come to a mass accelerator to blow a hole in the wall and proceed onward.

You'll eventually exit to the landing platform where Hock will attack in a Mantis Gunship. You don't need to take out his guards, though it can ease the tension. Instead, shoot at the Gunship's shields and eventually Hock will re-amp them. This will play a cutscene where Kasumi will disable to the shields completely. Switch to an armor piercing weapon or use incinerate to destroy the Gunship completely.

As you ride back to the Normandy, you can persuade Kasumi to destroy the graybox or hold on to the memento.

Zaeed: The Price of Revenge

Zaeed will request your assistance on Zorya in the Faia System. You're tasked with assaulting a refinery that has been seized by the Blue Suns. Your main objective is to kill the Blue Suns' leader, Vido Santiago, with saving the workers as a secondary goal.

The Blue Suns forces include Pyros, Heavies, Troopers, and a few FENRIS. Some of these have powerful Missiles and can damage armor quickly. If possible, keep up your shields and barrier if using a Biotic or Tech user. After clearing the first few waves of enemies, you'll arrive at terminal controlled bridge, and upon accessing the controls, Zaeed will inform you about his past in forming the Blue Suns with Vido.

After killing the Blue Suns passed the southern gate, you'll be given the option of taking a Paragon or Renegade option of saving the workers, or heading to Vido directly. Taking the Renegade route will always secure Zaeed's loyalty, while the Paragon option will require Charm check later in the mission. If you fail this Paragon check, Zaeed will remain unloyal through out the game.

On the Paragon path, you'll enter the burning refinery. Your goal is to douse the flames by accessing the fuel control stations to lighten the gas pressure. There are three in total: one near the stairs, the second bthe pipes on the left, and the final one on top of a catwalk on the upper level.

If you take the Renegade option, you'll instead get into another fight with more Pyros and Heavies. Use the standard method of keeping in coaver, and pop out to break down any armor and shielding before going for a kill shot.

The two paths will converge for a fight in the refinery's core. The Blue Suns will constantly send reinforcements, so make your kills as fast a possible before you are overwhelmed. They will also release a YMIR Mech, which should become the top priority target. After clearing out the room, head outside for the final scene.

Taking the Renegade option will allow Zaeed to take vengeance against Vido. If you selected Paragon, Vido will escape and a steel beam will collapse on Zaeed. Depending on your progress through the game and amount of Charm, you will have either two or three options. Mainly, you'll want to try and use Paragon to convince Zaeed that the mission comes first. If you're completing this mission very late in the game, after the Omega 4 relay, you can even kill Zaeed here.

Side Quests

Normandy SR2

Once you board the Normandy SR2 for the first time relatively early on in the game, you will have immediate access to all three of the side quests available here on the ship. One of the qualities of a good captain is familiarity with both the physical infrastructure of the ship and with its loyal crewmembers as well. Shepard has a chance to make good with his crew by making sure that they have all the necessary accommodations. Most will assure the captain that everything is in order, but others will spill their heart's desire. Below lists the special quests you can find.

FBA Couplings

Reward: XP

In the Engineering level of this spacecraft, Shepard meets two engineers by the name of Donnelly and Daniels. When you get to know them better, they point out a serious design oversight--some FBA Couplings would make everyone's lives so much easier. Of course, as the captain you no doubt must see to it that everything runs as smoothly as possible.

You will find these FBA Couplings from a small salvage shop known as Kenn's Salvage on Omega. On Omega locate this shop to find a young and miserable Quarian named Kenn who's barely eking out a living selling parts on hiked up prices. Apparently, a guy named Harrot is the reason Kenn can never make enough to buy himself off this forsaken trench. His plight is the subject of a different side quest listed in the Omega section under "Struggling Quarian." Browse his selection of goods to find the FBA Couplings.

Bring this new contraption to the pair of engineers on your ship. Delighted, they invite the captain for a game of cards, during which you can earn credits as well as Paragon and Renegade points.

Serrice Ice Brandy

Reward: Increase Medi-Gel capacity +1, XP

In one of the side offices at the Crew's Quarters, Shepard will find a comforting and familiar face: Dr. Chakwas. You can catch up with her if you'd like. When asked if there's anything else she needs, she nonchalantly requests a Serrice Ice Brandy. She had lost the one she had before and now laments the fact that she never had a chance to open it. Agree to replace it, and while she won't be openly jubilant about the idea she will no doubt be grateful when you show up with a bottle.

Obtaining this elixir of wonderful effects will be a task of the simplest degree. This can be completed at the Citadel along with the other side quest below, Special Ingredients. You just have to be in the Citadel for a few moments before your explorer's instinct takes you to the entrance of a certain Dark Star lounge. While there are other things of unbridled debauchery to experience, your main interest, a bottle of Serrice Ice Brandy, can be purchased from the bartender. And it's as simple as that.

Return to Chakwas to revel in the company of both her and an opened bottle of brandy.

Special Ingredients

Reward: XP

The very amicable Mess Sergeant Gardner is a multi-purpose Swiss army knife: he cooks, cleans, and performs various handiwork around the ship. He's very humbled by Shepard's visit at his station in the Crew's Quarters, but when asked about any other needs Gardner doesn't hide the fact that the kitchen provisions are sorely lacking. If there's anything he believes in, it would be a well-fed stomach satisfied with sustenance that doesn't taste like cardboard.

Agree to help him out, and he hands you a supply list of things you can pick up at the Citadel. It's not a bothersome trip at all, especially if you follow the walkthrough to a tee. When you finally get around to going to the Citadel, seek out a place called Zakera Café. You shouldn't miss it, as it is located on the same level you docked on. Here you will find an item for sale called High Grade Provisions. These are exactly what Gardner need back at the ship, so purchase it and head back to speak with him.

As a sign of his deepest appreciation, he lets the captain try his newest recipe firsthand, which concludes this side quest.


As Miranda so elegantly puts it, Omega is the "pisshole of the galaxy," and it's no wonder that she thinks so.

Batarian Bartender

Reward: XP

At the main bar of Afterlife's lower levels, choose to order a drink. Although Shepard may not be able to hold his alcohol, one drink shouldn't send a full-grown man to a slump like that. It looks like he's been poisoned. A random stranger who witnessed your ordeal informs you of the Batarian's natural dislike of humans and his bad habit of trying to poison them (and often succeeding). You're the first person who's ever lived through this sinister plot, so you can now exact revenge without raising his internal alarms. Return now to the unsuspecting bartender who idly passes you another drink. Upon doing so, you have two choices: loudly berate him so the other patrons can hear or force him to drink his own poison. Either outcome delivers a well-deserved--albeit gruesome--death to this vile bartender. That concludes this very short and interesting side quest.

Deliver Datapad

Reward: Data on a N7 mission

During Archangel's recruitment process, you will run across a data pad on a table sitting behind Jaroth of the Eclipse mercs. You simply have to take this data pad to Aria, who is grateful for this message.

Missing Assistant

Reward: XP

After agreeing to help Mordin, he mentions that his assistant is somewhere out there and has failed to establish communication with him. Worried for his safety, Mordin tells you to seek out Daniel to make sure he's all right. After leaving the clinic, follow the somewhat linear path toward the Environmental Control. If you go through the left door in the hallway, you encounter Daniel, who's in a bit of a bind with some hostile-looking Batarians. Apparently, the Batarians accuse Daniel of spreading the plague and are just about to do him in until your arrival interrupts them.

Now you can either settle this matter peacefully and let Daniel return to Mordin ultimately unharmed, or allow yourself to be equally as quick-tempered and endanger his life. We chose the Paragon route in this particular instance, and as a result, Daniel fled the scene safely and generously left behind a Medi-Gel.

Packages For Ish

Reward: Credits and XP

Before you can undertake this quick and easy assignment, you must first successfully recruit both Archangel and the Professor. Only then will this enterprising Salarian request your help in helping him bring two shipments back to him on Omega. Of course, you will be rewarded for your time. These shipments are in the form of datapads. The first is at the Citadel located atop some crates outside Saronis Applications. The second can be found on Illium, visited via the Crescent Nebula. Head to the Eternity Bar in the northeast corner of the map and grab the datapad from within one of the vacant seats. Collect the two datapads and return to the Salarian merchant for the dough he promised. The conversation is a good chance for Renegade points if that's your thing.

Struggling Quarian

Reward: XP

Kenn, a young Quarian who's become stranded on Omega, runs a small salvage shop called Kenn Salvage and barely ekes out a living with indubious misery. The main reason for his anguish is Harrot, an elcor who owns a shop on the main floor. Harrot stamps out any hope of Kenn making enough money to catch a ride off this by forcing Kenn to drive up his prices in excess so that Harrot's own business booms. Help this poor bloke out by either generously offering to pay 1,000 credits for his ticket off Omega or having a word with Harrot about his crummy business tactics. If you go with the latter, visit the Elcor on the main floor at his establishment and bring up the deal with Kenn.

Whether you do it through fear-inducing intimidation or by appealing to his sense of reason, the Elcor, catching wind of Shepard's flaring disapproval, is easily swayed and agrees to loosen his dominion over the defenseless Quarian. Return to Kenn with the great news and, if you still have the FBA Couplings quest, buy the couplings from his shop.

The Patriarch

Rewards: XP, Data on a N7 mission

This mission becomes available only after you conclude your business with either the Professor or the Archangel. One of Aria's bodyguards at the base of stairs, Grizz, imparts a request from Aria concerning an old "acquaintance" of hers known as the Patriarch. Word has it now that the some of the local thugs want Patriarch dead, but Aria wants him protected for both his and her sake. See if you can persuade the old-timer to make himself scarce for a while until things blow over. If you've been snooping around the Afterlife bar, you should already be acquainted with the weathered krogan. If not, he can be found in one of the rooms on the lower levels of the bar, preaching to anyone willing to lend an ear.

When you approach the Patriarch, he is unsurprised by the developing circumstances and scoffs at Aria for her supposed concern for his safety. You can help him eradicate the Blood Pack threat, or just tell him to go into hiding. Aria would not be too pleased with the former option, but once the matter has been dealt with return to Grizz to complete this assignment.

Project Overlord

There is something strange going on at Aite in the Typhon system within the Phoenix Massing cluster. A rogue VI has taken over the Cerberus facility, shutting down and rerouting the base's systems. Head inside the base and you'll be briefed by Dr. Archer about the situation: You'll need to disable the radar dish's antenna. Head across the tram and enter the next building.

You'll come under fire from a large number of Geth controlled by the rogue VI. These include Troopers, Destroyers and Rocket Troopers. Make sure to keep far back and in cover, as a second wave of Geth will enter after the first is cleared. Move further and you'll exit out to some broken catwalks. Move across cautiously and take out the mechs on the other side.

Enter the lower section of the dish and be ready to take on the swarm of Geth, lead by a deadly Geth Prime. Afterwards, ascend to the top of the dish and blow out the capacitors. There will be a large amount of Geth guarding these fuel tanks, but your squad will provide ample distraction while you access the terminals and destroy the tanks.

Afterwards, you'll meet face-to-face with Archer, and he'll inform you that in order to disable the VI you'll have to unlock the overrides at the Vulcan and Prometheus stations, followed by entering the Atlas Station. The first two can be done in either order. You'll be piloting the Hammerhead and will be traveling over a grassy plane. If you encounter enemy fire on the way to each station, be sure to stop and take out the cannons or troops.

Vulcan Station

Vulcan Station will require a lot of platform jumping and dodging with the Hammerhead. You'll need to leap across various rock formations that are floating in the lava rivers. Move quickly though, as the rock will sink shortly after landing on them. The lava will do minor damage each second, which can pile up fast if you spend too much time in the heat.

You'll come to an outpost where you'll need to access the steam vents to ascend to higher levels. Destroy the few LOKI Mechs and then access the terminal. Return to the outside, use the steam to propel up the mountain and continue moving up the lava river. Enter the main facility of the Vulcan station and you'll be attacked by LOKI guards. Deeper in there will also be Assault drones and even a powerful YMIR. As always, concentrate fire on the large YMIR Mech while your squad takes care of the smaller enemies.

You'll eventually come to the control station to remove the lockdown on Atlas. There will be a lone LOKI inside and you'll have the chance to destroy it with a Renegade interrupt.

Prometheus Station

The station is actually a crashed Geth ship that is under research. The rogue VI has taken control of the ship's main cannon and erected shields around the generators. A single blast from this main gun can rip through the Hammerhead, destroying it easily or leaving it heavily damaged. You'll actually need to trick the VI into destroy the generator shielding by moving towards these targets. The cannon will charge up and fire, quickly move out of the way and the VI will take down the shielding in its assault.

Use the Hammerheads Missles to take down the unshielded generators one at a time. Repeat the process and the main gun will be vulnerable. It can still do the same amount of damage to you, so keep moving and destroy it once entering a clear shot.

As expected, there is a huge amount of Geth inside the station itself, including a Geth Prime in the center of the ship. Your goal is to make it to the lockdown override near the other side. You'll need to mover several platforms to create a path to the other side. Simply move the middle and left pieces so they align and form a bridge. You can also create other formations to find various items scattered aroudn the ship.

After releasing the lockdown, the Geth will all activate, including powerful Troopers, Hunters, and even a few Destroyers. Move slowly through cover and use any abilities to take out armor. As you attempt to exit you'll also be attacked by the Prim from earlier. Take out the smaller enemies or left your crew deal with them. The Prime itself is the most dangerous, so you will want to minimize other distractions.

Atlas Station

After clearing both Vulcan and Prometheus, you'll have access to the Atlas station. You'll fight through a few Geth Troopers, but will soon enter the VI's world. Shepard's Omni-tool will go haywire and you'll lose acess to the rest of your team.

As you make it through the strange computer area, you'll learn that the rogue VI is actually a human strapped into a machine. The VI is revealed to be David, Dr Archer's brother. David will release more Geth on you, which are fairly easy for a solo fight.

You'll soon encounter David directly. Shoot the VI control nodes that move through the cable, followed by shooting the core with heavy weapons. Every so often more Geth will come to assist, so take the time to clear them out. If David manages to upload his VI the mission will fail, so be sure to destroy the machine fast.

Afterwards you'll have a Paragon or Renegade choice to decide David's fate.


The planet of Illium is governed by a Council who turns a blind eye toward minor criminal activities. One of the more disturbing practices here on Illium is the trading of indentured servants. Shepard insists it's slavery, but colonists of Illium prefer the softer moniker of indentured servants and insist that this contracted servitude is entirely voluntary. Hm…

Blue Rose of Illium

Reward: XP, store discount

The operator of the kiosk called Memories of Illium has been bitted by the love bug, but finds herself uncertain of what she wants out of her relationship with the krogan Romeo. While her boyfriend woos her with his lyrical abilities, you can guide her through her confused emotions. Ultimately, her final decision is dictated by your response to her woes. You can tell her to run back into his open arms because, clearly, he's just crazy (literally) about her, resulting in Paragon points. Or, tell her to ditch the guy for Renegade points. The asari thanks you for advice--whatever it was--and gives you a store discount.

Indentured Service

Reward: XP, credits

One of the patrons that you can approach in the Eternity Bar are an asari and quarian pairing bickering over something. Speak to them to learn a little about what the problem may be. It seems the broker cannot seem to get Synthetic Insights interested in purchasing the skilled quarian engineer, and this presents a major problem for the duo. This situation can be addressed in one of two ways: either talk to the Synthetic Insights representative (standing in the far back of the club) or perform some forceful persuasion on the asari broker. If you so choose to speak with the Synthetic Insights rep, you can go from either a Paragon or Renegade angle to achieve the same result.

Lost Locket Found

Reward: XP, credits

Refer to the walkthrough for Miranda's mission on Illium for the location of this locket. Basically, going through this mission is the only way to recover this item. The owner of this locket is the asari standing by the viewpoint near the entrance to the trading floor. Her eyes fill with tears and heart sings with joy when you return her lost locket. But this bimbo is a bit of a cheapskate and only rewards you with a measly 500 credits.

Medical Scans

Reward: XP

In the transportation hub of Nos Astra, you can approach a colonist sitting on the bench in front of the police department. She knows of your great deeds on Feros and would like you to help her out (who doesn't?) in this little problem. She is a participant of medical testing that can be deemed unethical and downright wrong, so she wants out. The first step to take in freeing her is to speak with the Baria representative. She listens to reason and can be convinced to cancel the program, but she can also be egged on, obviously resulting in Renegade points. Return to the colonist to break the news.

Salarian Family Data

Reward: XP, credits

During the recruitment of Thane on Illium, you will find a datapad for someone back on Nos Astra. Go seek out a salarian in the shipping department of Nos Astra to find the proper recipient.

Smuggling Evidence

Reward: XP, credits

Recruiting Samara gets you entangled in an unsolved case, and following the walkthrough leads you straight to the incriminating evidence the authorities need, a shipping manifest. This shipping manifest is the thing to possibly put Pitne For, a volus whose business involves the transferring of illicit drugs, behind bars. However, it's really up to you who you ultimately want to give the manifest to: Pitne For or Anaya. The former nets you Renegade points and lets the despicable volus walk freely. Turning in the manifest to the detective seals Pitne For's fate and garners Paragon points. Either choice you make you get credits.

Stolen Goods Found

Reward: XP, credits

During the earlier bits of recruiting the justicar and after being let into the crime scene, examine the terminal behind the two guards to find a manifest that talks about someone named Thrax. You don't know who this entity quite is at the moment, but should you decide to relay the data, a messenger appears before you the next time you visit Illium to convey Thrax's thanks in helping him. As usual, the choice is yours and yours only.

The Observer

Reward: XP, credits

Your very first trip to Illium gives you a special reunion with one of your old crew members, Liara. She is an information specialist. She goes through great pains in her extensive information highway to glean tidbits of information that most people are not privy to. Since you're here and she knows you're trustworthy, Liara asks of a favor of you, although she doesn't wish to expand upon the mission details except what's required of you. Note that this is shady stuff, so be ready to bear the full brunt of Renegade points if you see this first portion to completion.

First, you must locate security terminals in the transportation department. Hack the terminal to begin a countdown, at which point you must find the mirror terminal connected to it and hack it as well. It is the mirror terminal that reveals Liara's prized information. There are a total of three terminals, and their locations are as follows: behind the weapons kiosk, adjacent the weapons kiosk, and near the transportation area entrance.

When you return to Liara, she lets you set on foot in her information circle. Apparently, Liara wants to assert her dominance on Illium, and her direct competition is an influential figure known as the Shadow Broker. You may or may not be immediately set out to finish the second leg of this mission; you may need to return to Liara at a later time for her to open up the opportunity. The next part asks you to do dig up some dirt on the Observer by going to five terminals on the trading floor and hacking them. Fortunately, there's no imposed time limit for hacking all five terminals. Each terminal gives some info on the Observer's potential identity.

Upon hacking the fifth terminal, Liara contacts you, and now you must tell her who to kill. Renegade points continue to rack up if you incorrectly identify the Observer. For Paragon points, tell her that the target is none of the supposed targets and that the real target is someone that she least suspects. With all said and done, the mission wraps up.

Lair of the Shadow Broker

After clearing out Horizon and making your way to Illuim you will be able to access the Shadow Broker mission. Meet with Liara in her office and provide her with the info provided by Cerberus. Next, move to the taxi port on the other end of Illium and head for Liara's apartment.

You'll arrive at the apartment but find it in ruin. Liara is missing and the police are investigating the scene. They are also supported by an Asari Spectre named Vasir. Check the various items and relics around the apartment and you'll discover that Liara was headed for the Baria Frontiers in the Dracon Trade Center.

Trade Center

While the Trade Center will be quite at first, upon entering a huge explosion will take out three floors. Vasir will take to the top level in a sky car while you and the squad enter from the bottom. The first few floors will be clear, but soon you'll skirmish with a few Shadow Broker Agents, Engineers and Heavies. They tend to use flashbangs and send out combat drones to distract you.

The fights themselves are very taxing, so move ahead and you'll soon find Vasir taking down a few of the Agents. Liara will appear and inform you that Vasir is the one trying to kill her. Vasir will make an escape and you'll need to pursue her. Take down the wave of Agents and Heavies that aid Vasir's escape. Vasir will make it to her skycar and you'll team with Liara to give chase.

Sky Way

Keep on Vasir and avoid on coming traffic. If she manages to escape the mission will fail. Her car can aslo launch bombs, while you have no such weapons. You'll simply have to dodge and use the boosters to keep on the Spectre's tail. With enough persistence, you'll force her to crash to the roofs below.

You'll need to do battle with more Heavies and Engineers. Make sue of Stasis, Singularity and Overload to take down the enmeis fast. The Shadow Broker Agents will arrive via aircraft, and are vulnerable while still on the vehicle. Use this time to take them out with heavy weapons or powers before they can attack.

You'll finally corner Vasir who will take a hostage and you can use your Paragon or Renegade to get them free. You can aslo surrender any stored power cells or simply harm the hostage. Either way, you will now do battle with Vasir and a number of rocket drones.

Vasir tends to move rapidly with charge and is deadly with her guns. Using Statis is an easy means of stopping her and taking down her barrier. You can slo make use of Throw and Singularity to keep her off her toes. Finally, be sure to often use your class' special powers such as cloaking to remain safe.

After the battle you'll learn the Shadow Broker's location: Hagalaz. You can also have some time to reminisce with Liara about old times. If you have a past relationship with Liara you can bring up the subject, though it might not go over well if you have a new romance option.


Once again you'll be teamed with Liara and a second squad mate. It's better to select someone that doesn't use Biotics, as Liara has that field perfectly covered. You'll be moving across the exterior of the ship and will need to find an entrance.

You'll need to deal with drones, mechs and Agents. Ypu can use Biotics to throw enemies off the ship, instantly killing them. Also shooting the capacitors will cause a burst of energy, harming nearby enemies.

You'll coem to a lightning rod that can be lowered with the nearby controls. This will summon more guards, but there is good cover to keep them at bay. Afterwards head to the engine's interior and take out the Mechs inside. Make your way across the catwalk and you'll emerge on the other side of the ship.

You'll face off against even more enemies on this side, including powerful Asair Vanguards and Engineers. Eventually you'll come to a door that Liara will hack into. However, this will signal even more enemies. Use Biotic and other powers to instantly send them into space. They will eventually come from the rear, so take cover on the other side. The enemies tend to use missiles so be on alert. Once again abuse powers and the capacitors to clear the enemies.

After killing the guards, enter the ship itself. You'll fight more enemies and meet with Liara's partner, Feron. He is trapped and the device he is in cannot be disabled. Continue on and take down the remaining enemies, leading you to the Shadow Broker himself.

Shadow Broker

The Shadow Broker will knock out your third squad member, so it will become a two on one battle. The Broker has powerful shields and tends to use melee attacks and charges. Use your own melee skills to take down his defenses and stun for a few seconds. Liara will be a good distraction, but it will be your task to deal the brunt of the damage. You'll need to repeat the pattern of breaking the Broker's shields three times before he dies for good.

Afterwards, Liara will take the mantle of the Shadow Broker. You can return to her at anytime to find out information about your squad members and gain free upgrades. You can also ask Liara to visit the Normandy and rekindle your romance, if you had a previous relationship with her.


Tuchanka has seen better days. War has torn the krogan homeworld apart like a hurricane, leaving a majority of the planet in ruins. The krogan are not friendly to aliens, but when you visit Tuchanka you will be able to help out a few krogan in need.

Combustion Manifold

Reward: XP

The mechanic working by the massive tonka truck fumes at the fact his people expect him to repair a chunk of metallic junk without even the proper equipment! It seems the combustion manifold is required to restore the truck to working order. Building one from scratch would take additional days of labor, and he would greatly appreciate it if you actually had one for him. You will find the combustion manifold during Mordin's loyalty mission. You can still go see the mechanic and turn in the combustion manifold to complete the quest without speaking to him about it prior. Helping him with this favor loosens up his lips a bit and makes him more willing to talk to you.

Killing Pyjaks

Reward: XP, store discount

Ratch is among the only krogan who even give you the time of day, though mostly due to the credits swimming around in your pockets. Credits truly make the world go round. The shopkeeper will give you a discount only if you help him out with a little pyjak problem. Pyjaks resemble little mechanical rodents and can be found infesting the gun range. Step up to the left gun platform to start this mini-game. Basically, pyjaks scurry out and make a break down the field. Your objective is to launch projectiles that explode on impact to kill them. You have only so much ammunition for each round and can allow only so many slip past your death ray before you fail the task. You need to outlast four waves of hungry pyjaks to satisfy Ratch, at which point he graciously gives up the discount.

Additionally, you can purchase pyjak meat here and feed the delicacy to Ratch's pet varren, Urz. Then, you can use Urz to cash in more credits from the pit fighting.

Missing Scout

Reward: XP

When you begin Mordin's loyalty quest and speak to the chief scout, the chief mentions that he sent a scout in to pursue the salarian's captors but communication with the scout has stopped since. If you're heading into Weyrloc territory, you might as well help him out. As you go through Mordin's mission (following the walkthrough, of course), the missing scout eventually turns up, but in a dispirited and rather pitiful state. You have two choices: either leave him to rot away and die, or bolster his spirit to get the krogan running home. It will take a little convincing to get him off his feet, but when he does and you speak to the chief scout afterwards you complete the mission.

N7 Missions

While many of the N7 assignments are stand-alone missions, some of them also stem from one mission to begin with and then burgeon into several sequential missions and are only accessible after you've completed the mission prior. For the sake of easy navigation, however, we will be listing each mission in alphabetical order.

Abandoned Mine

Cluster: Sigurd's Cradle

System: Skepsis

Planet: Franklin

Discovered: Via e-mail

Upon landing, move to the right of the shuttle and you can make off with a bunch of credits from the container. As you enter the mine, your squad will soon confront a few Husks. On a bench is a datapad stating, "If you're reading this… get the hell outta this place! Now!" It was written probably for a very good reason, as you will soon find out.

To the right of this is a container with refined Iridium. Follow the path to the left; you will encounter Husks, an Abomination, and more refined Iridium. The enflamed Abominations explode upon death and, if properly exploited, can deal significant damage to the surrounding Husks.

Continue along the path and take out the enemies, while finding more Refined Iridium and a locker with credits at the top of the ramp. Following the path you'll find more refined Iridium and then will enter a room containing more Husks, an Abomination, mine logs, and Medi-Gel. At this point the path forks, both ways lead to the same large room. This room contains a nearly infinite supply of respawning Husks, some power cells, some Medi-Gel, and a locker with credits.

In the room with the Reaper device are two bombs, take them out from a distance to end the mission.

NOTE:The last locker before the device is tricky to get with the Husks coming at you. However if you kill enough Husks and shoot one of the bombs, they will eventually stop spawning.

Abandoned Research Station

Cluster: Eagle Nebula

System: Strabo

Planet: Jarrahe Station

Discovered: Complete Wrecked Merchant Freighter

This mission stems from the Wrecked Merchant Freighter mission on the Neith. This becomes available only after completing it.

The Jarrahe Station was the last known location of the MSV Corsica. When you reach the station, there are no signs of life, except a self-imposed security lockdown. First, go through the door and make a right. The door here opens into a room with two caches of refined Iridium and a terminal that will restore power to the docking area. This also lifts the security lock on the inaccessible door from earlier. Ignore the hub area power for now as you can't do anything with it yet.

Hang a left and go through the door that leads to the research lab. More cases of Iridium here. Activate the terminal. Now there are four computer terminals, which reposition the reflective platings in the other room. You must adjust them to direct an electrical beam through the facility and to the computer in the back. Turn the second plate so that the beam moves without any reflection and successfully unlocks the door.

Return to the hub area and through the door leading to living quarters. Continue through the kitchen and into the medical bay. Restore power via the controls on the wall. Three station control terminals will now be accessible on the table. Just activate the right most and center station controls to unlock all doors. Go into the dorms to find credits in the personal lockers. Now head through the door in back to engineering, past the hub area. This path is plagued with gas vents that really hurt. Dart through the gas vents and hit the terminal to restore power.

You can now activate the hub area terminal and access the mainframe. Shut down the VI mainframe and end this mission, but you still have something else to do…This trilogy of missions ends at the Hahne-Kedar facility on planet Capek.

Anomalous Weather Detected

Cluster: Pylos Nebula

System: Dirada

Planet: Canalus

Discovered: Via scan

The geth are using Canalus as their private testing grounds for their new weather device. Cerberus has invested much interest in acquiring this technology for their own purposes. Locate the geth climate change device and disable it, although that is easier said than done. The device has created a thick haze of fog that obscures much of your view of the geth enemies in the area. Geth Hunters can be extremely dangerous in these conditions, as their cloaking device makes them almost impossible to detect. Push through the enemies, following the flares to the device, and disable the terminal at the base to deactivate it.

Archeological Dig Site

Cluster: Rosetta Nebula

System: Enoch

Planet: Joab

Discovered: Via scan

The Rosetta Nebula becomes available after accepting Jacob's loyalty mission. The dig site containing ancient Prothean secrets is being disturbed by Blue Suns mercs. Upon landing, Blue Suns forces storm out of the door across from your initial position. After taking them out, search the left of the excavation area to unearth some Element Zero.

Enter the mine and into the heart of enemy lines. The Blue Suns quickly disperse to flank you, but most of them--with the exception of Legionnaires--should fall without too much trouble. Rummage through the personal lockers for oodles of credits and a Medi-Gel.

Continue up the stairs and make your way to a door. Stepping through the door only brings more trouble; the Blue Suns still haven't learned their lesson and continue to put up a valiant but meaningless stand. A particular Blue Suns enemy to look out for is the Commando on the central bridge. They tend to absorb more hits thanks in part to their protective gear reinforced with a shield and armor. Lieutenant Locke runs the hunting party here, so taking him out sends the rest of the Blue Suns fleeing with their tails between their legs. Don't forget the Element Zero as well. Read the PDA just outside the door for the continuation to this mission: MSV Strontium Mule. Investigate a Prothean relic afterwards to end the mission.

Blood Pack Communications Relay

Cluster: Crescent Nebula

System: Lusarn

Planet: Tarith

Discovered: Complete Patriarch and Deliver Datapad to Aria

The first thing you may notice on Tarith is that it's perpetually enveloped in super thick fog. That should not deter you from your mission in sabotaging Blood Pack operations, however. Follow the trail and activate the beacon terminal. The beacon terminal emits a blue light in a certain direction, guiding your way. Continue on the trail in the direction of the projected beacon light and activate the succeeding beacons. By the time you near the third beacon, you start running into some trouble: a klixen pounces from veiled view. Klixens skitter towards you, trying to close the distance, urging you to kill them hurriedly, but the explosive surprise upon death may be devastating. Keep your distance when you make the kill. Head into the enclave from which the klixen emerged to find a cache of Palladium. Continue to activate the beacons and follow them.

Eventually, the beacons lead you to the tower, but cater to the explorer within you to find Palladium along the off-beaten paths. When you finally reach the base of the communications relay, you will no doubt encounter plenty of Blood Packs, including one named Salamul. The difficulty of this fight with Salamul is augmented by the presence of rocket-toting scum in the rear; remove these threats first before you attend to Salamul. Once they are taken down, bypass the communication terminal to disable the comm tower end finish the mission.

Blood Pack Base

Cluster: The Shrike Abyssal

System: Xe Cha

Planet: Zada Ban

Discovered: Complete Blood Pack Communications Relay

This operation involves taking out the Blood Pack weapon manufacturing facility to choke off Blood Pack influence in the system. Begin by obtaining the cache of Palladium across the bridge. Then continue down into the cove. Shepard and crew engage Blood Pack Troopers on the same level and from down below the girders. Afterward, head down the stairs to the right and search for some more Palladium.

Continuing on with your objective, you arrive at another rock bridge with more troops at the other end. Heavies line up on the higher ledge across from you, preparing to make it rain (missiles). Biotics like Pull and Throw work really well for sending enemies over the abyss. When you reach the facility across the bridge, head through the door on the right.

Inside you find a krogan named Kalusk and a handful of his little lapdogs. The named krogan is no doubt your chief concern, as he is sporting both shields and armor. Unload your weapons to drop the threat, and proceed to locate the four containment cells. There's also some Palladium to be found in the back left of the area. Blast the containment cells to blow the place sky high. It's time to double-time it out of this time bomb. Go back through the door from whence you came and the mission will end.

Blue Suns Base

Cluster: Sigurd's Cradle

System: Decoris

Planet: Sanctum

Discovered: Complete MSV Strontium Mule

The base is a now closed mine, including living quarters and a mess hall. It is now fitted with the distress beacon to raid ships answering the call. There are several crates of refined Iridium in the mine. A team of Blue Suns mercs under Captain Narom protects the base. They have installed two YMIR Mechs in the base's main hall. Having Miranda here for her Overload ability would prove useful in chipping away the shields on the mechs. After fighting both mechs and Narom and his mercs, you will be able to overload the distress beacon, run out of the room and vault the railing outside to escape an explosion just in time. This ends the mission.

Shepard receives a message from EDI after completing the mission, indicating that an Alliance colony on Franklin is under attack by Batarian radicals. This triggers the mission N7: Javelin Launch.

Captured Mining Facility

Cluster: Crescent Nebula

System: Zelene

Planet: Helyme

Discovered: Via scan

The Eclipse continue to fan out their reign of terror to the far reaches of the Crescent Nebula, on a planet called Helyme. Here you need to infiltrate the Eldfell-Ashland Energy Corporation mining facility and take out the Eclipse holed up there. Your shuttle lands on a platform currently devoid of any enemies, but your clamor for blood will be appeased soon enough.

Start off trekking through the tunnel to find yourself in a fairly open area with a cargo computer in the center. The first contact with Eclipse Troopers is not far now. After clearing the enemies, proceed forward to the locked door, but opt for a slight detour to find Palladium at the end of a rocky path that extends out from the facility. Bypass the door you passed earlier and examine the PDA containing an alert message that warns the facility of the merc invasion. Continue to sweep through the Eclipse occupants, working your way toward the upper platform of the facility. After clearing the enemies, go around to the bridge controls on the left side of the area. This will extend the bridge and allow access to Palladium. Power cells can also be found in the middle right of the room behind a wall.

Now go to the mainframe terminal at the center of the room and decrypt the encrypted data. It is not instant; the decryption process will take a short period of time, during which Eclipse Troopers--a notable boss named Captain Vorleon being among them--use this downtime to wreck you. They will come through the doorway you had used and from another near the bridge controls. Captain Vorleon dons regenerative shields, so be sure to drive into him full force. After decryption is complete, examine the mainframe once more and look at decrypted data. This should prompt the end of the mission.

Eclipse Smuggling Depot

Cluster: Hourglass Nebula

System: Faryar

Planet: Daratar

Discovered: Via scan

Cerberus wants you to retrieve some of the Eclipse' dirty goods from their smuggling depot on Daratar. You will want to bring your strongest weapons for this task. The good news is that you won't be fighting Eclipse mercs; the bad news is that they're replaced with YMIR mechs. When you charge into the depot, the main area becomes heavily concentrated with heavy fire as you face off against three YMIR mechs at the same time! On the bright side, the YMIR mechs have been programmed specifically to demolish the smuggled goods. Thus, the mission becomes rather time-sensitive and the objective is to save as many of the crates from being completely annihilated by the mechs. Put down the YMIR mechs with whatever you can throw at them, from Biotics like Overload to heavy weapons like the particle beam; each crate you deliver to Cerberus means extra credits in the bank!

Endangered Research Station

Cluster: Caleston Rift

System: Solveig

Planet: Sinmara

Discovered: Via scan

The colony of Sinmara find themselves in rather dire straits. You must help the colonists by activating the magnetic shield that protects their home from the sun's solar flares. You can holster the weapons for now and let your crew kick back--this is a non-combative mission. In order to activate the shield systems, certain components need to be powered online in a specific order. First, activate the shield generators on the right and turn on the coolant systems on the left. Before returning to the switch, grab Palladium on the landing platform. Now direct power to the shield controls and hack the console to complete this nice and short mission on a positive note.


Cluster: Hourglass Nebula

System: Ploitari

Planet: Zanethu

Discovered: Via scan

The freighter MSV Estevanico was last seen in the Ploitari system before it went offline a year ago. A scan of Zanethu unearths clues that point to the ship's whereabouts. Dispatch the shuttle and investigate the wreckage. The derelict ship sits rather precariously on the side of a cliff, which EDI notes could still teeter off into the canyon below. Find a way into the ship and locate the still functional mainframe computer. When you come to it, you're going to need to shoot down some panels to create a bridge below. Navigate through the ship interior, scouring Iridium and inching closer to the mainframe. Once you've reached it, access the computer to learn about what happened.

Hahne-Kedar Facility

Cluster: Titan Nebula

System: Haskins

Planet: Capek

Discovered: Complete Jarrahe Station

Intelligence from the Jarrahe Station has led you to this mech factory on the surface of Capek. Load up that Cryo ammo if you have it. Waiting for you at the facility are FENRIS and LOKI mechs that all charge through the front entrance. Inside, head straight across the hallway and bypass the safe to pocket some credits. Head down the hallway and through the door into the factory floor to find some Element Zero.

More mechs arrive to meet the intruders. After taking care of them, head down into the lower level. From the ramp down, you can head left and hug the left wall to find some power cells. Then head back and hug the right wall to navigate the maze of crates. The maze is riddled with mechs, so approach warily. Spot the door at the end of the maze and traipse along through it. Nab the refined Element Zero and continue up the stairs up and through the door. You've now found the production line terminal. Hack it and shut it down.

Imminent Ship Crash

Cluster: Pylos Nebula

System: Nariph

Planet: MSV Broken Arrow

Discovered: Via e-mail

When you first board the crashing ship, the clock countdowns from six minutes. You have that much time to get to the control room and restore the engines. Remember that unless the game is paused the time stops for nothing--not even for hacks. Geth have infested the ship and will do everything in their power to foil your rescue attempt. There is Iridium to plunder on the ship as you go through it. In the engine control room, you must activate two power couplings. Taking any damage interrupts the activation process, so be sure you're well hidden from enemy fire or remove the source of attacks first before activating them. Once both couplings are back online regardless of whether geth still reside in the room, head to the top of the room and access the engine control panel. This ends this relatively easy mission.

Javelin Launch

Cluster: Sigurd's Cradle

System: Skepsis

Planet: Franklin

Discovered: Via e-mail

IMPORTANT NOTE:The button mapping for the decision in this mission can be confusing. For the Xbox 360, pay close attention to the displayed button mapping near the bottom center of the screen. Your selection is taken not from which option you have highlighted, but is instead based on which button you push. (A) saves the industrial area, while (B) saves the residential district. This can easily lead to a player thinking they are saving the residential district by highlighting that choice and pressing (A) to make their selection, only to have the game record the player as selecting the industrial complex.

Since a countdown of five minutes until impact is running, Shepard has to hurry to get to the killswitch console in time. The base is run over by batarians and a batarian commander guarding the console. Despite arriving there in time, only one killswitch code is left, forcing you to decide which missile to stop, the one targeting the spaceport on Franklin or the one heading for the capital city.

If you choose to save the residential district, thousands of lives will be saved, with the industrial area destroyed, however, the colony will no longer be viable and will have to be evacuated. If the spaceport is saved, Shepard pursues Alliance interests, albeit at the cost of lives in the city. No option gains any additional Renegade or Paragon points or immediate consequences.

Before leaving the moon and after deactivating one missile, you can still claim a good amount of credits from a wallsafe next to the console and open a crate of refined Palladium.

Lost Operative

Cluster: Omega Nebula

System: Fathar

Planet: Lorek

Discovered: Via e-mail

When you check your private terminal, you receive an e-mail about a Cerberus operative going MIA. He is believed to have been taken prisoner by Eclipse mercs and has been located on Lorek. The Eclipse base is quiet for now, and you can grab some Platinum near the landing zone. Enter the facility and expect the Eclipse mercs to poke their heads out. Troopers and Vanguards fill the main room. Continue to sweep through their line of defense and hack the security terminal to unlock a door on the left side of the room.

The Eclipse are not happy that you are running amuck their prisoner base, and so more Eclipse arrive at the scene. Plow through them to call out the big fish, Morl. Morl wears both a barrier and armor, and exhibits engineer-like abilities. Be aware that his barrier will regenerate. Afterwards, there's a crate of Platinum in the far corner of the room. Hack the door to reach the missing Cerberus operative, who has met his unfortunate demise. However, Cerberus is interested only in the data he carried on his person, which can be extracted from the computer. You can now wrestle with the choice of keeping the data or sending it to one of two places: Cerberus or Alliance.

Mining the Canyon

Cluster: Caleston Rift

System: Talava

Planet: Taitus

Discovered: Via scan

This is a rather simple mission. An abandoned YMIR mech is found near your landing zone. It currently seems inoperable, but if you install the energy pack found near it the YMIR mech activates once more but not for long. You will need to find more energy packs strewn throughout to keep its juices going. It doesn't attack you, but instead goes on a demolition romp through the canyon. Simply follow behind it. Eventually, the YMIR mech kindly reveals a rich deposit of Platinum.

MSV Strontium Mule

Cluster: Omega Nebula

System: Arinlarkan

Planet: MSV Strontium Mule

Discovered: Complete Archeological Dig Site

Data mining from the previous mission on Joab reveals some information on a ship that has been missing. The MSV Strontium Mule bears visible signs of attack, so it's up to you to find out what happened to it and its crew. To no one's surprise, the Blue Suns have already occupied the derelict ship, and will react to your arrival with hostility. The make-up of this Blue Suns attack team includes some of their star-hitters, such as Legionnaires and Heavies. Use the plentiful crates for cover and mow them down.

Move through the ship's interior, fighting off more Blue Suns, until you come to three locked doors. Bypass the security console on the wall opposite from the central red door to unlock them. The doors will not reveal a shiny new car, but in lieu of a fabulous prize you get more Blue Suns! First, go through the door on the left (the one on the right leads to the same place) and climb the stairs up the corridor. Expect a Blue Suns ambush here. Follow the corridor to a locked door and eventually a bridge security console, which unlocks the locked door that you previously passed.

Breach the now unlocked door only to rush headlong into another Blue Suns ambush; this one led by Captain Vorhess. Unlike the Troopers that accompany them, Captain Vorhess and his personal, shotgun-toting henchmen will present a more reasonable challenge. The reason being is that with very little leeway in maneuvering room the henchmen have the upper-hand in close-quarters combat with their shotguns. Once peace and quiet has been restored, explore the back end of the ship. At this point, too, any remaining Blue Suns in the area pour out from hiding and engage you in combat. Some FENRIS mechs charge toward the heroes as well, but at this point these mechanical mutts should be a very minor hindrance. It is important to use the bridge and the corridor leading up to it as a killzone for Boortis and his men. Drawing them in will put you at less risk against their two heavy weapons users.

Once EDI has confirmed the last Blue Sun's death, inspect the final room for a good amount of Iridium and a payload to recover for Cerberus. Upon completion of this mission, Shepard will receive a message from Cerberus Command directing them to a planet in the Decoris system.

Quarian Crash Site

Cluster: Hades Nexus

System: Sheol

Planet: Gei Hinnom

Discovered: Via e-mail

Gei Hinnom hides a wealth of Element Zero, so be sure to scan its surface for mining opportunities. The campsite next to the quarian crash site contains some Palladium and a Medi-Gel, as well as some clues pertaining to the crash. Follow the path out of the campsite to discover what's left of the remaining survivors. Most of them have been met with misfortune, but one remains and must be protected from the blood-thirsty varren. The varren are especially prone to a pounding by fist, so don't shy away from a little physical contact when one gets too close. Do your best to protect the frightened and defenseless quarian, for if she is killed the mission ends in failure.

Wrecked Merchant Freighter

Cluster: Eagle Nebula

System: Amun

Planet: Neith

Discovered: Via scan

The team plans to investigate a crash site of a merchant freighter. During the scan, there was detection of some movement. Better pack your guns.

A good scavenger, who leaves no rock unturned, no leaf unfurled, will find good booty to plunder: credits and Platinum. Continue ahead and you'll find a system status report. The path forks out, but both lead to the same big area with an evacuation order to examine. On the left trail you will find Platinum and a navigator's log.

Further up, examine the evacuation order and scout out the Platinum nearby as well. The burning rubble in the rock face straight ahead slightly obscures some damaged mech parts that can be salvaged for credits. Climb the rocks up to the signal transmitter in the center of the area and deactivate it. Behind it are some power cells and a security report. After deactivating it, LOKI mechs prepare to attack. At this point, a sandstorm hits and makes everything difficult to see. You now have to rush back to the shuttle in near zero visibility with hordes of mech closing in. To make matters worse, a YMIR mech stands as the final obstacle between you and a safe getaway. Bust out the heavy weapons to dismantle this bipedal monstrosity. Board the Normandy shuttle to complete the mission.

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