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Marvel's What If...? Gets Season 2 Trailer, Release Date

The new season will drop over the holidays, with each of its nine episodes arriving on consecutive days.


The next season of Marvel's animated speculative fiction show What If...? is arriving just in time for the holidays--with an interesting new release schedule. Starting on December 22, fans will be able to check out a new What If...? episode every day for nine days, spanning the peak holiday period.

What If...? is an animated series from Marvel that explores things that could have happened, but didn't come to pass in its actual canon. The trailer shows off some of the scenarios that we already knew were coming in season 2--the cast of Shang-Chi doing battle with Asgard's Odin, Iron Man street racing on Sakaar, and a dip into a historical, Renaissance-inspired setting in a story based off Neil Gaiman's 1602 series.

The second season of What If...? is also introducing a new hero, a Mohawk woman named Kahhori who comes into contact with the Tesseract after it fell to Earth in pre-colonial times. The series will also feature storylines for some fan favorite Marvel characters including Nebula, Hela, and Happy Hogan, who appears to be the star of a Die Hard-inspired Christmas episode set in Stark Towers.

While it looks to be only the one episode that is explicitly holiday themed, Marvel has also revealed a festive poster for the new season of What If...?, referring to the new episodes as its gift to fans. After Loki's second season wrapped up last week, What If...? is Marvel's final event of the year.

What If...? Season 2 will premiere on Disney Plus on December 22, with a new episode airing each day until December 30.

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