Marvel's The Defenders Gets First Teaser, Watch It Here

Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist will team up in 2017.

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A teaser for upcoming Netflix-exclusive The Defenders has been released. The video was first shown at San Diego Comic-Con, and highlights the names of the show's main cast: Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist. It will be set in New York City; you can watch the trailer in the embed above.

The show will be set within the Marvel universe and stars characters that already each have, or will have, video series of their own. The Defenders will debut worldwide in 2017 exclusively on streaming service Netflix. A trailer for upcoming series Luke Cage was also released today; watch it here. In addition, a trailer for the Iron Fist series was also unveiled.

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Avatar image for Johny_47

Wicked stuff, I love the song too, classic. Come As You Are by Nirvana.

Avatar image for cliveklg

They should and easily can add Hellcat in the future, given her character is in Jessica Jones.

Avatar image for cliveklg


Daredevil has some of the most amazing fight choreography in the TV/Movie industry. Especially Season 2 with one long fight scene taking up 5 minutes of the show.

The characters they are focusing on don't need huge Thor or Iron Man special effects. Plus first season of Jessica Jones had to really establish the premise of the character background with Purple Man and why she's such a flawed character. Jessica Jones was great. Did you even read up about the character before expecting it to be like the movies?

Avatar image for pjosephson

These are the Defenders? In what Marvel Universe? The only one of the characters of these 4 that were ever part of the Defenders team was Iron Fist. To me it seems like they are throwing crap at the wall hoping it sticks. So far Netflix has done a pretty good job with Daredevil and Jones by keeping a fairly honest depiction of the characters and the worlds (albeit a few liberties, but nothing drastic). However, it seems here they are creating a MC story line that never existed. Where is Namor, Dr. Strange, Hulk (heck Red Hulk or even Hulks daughter), Gargoyle, Nighthawk, Hellcat, the Beast, Silver Surfer, Misty Knight, Valkyrie, Ant-man, Iceman, She Hulk, Wolverine along with a slew of others throughout the years. But, definitely (to my diminishing recollection) never Daredevil, Jessica Jones or Cage were ever part a of any Defenders comic series I remember.

Avatar image for colbster

Great use of music.

Avatar image for jcharp

Netflix is killing it with their Marvel series'. I'm starting to look forward to these more than the MCU films.

Avatar image for Isaac_Redfield

Well that was a whole lot of nothing.

Avatar image for Phazevariance

Does Luke Cage series come out before Defenders? I honestly know nothing about Iron Fist at all.

Avatar image for d9000

@Phazevariance:I really enjoyed the series that Ed Brubaker and Matt Fraction did in 2007. Think there was 3 volumes? I've also heard good things about the current ongoing Power Man and Iron Fist series.

Avatar image for jcharp

@Phazevariance: yea, Luke Cage comes out Sept 30. Defenders won't air until next year sometime. You should go back and read some of the Iron Fist comics (if you're into that sort of thing). It's usually pretty great.

Avatar image for toffifee

I loved both Daredevil and Jessica Jones. Absolutely amazing shows.

Avatar image for dashaka

I love the marvel movies but I can't stand the marvel TV shows. It's all about the actors and "special effects". Unfortunately the tv shows just don't have the budget.

I'll remain optimistic, but my expectations are very low.

Avatar image for Isaac_Redfield

@dashaka:I somewhat agree, but only if you're going into the TV shows expecting it to have the same kind of production as the tentpole films. The shows primarily have little to do with "superpowers" anyway and are more about the realistic aspects of living (within reason of course). Also, if you're looking for a Marvel TV show that has a bunch of special effects, look no further than Marvel's Agent's of S.H.I.E.L.D. They really stepped it up in the second and third seasons.

Avatar image for MrFreehuggs

@dashaka: Have you watched Daredevil or Jessica Jones? There's almost no special effects and they are some of the best TV shows around. I would agree with you for the Marvel shows not on Netflix, but Netflix has done a great job with these shows.

Avatar image for dashaka

@MrFreehuggs: Jessica Jones wasn't for me, but I will check out daredevil, thanks for the recommendation!

Avatar image for DaBigTickett

Let's get it bruh.

Avatar image for gamingdevil800

Really didn't want to see a mini avengers they are better as solo shows