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Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Console Covers Are Already Being Scalped Online

Opportunistic people are attempting to sell the $65 Spider-Man 2 PS5 faceplates for more than double their regular price.


A new Spider-Man game is swinging onto PlayStation this October, and just like when the first game launched in 2018, fans will have the option to buy a limited-edition PlayStation console alongside the game. For those people who already have a PS5, a more economical option is available that takes advantage of the detachable faceplates for that system, but it looks like scalpers also have their eyes on this prize.

These PS5 console covers could (but probably won't) put your kids through college.
These PS5 console covers could (but probably won't) put your kids through college.

With preorders now open for the Marvel's Spider-Man 2 PS5 console and DualSense controller, listings on eBay have begun popping up for the PS5 faceplates. Brand-new, these faceplates have an MSRP of $65, but on eBay, there are already listings for over $200. It's worth noting that the price listed isn't a guarantee that these sellers will actually get $200 in return, but at least one person has paid $149 for the two pieces of protective plastic.

Several of these listings also have "best offer" options, so while there's a chance that you won't have to pay the advertised price on eBay, you'll probably still have to pay over the MSRP so that the seller can make a quick buck. These faceplates are reportedly selling out quickly, and if you're looking to give your PS5 an arachnid-themed makeover, you can check out our Marvel's Spider-Man 2 preorder hub for stock updates.

Scalpers targeting limited-edition PS5 gear isn't too surprising, as during the early days of the console's lifecycle, stock shortages of the PS5 were exacerbated by scalpers buying up any available units and reselling them for a profit. As of January 2023, Sony has declared the PS5 shortage to be effectively over, and in a recent update, the company confirmed that 40 million PS5s have been sold worldwide.

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