Marvel's Moon Knight Casts May Calamawy

Slowly but surely the mysterious new show is taking shape.


Moon Knight, one of many upcoming projects waiting in the wings slated for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, has added May Calamawy (Hulu's Ramy) to the show's cast in a key role. The casting choice was first reported by The Hollywood Reporter, although what this role is remains unclear and not even a character name has been revealed.

Calamawy joins a still largely unannounced cast that includes star Oscar Isaac in the titular role (who is also reportedly set to play Solid Snake in Sony's upcoming Metal Gear Solid movie). For those who are unfamiliar, Moon Knight is a cult favorite C-lister vigilante who suffers from identity disorders that give him a laundry list of alter egos.

It was previously announced that the project would be helmed by Mohamed Diab (Crash) and Jeremy Slater (Umbrella Academy), and further aided creatively by indie auters and directors Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead (the team behind the 2019 sci-fi horror film Synchronic). Benson and Moorhead are known for their eerie and surreal sensibilities, so that is at least somewhat of a clue to what direction Moon Knight might be taking.

No mention of the MCU this week would be complete without a nod to the upcoming WandaVision, which is set to premiere on Disney+ on January 15. In addition to having the distinction of being the first entry in the MCU in over a year, the show kicks off Marvel Phase 4. If you need to familiarize yourself before the show debuts, the previous link will get you up to speed.

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