Marvel's Jessica Jones Gets New Images

Roll the Jones.


The build-up to the debut of Marvel's Jessica Jones on Netflix has seen a steady release of teasers, posters, imagery, and trailers. With the show only a couple of weeks away and some early reviews already out there, Netflix have released a bumper batch of new pictures. Check them out in the gallery below, via Slashfilm:

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The 13-part show is loosely based on the Marvel comic book Alias, which ran for 28 issues between 2001 and 2004. It stars Breaking Bad's Krysten Ritter as a failed superhero who has abandoned the crimefighting life to become a private detective in Hell's Kitchen, New York. Former Doctor Who actor David Tennant co-stars as the deadly mind-controlling villain Kilgrave, alongside Carrie-Anne Moss and Mike Colter.

Last month, Ritter spoke to Collider about the character, and what she has brought to the role. "At her core I think that Jessica is a good person," she said. "She goes about things in a very odd way, she's very rough around the edges, and dry and sarcastic and a total asshole sometimes. But I think at her core she's a good person.

"She's as developed for television as she is in the comics and the scripts are f**king fantastic. You have someone like Mel [showrunner Melissa Rosenberg], arguably one of the hottest, most established female writers in history, next to her sensibility and her integrity for writing for a female character, I mean, it was all there.

"And then what I did was just go in and start building and bringing what I can and getting to know the character so well that anything you do is gonna be right."

Season one of Jessica Jones will hit Netflix on November 20, 2015.

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