Marvel's Daredevil Season Two – The Punisher and Elektra to Bring Out "Extreme Side"

"Who's to say that his boundaries are right?"


Daredevil is back on Netflix in March, and its second season will introduce The Punisher and Elektra, two characters who are integral to the story of blind crimefighter Matt Murdoch. Now its stars and creators have been speaking about what fans can expect from the return of the acclaimed Marvel show and the new additions to the cast.

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Speaking to Collider, Deborah Ann Woll, who plays Karen Page, said: "What The Punisher and Elektra bring is the more extreme side of Daredevil. Daredevil has this code that he won't kill people, and he has boundaries that he has decided make him right and anyone who crosses them wrong.

"But, who's to say that his boundaries are right? I think the questions that we're asking throughout this season are, who decides who is a hero and who is not? Why does one way work better than the other? Does that even matter?"

Earlier this week, Daredevil co-showrunner Marco Ramirez explained that as important as Punisher and Elektra were to the story, it was vital that they didn't overshadow the main character. "We wanted to make sure everything runs through Matt because it could easily become The Punisher story or the Elektra story that Matt cameos in, and not vice versa.

"So, we built it like a Matt story, in terms of what we wanted to put him through, where we wanted to get him, by the end of the season, and what we wanted to have him learn about himself, and we used an Elektra and [Punisher] story throughout, to get him there. We're really proud of that and we really think it works."

Daredevil season two hits Netflix in its entirety on March 18, 2016. It stars Charlie Cox, Elden Henson, Elodie Yung, Jon Bernthal, Rosario Dawson, and Scott Glenn.

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