Marvel's Avengers Update Fixes Gameplay Issues, Full Patch Notes Revealed

Here's what the latest Marvel's Avengers update does on all platforms.


Developer Crystal Dynamics has released a new update for Marvel's Avengers on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One that addresses a number of gameplay issues players have encountered in the game. The full patch notes, covering both the September 6 update issued for the PC version and a September 9 patch for the console versions, are below.

On PC, the update fixes issues where previously unlocked outfits were made inaccessible and relocked. Crystal Dynamics is still investigating the issue, particularly for outfits that don't come from the Marketplace or through Challenge Cards. Other resolved PC issues include players falling through the world when starting the Avengers Initiative and certain "Device_Hung" crashes being ironed out.

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players have a completely separate set of issues addressed by the update. This includes fixing infinite load screen bugs that prevent campaign progression, making sure campaign mission reward outfits no longer disappear from the Cosmetics Inventory user interface, optimizing load times across the board, and updating the Community Challenge user interface, among other things.

In other Marvel's Avengers news, we've put together a series of guides to help you navigate the breadth of the game's content, from deciding which hero is right for you to essential tips for those starting out.

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Full Marvel's Avengers September 9 Patch Notes

PC: V1.0 Build 12.11, released September 6

  • Fixes the issue where some outfits were being relocked. We are still investigating how to return outfits that don't come from the Marketplace or through Challenge Cards to affected players.
  • Fixed a problem that caused some players to fall out of the world when starting the Avengers Initiative.
  • Fixes for certain Device_Hung crashes that some uses are experiencing.

PlayStation And Xbox: V1.2.5, Released September 9

  • Resolved an infrequent bug where players are unable to progress with the campaign due to an infinite loading screen.
    • This patch does not resolve the fix for those who have already encountered it--bad save states will be resolved in V1.3.0.
  • Addressed majority of instances of a partially loaded Helicarrier which resulted in characters infinitely falling out of the world when trying to access the Avengers Initiative.
    • There are rare instances where this could happen still, but the patch ensures that loading back into the main menu and then returning to the Avengers Initiative will resolve it. We are still working to eliminate this bug entirely.
  • Campaign Mission reward outfits will no longer disappear from Cosmetics Inventory UI. This presented as costumes that were previously unlocked through campaign progress--such as the Stark Tech outfits--reverting to a locked state.
    • We prevented this from happening in V1.2.5, but the patch does not return outfits for those who have already encountered it--bad save states will be resolved In V1.3.0.
  • [Updated for Clarity] Marketplace and Challenge Card outfits should no longer temporarily appear locked if you lose connectivity while in the game. We are still investigating locked Pattern and Vendor outfits.
  • Updated Community Challenge UI that now reflects current community progress.
  • Backup Save UI improvements
  • Load time optimizations
  • Xbox Only: Achievements should now unlock and increment properly. We are still investigating if all Achievements will be granted retroactively--our current theory is that story-based will, but challenge-based will not.
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