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Marvel's Avengers Players Can Duplicate Heroes Later This Month, Cannot Be Toggled On Or Off

An update for Marvel's Avengers will arrive later this month that lets players select multiple of the same hero in multiplayer matchmaking.


Developer Crystal Dynamics has confirmed that Marvel's Avengers players on all platforms will be able to select multiple of the same hero later this month when the feature gets permanently added as an in-game option.

The game's official Twitter account said this is in response to community feedback. Though a date has not been specified, Marvel's Avengers players will soon be able to double up on heroes in multiplayer matchmaking. This means if your favorite (or highest-leveled) hero is Black Widow but she was picked at the character selection screen before you could choose her, you can still choose her. She won't be greyed out once the feature is turned on.

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Based on the language, however, it sounds as if players will be unable to toggle the duplication feature on and off. When reached for comment, a Square Enix representative clarified that the feature will be a permanent addition going forward and something players can't change at will from now on.

"Due to community feedback, we'll be permanently turning on the ability to play multiple of the same Hero in multiplayer and matchmaking later this month," a Square representative said in an emailed statement to GameSpot. "This is not something that players are able to turn on or off--this is a system feature that will permanently be a part of the game going forward."

The duplicate hero feature was introduced in April 2021 with Marvel's Avengers' Tachyon Anomaly event, which wrapped up on May 3. The LTE introduced some new missions and world events for players to participate in.

The reception has been mixed. Some players praised Crystal Dynamics on Twitter for making the feature permanent. Meanwhile, others suggested the ability to duplicate heroes should be a separate mode. And of course, plenty of people are asking when Spider-Man will get added to the roster.

Marvel's Avengers is steadily approaching its one-year anniversary. Crystal Dynamics still has content planned for the action-adventure RPG, including the upcoming Black Panther DLC.

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