Marvel's Avengers Initiative iOS and Android game out now

First episode of action RPG to feature Incredible Hulk; game interconnected with Avengers Facebook title.


Avengers Initiative

Fans of the Marvel universe can get stuck into some portable action via the Avengers Initiative game, an action role-playing game that's out now for smartphones and tablets.

It's clobberin' time. Oh wait, wrong behemoth.
It's clobberin' time. Oh wait, wrong behemoth.

The game is segmented into four episodes, with the first on sale for iOS and Android for $6.99. The first episode is focused on the Incredible Hulk; subsequent episodes will feature Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor, though Marvel has yet to state which of the upcoming episodes will come out next.

In Avengers Initiative, players assume the role of a featured superhero and defeat supervillains like the Abomination and Wendigo, while levelling their character up with new abilities and stats in a similar style to the Infinity Blade series.

The game will be interconnected with the Marvel: Avengers Alliance RPG that was released on Facebook.

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Honestly, 95% of the games I've played on Android sucks.

The only games I enjoyed is Final fantasy 3, World of Goo and Angry Bird Space

The rest of games I've played sucks, and many of them don't work well on touch screen controls

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ok.I could find it on itunes

but no android version

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@roostaamir Confirmed, iTunes version is up, still no Android version. (although, the developers website does list the game as "out" and available on both platforms)

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where the hell is this game?

I can't find it on google play nor itunes store!!!

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Hulk sell cars! Well at least, I hope he does in this game.

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Too expensive for me to bother considering how many amazing games are out there. Of course, I'm a Marvel fan, so I'll just use that money towards more issues or whatever.

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Hulk always wins....

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well this is hilarious hulk with pants :D

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I thought it was going to be a GAME game. Oh well... Probably will pass on it unless I get it free.

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Still not up on the Android market, any one see this available on ANY platform?

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@GamespotAudio Release date says it comes out tomorrow so that might be why you don't see it.

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So basically Infinity Blade but with the Avengers. Pass.

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Wow. I love the Avengers! I'm sure this game will be best played on the superior Xbox 360. I can't wait!!

The Xbox 360 is the BEST console EVER made. --John Carmack

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@buying1999 It's coming on phones, not on the Xbox 360. Can't you read? You give fanboys a bad name. And that's saying something.

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@buying1999 xbox is fucking shit.

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@lolnation @buying1999 so is the PS3, and Wii for that matter......

Old hardware is old.

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@lolnation @buying1999 oh fanboys both of you stop it. & john carmack has made a killer app in a long time. so to quote him just makes you look silly. alsothe xbox is apparently not f-ing sh-t if it has done the most numbers month to month after the wii sells died off. and who said this is ever coming to consoles this is a phone & face book game.

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joystiq says its out tomorrow and i can't find it on play store or appstoreu should check your dates better j/s

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$6.99 for an iPhone game? No thanks, there's too many free ones to be wasting $7 on.

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cant find it in the app store

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And what the HELL does this have to do with Amored Core V?

Preview pictures are failing all over lately.

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This looks like it will be fun! I hope they don't f* it up. If it plays like the Batman one, I'll love it for sure.