Marvel's Avengers Initiative iOS and Android game out now

First episode of action RPG to feature Incredible Hulk; game interconnected with Avengers Facebook title.


Fans of the Marvel universe can get stuck into some portable action via the Avengers Initiative game, an action role-playing game that's out now for smartphones and tablets.

It's clobberin' time. Oh wait, wrong behemoth.
It's clobberin' time. Oh wait, wrong behemoth.

The game is segmented into four episodes, with the first on sale for iOS and Android for $6.99. The first episode is focused on the Incredible Hulk; subsequent episodes will feature Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor, though Marvel has yet to state which of the upcoming episodes will come out next.

In Avengers Initiative, players assume the role of a featured superhero and defeat supervillains like the Abomination and Wendigo, while levelling their character up with new abilities and stats in a similar style to the Infinity Blade series.

The game will be interconnected with the Marvel: Avengers Alliance RPG that was released on Facebook.

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