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Marvel's Avengers Infinity War Will be Two "Very Different" Movies

"It's not a part one and part two scenario."


While the next big-screen outing for The Avengers is coming in two movies released a year apart, to date Infinity War has very much been spoken about as one thing. In a new interview, directors Joe and Anthony Russo have now revealed that the films will in fact be very different to one another.

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Speaking to IO9, the Russos explained that although Infinity War Part One and Part Two will be shot back-to-back, fans shouldn't expect to the see a single film simply split in half. "The movies are very, very different from one another," said Anthony Russo. "It's not a part one and part two scenario, necessarily. They're just two different expressions. I think it creates a misconception that we're shooting them at the same time."

"There's an overarching story that's going to be told through all four films," Joe Russo explained, referring to Captain America: The Winter Soldier and the upcoming Captain America: Civil War, both of which they directed. "And I think having the amount of characters we have in [Civil War] certainly prepares us to deal with probably triple the amount of characters in Infinity War."

More details were provided by Infinity War's writers, Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely. The pair also worked on Civil War, and they revealed that much of Infinity War was mapped out during the production of that film.

"We're on set for Civil War and then as soon as they start shooting we don't have much to do for the next six hours," McFeely revealed. "We'd go to the office, read comic books, write down ideas, put everything on the wall and just go 'These are all the characters we could have.'"

"We sent in literally 60 pages of unrelated ideas," Markus added. "Just like 'Here's some stuff that could happen in this insane movie.' Then we came back from Atlanta and everyone had a copy of that [document] and they'd circle this, 'This is cool, this is insane, this is cool, we're not allowed to do that,' and from there we've pieced it together very slowly. We're in the middle of it now."

Captain America: Civil War is released next month. A new action-packed clip was premiered during the MTV Movie Awards this weekend--check it out here.

Avengers: Infinity War Part One arrives in 2018, with Part Two following in 2019.

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