Marvel's Avengers: Hawkeye, PS5 And Xbox Series X|S Versions Release March 18

The latest Avengers War Table deep dive revealed that the second Hawkeye will join next month, and you can try him out with snazzy new-gen upgrades.


Marvel's Avengers is getting two significant content drops simultaneously. As revealed on the latest Avengers War Table deep dive, the conclusion of the two-part Hawkeye storyline is coming on March 18, which will introduce Clint Barton. That date will also mark the release of the free PS5 and Xbox Series X upgrades, so you can try Clint out with on your new systems.

Future Imperfect

Clint's story is called Future Imperfect, and details a time-hopping element in which a future Barton warns of an impending Kree invasion. There's even a moment where Clint comes face-to-face with old "murder hobo" Clint. The villain is Maestro, an alternate Hulk who was driven mad by the deaths of his friends and fellow heroes. The deep dive said this story is inspired by both the Old Man Hawkeye and My Life as a Weapon comic book series.

Clint's abilities are said to draw from both his bow skills and the sword-wielding from his Ronin period. He sports 10 unique arrow types and he can focus his aim on a single enemy to increase damage. Those include grapple arrows, which are also used for traversal, boomerang arrows, implosion arrows, tripwire shots, rocket arrows, pulsar arrows, nightstorm arrows, and recovery arrows. His Ultimate ability is the Hunter's Arrow, an AI-guided arrow that hits multiple targets across the battlefield.

Future Imperfect will release on March 18, and like all the post-launch heroes, his story will be free.

PS5 and Xbox Series X|S Upgrades

March 18 will also bring upgrades for the new generation of consoles. The presentation promised enhanced visuals, higher frame rates, and faster load times. The upgrade patch will be free for all players.

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