Marvel's Avengers Beta Opens Up To More Players, New Patch Notes Detailed [Update]

Various fixes come alongside the open beta on PS4, as it also expands to Xbox One and PC pre-orders.


[Update: The Avengers beta is now open to players on all platforms from August 21 to August 23. It was previously only available to all PS4 players as well as pre-order holders on Xbox One and PC.]

Original story follows:

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Marvel's Avengers is expanding its beta to more platforms and players this weekend, and a new patch addresses some of the feedback that has come from the first round. Crystal Dynamics also gave an idea of issues it's aware of and others that it is currently working on.

According the official patch notes, the 1.3.0 patch addresses several matchmaking issues and crashes, and fixes some bugs revolving around particular heroes. It also notes that for Xbox One players, you may run into issues if your NAT type is on a higher setting.

The studio is working on reducing screen shake and fixing a bug that would spawn multiple heroes. In its Known Issues subsection, Crystal Dynamics suggests workarounds if you're having trouble with accessing content beyond the Golden Gate Bridge, how to use Black Widow and Iron Man's gear, and more. It's also currently investigating internet connection errors and will keep players updated via Twitter.

Last weekend the beta was exclusive to PS4 players who had pre-ordered. The early access is one of PlayStation-exclusive perks including the eventual addition of Spider-Man. This weekend it will expand to all PS4 players, while also going live for PC and Xbox One pre-orders. A full open beta across all platforms will follow next week. In a tweet, the official game account also acknowledged that the high volume of beta registrations is leading to delays. If you plan to play on PC, check out the recommended PC specs.

Check out the full beta patch notes below, and for more details, check out our Marvel's Avengers pre-order guide.

Marvel's Avengers Beta Dates

  • PlayStation 4 open beta: August 14-16.
  • Xbox One, PC pre-order beta: August 14-16.
  • Open beta for all platforms: August 21-23.

Marvel's Avengers Beta Patch 1.3.0


  • Various crashes and game becoming unresponsive fixed
  • Save game optimizations



  • Character Selection improvements
    • Fixed the issue where you couldn’t select or change Super Heroes
  • Companion respawn improvements
  • Hulkbuster
    • Fixed the issue where the screen would turn black when another Super Hero would use the Hulkbuster
    • Various other improvements

Missions and War Zones

  • Mission Summary improvements
    • Fixed issues with the Abomination fight
  • Missing strongbox fixes

We’re continuing to address other issues that have been brought up and have other fixes planned for launch on September 4. Here is a list of known issues that we’re still actively working on.

Feedback/In-progress for Future Patch

  • Infrequent occurrence of multiple Super Heroes spawning
  • Reduction in screenshake

Known Issues

Missions, HARM Challenges, War Zones and Drop Zones

  • If you cannot progress past the Golden Gate Bridge, please close the app, open notifications on PS home screen, and launch the game again once the beta is fully downloaded.
  • If you cannot progress in a mission, open the Options menu, and select Reload Checkpoint.
  • UI
  • Depending on settings, some UI elements may not appear properly.
  • Some icons and elements are not final.
  • Cosmetic gameplay rewards may not unlock properly.

Heroes and AI Companions

  • Once you have unlocked Iron Man and Black Widow, you must select them in the Select Hero / Companions menu to equip their Level 6 starting gear.
  • Open select Hero / Companions menu to assign specific heroes to assist on supported missions.
  • Spend time advancing each Hero to keep the most efficient and effective Strike Team.

PC Pro-Tips

You can find important PC information, including a performance tuning guide, on Steam:

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