Marvel Won't Reveal Avengers 4 Title Yet; Here's Why

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige said the company had a reason to hold back the title--and it backfired.


The fourth Avengers movie hits theatres about a year from now, but we still don't know what it's called or how will address all of the crazy stuff that happened in Infinity War. As it turns out, Marvel intentionally decided to not reveal the title just yet so as to not take attention away from Infinity War. That's according to Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige, who remarked in an interview with Collider that this plan didn't exactly work out.

"It's gotten completely blown out of proportion," Feige said about all the talk surrounding the title of the Infinity War follow-up. "It will just be a name and the reason to hold it back was to keep the attention on Infinity War. That backfired a little bit because now everyone thinks what's the name of the next one gonna be? But it was really just to keep the focus [on Infinity War]."

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Feige went on to say that Marvel didn't want to call the new Avengers movies Part One and Part Two; directors Joe and Anthony Russo said titling the movies this way would be "misleading." Pretty much all Marvel Cinematic Universe films are connected, but the next Avengers movie will connect "very directly" relative to the others.

"It will be quite evident that the films obviously connect, as all our films do, but this in particular connects very directly," Feige said. "And then we changed the Part One and Part Two, we said let’s just keep this Infinity War and we'll talk about the next movie later. We had done things in the past that had taken attention off of whatever the film at hand is because we talked about this. For instance, Infinity War announcing before Ultron came out, and it worked out, it was fine, but it felt like let’s keep the attention on the film at hand.

One thing is for sure: the next Avengers movie is not going to be called Infinity Gauntlet, a title that Collider's interviewer put forward. "That is definitely not what it is called. Definitely not called that."

Intriguingly, brothers Joe and Anthony Russo have said Infinity War and its follow-up will be "very different" movies. Infinity War and its follow-up were shot back-to-back, so now all that's left is to wait and theorise about what the movie will bring.

Infinity War made more than $640 million worldwide this week, dethroning Star Wars: The Force Awakens to set a new all-time record. The next MCU film is Ant-Man and the Wasp, which comes to theatres in July; Captain Marvel starring Brie Larson comes out in March 2019.

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