Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite Devs Respond to "Accessibility" Concerns

Capcom also says the fighting game will be "feature-rich" on day one.

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When Capcom announced Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite this past weekend at PlayStation Experience, one of the words the company used to describe the game was "accessible." That's a controversial word in the fighting game space, but hardcore fans don't have to worry, according to Capcom and Marvel.

During a PlayStation interview, Marvel Games executive producer Mike Jones and Capcom's Michael Evans spoke at length about how Infinite's efforts to be more "accessible" do not come at the cost of depth. Starting off, the pair said hiring professional gamer Peter Rosas AKA Combofiend was a big part of ensuring the skill ceiling doesn't fall.

Jones went on to say that, from an early point in development, Marvel and Capcom knew that Infinite's accessible nature would be a "big discussion point" among fans. He went on to claim that, while the game is "simplified and elegant," players actually have more options available to them, thanks to the Infinity Stones and other new features.

"Once people get their hands on it, they'll understand it," he said. "But as we talk with people more and more about it, 'Hey, all the stuff that you are used to doing, that are individual features in previous iterations, are now at your disposal, freeform, as part of the partner system.' It's simplified and it's more elegant. You can actually do more now with your characters than you've been able to do in previous games. And then add on to that the Infinity Stones that totally augment your toolset; now we really think there are infinite gameplay possibilities. That's where the hardcore users shine."

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For his part, Evans acknowledged that the Marvel vs. Capcom series over the years became very "complex," which is part of the reason why Capcom is changing things up somewhat with Infinite.

Also in the interview, Evans promised that Infinite will be "feature-rich" on day one; Capcom's latest high-profile fighting game, Street Fighter V, was criticized for a perceived lack of content for launch.

"We're going to release it when it's ready," he went on to say, adding that Capcom is "taking [its] time" to ensure the gameplay and story come together how they should. As announced previously, Infinite's story will explore how the worlds of Marvel and Capcom came together.

Finally, the pair said "careful, thoughtful" discussions were had about how to ensure Infinite plays well on whatever input you're using, whether that's a gamepad or fight stick.

There are six confirmed characters for Infinite so far, including Captain America, Morrigan, Ryu, Mega Man X, Iron Man, and Captain Marvel.

Infinite launches for PS4, Xbox One, and PC in 2017.

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I really hope they fatten up the beam supers before release. They look wimpy compared to MvC3s.

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we'll believe it when we see it.

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No Capcom fighter after like 2001 has been this that I know of, no matter how much DLC they pile on.

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No infinite Iron Man combos this time, thanks?

Avatar image for louixiii

Screw that...I'm more worried about how many iterations I have to sit through until I get a disc with ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL of the characters already on it.

Street Fighter V taught me a needed lesson...


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@louixiii: SFV? It took you 5 iterations of SF to finally realize there are always more characters to pay for?

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@metallinatus: I didn't have to do that last gen or gens before. Ultra IV and Ultimate MvC had everything. I didn't fall for the con but this go round...I did.

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@louixiii: The trolling is just too obvious when you mention Street Fighter IV at all, haha. Took them 4 more versions before they were done with it, if you count the huge balance patch with Omega, which admittedly was free. Sometimes Capcom is a cool guy.

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@rickjamesia: Wrong. Ono said that everything was going to be included on one disc this gen. That wasn't stated last gen...was it? Last gen, I knew other disc were being released which is why I waited and played my brother's Super SF IV instead so before you accuse someone of trolling...find out the back story.

And Capcom is a company...not a guy...TROLL

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@louixiii: They never said that everything would be on the disc. They announced DLC characters way before the game was released. They did say that this generation there will only be one disc-based release, meaning there won't be a Super Street Fighter V disc to buy and they also stated that everything can be earned by playing. Where are the broken promises here exactly? I don't like the game, but you're just making stuff up.

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@rickjamesia: Let me rephrase that. Ono said that 1 disc will be all that you need and that you can earn new characters with fight money but I had no idea that you would have to play nonstop to get all of the characters through fight money...that's why. Calling Capcom a person is making things up. Plus they stated that they were going to put a stop to rage quitting by punishing them but they don't punish all rage quitters which is f***ed up.

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Accessibility comes ALWAYS at costs of depth

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Well they really shouldnt have said that IMO, sounds like SFxT...

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All sounds solid, looking forward to this.

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Great game. Still hoping for a sequel lol