Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 "Fantastic Four" DLC Coming Next Month

Victory is at hand for Doom!


Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 will add another chunk of story content and five more playable characters in March. The Fantastic Four: Shadow of Doom pack will feature the iconic superhero family fighting against their nemesis, Doctor Doom. It's coming on March 26.

This will be the last of the downloadable content included in the game's expansion pass. The first two, Curse of the Vampire and Rise of the Phoenix, featured characters from Marvel Knights and the X-Men, respectively. This one will presumably add the Fantastic Four--Mr. Fantastic (Reed Richards), the Invisible Woman (Sue Storm), the Human Torch (Johnny Storm), and the Thing (Ben Grimm). The character select screen shows five new slots incoming, though, which could mean you can recruit Doom to your Ultimate Alliance ranks too.

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The expansion pass is $20 and includes all three DLC expansions. Those three aren't sold separately, so purchasing into the expansion pass is the only way to get them. Each one adds additional characters and modes. The Marvel Knights pack included Punisher, Blade, Moon Knight, and Morbius, along with a Gauntlet Mode. The X-Men pack introduced Phoenix, Gambit, Ice Man, and Cable, plus a Danger Room mode.

"More so than its predecessors, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order excels because of its character diversity and the ways its disparate heroes work together," Richard Wakeling wrote in GameSpot's Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 review. "For this reason alone it's an ideal co-op game, whether you're playing with another friend in the same room or with three friends online, but the AI more than holds its own if you're playing alone, too. It falters in places, but there's still nothing quite like the Ultimate Alliance series, and this long-awaited third entry makes it a triumphant return for a superhero brawler that feels more relevant than ever."

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