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Marvel Snap Update Gives You A New Way To Earn Cards

A new update makes it much easier for you to get a specific card missing from your Marvel Snap collection.


A new update for Marvel Snap is live now, which lets you purchase specific cards that may be missing from your collection. The update, which was detailed last week, is aimed at resolving the issue of card acquisition feeling too random once you get past a certain collection level. As part of the update, you'll also get a login bonus of Tokens, the new currency used for card purchases.

After downloading the update, a new Token Shop appears below the Daily Offer in the store page. That Token Shop displays only one card at a time, and it rotates every eight hours on the same schedule as your Daily Mission refills. If you see a card you want, you can purchase it with Tokens, or pin it, which will hold it in place until you save up enough to buy it.

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Tokens can be acquired through opening Collector's Caches, which start appearing as rewards on the Collection Level rewards track after you hit CL 500. There is no option to buy Tokens directly. But since the offering rotates fairly frequently, developer Second Dinner says it should be easy enough for you to find a specific card missing from your collection, which you may need to build out a deck you have in mind. The card offered in the Token Shop differs for every player since it's catered to whatever is missing from your collection. And keep in mind that once you buy a base card this way, Variants will start becoming available in the shop and Collector's Caches.

As detailed previously, if you're above CL 500, you'll get a login bonus of 3,000 Tokens. If you're above CL 1000 you'll get 6,000, and if you're above CL 3000 you'll get 12,000 Tokens. If you haven't hit CL 500 yet, don't worry. Once you reach that level you'll get the 3,000 Token bonus. The Token Shop appears to remain hidden if you haven't reached CL 500, since you won't have acquired any Tokens to spend anyway.

Speaking of purchases, the update also added a big new way to spend your gold. A Cyber Holiday bundle costs a whopping 7,500 Gold, and will be available for roughly the next three weeks. It's themed after a Kim Jacinto Variant of the Apocalypse card, and comes with a matching Avatar, 3000 Tokens, 9500 Credits, and 155 Apocalypse boosters. For reference, a bundle of 8,000 Gold costs $100 if you buy it from the Gold shop, so unless you've been saving your Gold for a long while, it will cost you a pretty penny.

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The update also comes alongside a few bundles of new cards, including cards in the new Series 4 and Series 5 sets. Those are each orders of magnitude more rare than the Series 3 set that used to include all of the cards above CL 500, so they'll appear less often. But Second Dinner is planning to move cards down the sets of Series to make them more accessible as time goes on. The community has nicknamed these sets of cards "Pools" instead of Series, but the two terms are interchangeable.

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