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Marvel Snap New Battle Mode Vs. Friends Likely Coming Soon In "The Next Month Or Two," New Roadmap Reveals

You'll be able to battle against your friends soon.


Marvel Snap, the mobile Marvel digital card game, released on October 18. Ahead of the holidays and new year, more details about what players can expect from Marvel Snap was released in a roadmap.

The roadmap is split into three sections: "coming soon," "in development," and "in concept." Coming soon means features under this category will be launched in the near future. Battle Mode Vs. Friends is one such update, and it's been highly anticipated since November's tease. Currently, there's no way to play against your friends and Battle Mode Vs. Friends rectifies that. But Battle Mode will be different from the standard Ranked matches. Each player will have 10 bars of health and Snaps double damage done to the opponent's health. For example, if you Snap, then the damage is doubled from two to four. If you retreat, damage received is halved from two to one. Players keep playing matches until one of them loses all health.

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There's still no confirmed release date, but the dev team plans to release Battle Mode Vs. Friends in the next month or two--implying players should see it in-game at the latest in Feburary.

Name changes are also coming soon. Previously, you weren't able to edit usernames, and now you can. Russian and Vietnamese languages will also be added soon, along with artist credits on cards.

The second category, in development, are ideas that the dev team is working on--but could be subject to changes. One of them is Smart Deck, which basically is where the AI helps you "finish" your decks or give suggestions on what cards should go in a deck. Additionally, unranked and competitive game modes are in development.

Concepts are purely ideas, with no engineering done yet. Thing in this category are Guilds (Social Systems), Infinity Rank Leaderboard, Collectible Emotes and Card Emojis, Mythic Variants, Booster Magnets, Avatars & Titles by Deck, PC Controller Support, Season Cache Improvements, and In-Game Events.

Marvel Snap won Best Mobile Game at The Game Awards. It also made it onto GameSpot's top 10 games of 2022 list.

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