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Marvel Snap Is Making It Easier To Earn New Cards

Maybe now I can finally get Galactus.


Nuverse has introduced a new feature called Spotlight Cache to its mobile game Marvel Snap. With this new feature, it'll now be easier for you to collect cards and specific build decks.

Thanks to a Marvel Snap Blog post, we know that with Spotlight Cache, you'll be able to collect Series 4 and 5 cards, but to use it, you'll need to have a Collection Level (CL) of at least 500. On top of that, it'll also replace Collector's Caches and Collector's Reserves every 120 CL. This will make one in every ten Collector's Reserves turn into a Spotlight Cache.

Every week, three different Series 4 and 5 cards will be featured, including new cards that have just been released. Opening a Spotlight Cache will guarantee you at least one Series 4 or 5 card, and if you already own one of the featured cards, you'll get a time-exclusive variant for the card featured.

Here's how Spotlight Caches will work. Photo Credit: Marvel Snap
Here's how Spotlight Caches will work. Photo Credit: Marvel Snap

The reason for Nuverse making this change is to make it easier for you to collect cards. And it was also because the team noticed that "a very small portion of players [are] able to get the new card each week." If you're still unlocking cards via the Collector's Tokens and Token Shop, don't worry because they'll still be around for you to use. In addition to being able to collect cards in the shop, you'll now be able to earn cards by upgrading ones you already own again.

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