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Marvel Snap Featured and Hot Locations Explained

Marvel Snap keeps things interesting with its varied rotation of locations, and here, we'll explain what you need to know about Featured and Hot Locations.


Developer Second Dinner offers plenty of incentives to keep checking in to Marvel Snap, most notably with its Featured and Hot Locations. These in-game events give specific locations a higher chance of appearing, motivating players to change up their decks. But what exactly are Featured and Hot Locations and when do they run? Here's what you need to know.

Featured Locations

Featured Locations are Marvel Snap events that implement a specific new location at a higher rate. This marks the introduction of a brand new location, with a 40% appearance rate during the event's duration. An example is Plunder Castle, which only allows you to play cards that cost 6 energy to be played there. Featured Locations go live every Tuesday at 10 PM Eastern and last for 48 hours.

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After the 48-hour period, the Featured Location will then be folded into the regular location pool, with a chance of appearing during standard play. So, even after a Featured Location period has ended, it's a good idea to be familiar with that particular location so you can adapt if it appears during a match.

Hot Locations

Hot Locations are similar, but only focus on locations from the regular pool, at a 60% appearance rate. This means you won't come across new locations when a Hot Location is available, but instead, you'll see ones that appear during standard matches such as Onslaught’s Citadel, Asgard, or Hala (among dozens of others). Hot Locations go live on Saturdays at 10 PM EST and only last 24 hours. So, they have a higher appearance rate than Featured Locations but only include locations you're likely familiar with already.

It's important to at least be familiar with Featured and Hot Locations so you can either build decks around them, or plan your plays accordingly during matches. Even if you have a powerful deck on hand, you can easily lose if you aren't familiar with how certain locations work.

For instance, if the Hot Location is Luke's Bar (When you play a card here, return it to your hand), you'll want to come equipped with cards that have some sort of effect that triggers each time they're played--such as Scorpion or Iceman. Being aware of this can turn the match in your favor.

For more on how to build decks around the Plunder Castle Location, visit our guide here.

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