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Marvel Snap Decks - Best Pool 1 Decks

Strategies, mechanics, deck lists, and more in Marvel Snap for Pool 1.


There are already more than 200 cards in Marvel Snap--add in cosmetic variants and you've got about 1,000 in total. So it can be incredibly daunting to create decks that efficiently synergize cards, especially when you're just starting out with Pool 1 cards and decks. Many cards are received randomly through the Collection Levels, making deck-building quite a moving target. This guide will go through some of the best Marvel Snap decks and strategies you can create that will have you triumph over your opponents using all Pool 1 decks.

Curving Crew

Curving Crew is all about playing cards on a curve. This means that you should have a card to play each turn ramping up to correspond to the amount of energy you have. Quicksilver will always start in your opening hand, so you can play him at the start of the match even if you do not draw your other 1-cost cards. Domino will always be drawn as your second card, and America Chavez will always be drawn on the sixth turn.

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By using these specific draw-turn abilities, you can set up a board without having to fret over not having cards to play each turn. You will almost always have something to play each turn to control the board. You play on a curve. This deck does not have many high-cost cards, so by turn four you can play Jessica Jones, and place Blue Marvel on another location at turn five, for example. Mister Sinister alongside Nightcrawler allows you to have three cards on a location with ease, then you can place an Ant-Man to receive its plus 3 ongoing effect.

Curving Crew Decklist
Curving Crew Decklist

Lizard allows you to force an opponent to fill up a location to negate its high power, while it is a 2-cost card. This is a great and easy-to-use deck.

Hawkeye, Quicksilver, Nightcrawler, Ant-Man, Jessica Jones, Mr. Fantastic, and Blue Marvel are all earned early on through the tutorial, Collection Level, and Blue Marvel can be earned through the free season pass.

Unite Everybody

Unite Everybody’s win condition is to play as many 1-Cost cards on the board as possible. Then, you will use the effects of Kazar and Blue Marvel’s Ongoing effects to grant plus 1 power to each unit.

After Squirrel Girl is placed, she adds one Squirrel to each other location. Korg and Yondu are 1-Cost cards used to frustrate your opponent. Yondu destroys the top card of your opponent’s deck, while Korg shuffles a Rock card in their deck. Use Yondu first before Korg. You do not want to accidentally help your opponent by destroying the Rock from Yondu’s effect.

Unite Everybody Decklist
Unite Everybody Decklist

Kazar is earned early through the Collection Level and grants all of your 1-Cost cards on the board one additional power. Blade and Sword Master need to discard a card to play them, but due to this deck having many 1-Cost cards, you can play both Blade and Sword Master without losing cards in your hand. Sometimes, you want to hope they will discard Quicksilver rather than your Kazar.

Captain America can be purchased in the starter bundle, but you can also earn him through the Collection Level. This deck is all about placing as many cards as possible, then powering them up with the Ongoing effects of Kazar, Blue Marvel, and Captain America. Having a complete board with this deck is not an uncommon occurrence, and will lead to victory.

Frightening Floodgates

Floodgates are a term used in trading card games--mainly in Yu-Gi-Oh!--and what these decks do is inhibit one or both players from playing certain cards. Frightening Floodgates uses cards that negate, destroy, and work as counters to your opponent.

Elektra destroys a 1-Cost card on a location, so she can destroy a pesky Any Man or powered-up 1-Cost card. Scarlet Witch replaces the location at which she is placed. So, if your opponent is gaining too many benefits such as extra power from a location, Scarlet Witch will change the location completely.

Frightening Floodgates Decklist
Frightening Floodgates Decklist

Cosmo, Enchantress, and Professor X are able to shut down a location. Being able to stop On Reveal and Ongoing effects respectively. Professor X completely shuts down a location, and no more cards can be added, moved, or played.

This deck’s win condition is to shut down your opponent’s cards, abilities, and effects to win. This can become frightening and frustrating for your opponent, especially with many decks players focused on using On Reveal and/or Ongoing effects to win a match. Spider-Woman can even afflict minus 1 power to each enemy card at a location to dwindle their power.

Revealing Righteousness

Revealing Righteousness uses On Reveal cards and abilities to flourish. Hawkeye, Medusa, Ironheart, Wolfsbane, Jessica Jones, White Tiger, and Odin are all rewarded early on through the tutorial and Collection Level.

Other On Reveal cards you can add are Starlord, Gamora, Groot, and Drax. The Guardians of the Galaxy all work together with similar powers that get a boost if your opponent played a card at the same location.

Revealing Righteousness Decklist
Revealing Righteousness Decklist

When Odin is placed, Odin activates all of the On Reveal cards at that location. This allows Odin to trigger the effects of Ironheart, Wolfsbane, and White Tiger, for example. Being able to give three more units plus 2 Power with Ironheart again, power-up Wolfsbane, and summon another 7-Power Tiger through White Tiger can win you the match on the final turn.

Outrageous Ongoing

Outrageous Ongoing’s win condition is activating Ongoing cards and their effects. Placing Mister Fantastic in the middle will guarantee the left and right sides to have plus 2 Power, and Klaw will add plus 6 Power to the location on the right.

The Punisher will gain additional power depending on the number of enemy cards on a location, so if your opponent fills up their location, having The Punisher there is perfect. Armor stops all cards at a location from being destroyed.

Outrageous Ongoing Decklist
Outrageous Ongoing Decklist

Spectrum is your ace in this deck. When she is placed, all of your cards with Ongoing are given +2 Power on the board. Every card except Angela in this deck will be given plus 2 Power, and Spectrum can turn around a losing game to a winning one. Spectrum can be substituted for Onslaught to double Ongoing effects.

Outside of these decks, you can even make decks focused on discarding, moving, or destroying cards.

Hopefully, these deck lists and strategies give you an idea of how to go about creating decks in Marvel Snap. Experiment with different decks, and figure out what you enjoy. Always make sure you have an ideal win condition in mind. Marvel Snap is all about playing cards to synergize together with effects, styles, and mechanics. For more on the hit new card game, check out our Marvel Snap review and Marvel Snap tips. If you're ready for the next phase, you can move on to our best Pool 2 decks.

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