Marvel Show New Warriors Casts Its Squirrel Girl And Other Key Roles

The Freeform show is scheduled to premiere in 2018.


Marvel's new TV show New Warriors has found one of its leads. Milana Vayntrub, who you may know from those AT&T commercials, will play Squirrel Girl on the anticipated live-action program coming to Disney's Freeform.

Vayntrub's Squirrel Girl is described as a "totally empowered fangirl who has the incredible powers of a… squirrel. Her greatest quality is her optimism and her best friend is a pet squirrel, Tippy Toe."

Additionally, Freeform confirmed that Derek Theler will play the role of Mister Immortal, while Jeremy Tardy plays Night Thrasher. Callum Worthy plays Speedball, Matthew Moy portrays Microbe, and Kate Cormer plays Debrii.

"We're so lucky to have assembled such a diverse and incredibly talented cast," executive producer Jeph Loeb said in a news release. "We can't wait for the fans to see what's in store when we unleash these iconic characters into the world!"

The show is expected to premiere in 2018, though a date has not been set as of yet.

Pitch Perfect and Twilight star Anna Kendrick previously talked about how she would like to play Squirrel Girl.

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"Vayntrub's Squirrel Girl is described as a "totally empowered fangirl who has the incredible powers of a… squirrel"

So, she can spend 40 minutes fruitlessly trying to get the sunflower seeds out of my squirrel-proof bird feeder? Not much of a power.

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ch'p loved her !

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Squirrel girl is an iconic character?

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@proxima1025: She's had something of a resurgence in the last 5+ years, including a hilarious, tongue-in-cheek comic series of her own.

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Her last role was a bit part in 2016's Ghostbusters, things can only get better for her from here on out.