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Marvel Set To Develop Hawkeye Spin-Off Show, Echo, For Disney+

Yet another MCU TV show is headed to Disney+, this time about deaf Native American hero Echo.


The Disney+ MCU line-up is expanding. Upcoming TV show Hawkeye is slated for a spin-off series focused around Echo, a deaf Native American hero, played by Alaqua Cox, according to Variety. The new series is in the early development stages but will be written and executive produced by Etan Cohen and Emily Cohen.

Alaqua Cox was cast as Echo back in December. The character, who's real name is Maya Lopez, is a superheroic mimic able to copy any hero's fighting style just by observing them. She has previously had ties with both Hawkeye and Daredevil in the comics, and even held the Ronin mantle before handing it over to Clint Barton--though it's too early to tell if this version of Echo will tie into Clint's use of the Ronin name during Avengers: Endgame.

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Currently, the Hawkeye series does not have a set premiere date on Disney+. The first MCU TV show, WandaVision, wrapped up after nine episodes in early March and was followed by The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, which is currently airing. Episode 2 of Falcon and Winter Soldier will debut on Disney+ on Friday, March 26.

Following Falcon and Winter Soldier, Disney+ will give MCU fans a brief break before debuting Loki, which is set to premiere on June 11. Hawkeye will likely follow in late 2021.

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