Marvel Movies Will "Go on Forever," Says Disney boss

"We keep raising the bar in terms of telling stories."


With the promise of a new Star Wars movie each year, and Marvel's output now at a steady two films every 12 months, there is a question about how long Disney can maintain such a constant, profitable franchise output. Now studio boss Bob Iger has spoken to BBC's Newsbeat show about the future of both franchises.

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In reference to Star Wars, Iger mapped out the immediate plans: "There are five Star Wars films," he said. "Four more with Episode 7: The Force Awakens--that are in varying stages of development and production. There will be more after that, I don't know how many, I don't know how often."

As for Marvel, Iger explained that he didn't see any reason that the studio would ever stop making superhero movies. "Marvel, you're dealing with thousands and thousands of characters. That will go on forever," he said.

Iger also addressed the issue of audiences potentially getting bored of endless, infinite superhero movies. "I don't think they're getting weary," he said. "I think we keep raising the bar in terms of telling stories that bring them back, that excite them, that make it feel new, and that is what we do for a living."

Last week it was announced that the release of Star Wars Episode 8 had moved back seven months, to December 2017. The first standalone Star Wars movie, Rogue One, hits cinemas in December this year, while Marvel's next next film, Captain America: Civil War, arrives in May.

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