Marvel's Midnight Suns Showcases Sabretooth Boss Battle

In an extended gameplay demo pitting Wolverine against his nemesis Sabretooth, Firaxis shared more details on Marvel's Midnight Suns' tactical combat.


Marvel's Midnight Suns looks to bring tactical combat to the Marvel universe, and a new extended gameplay demo pitting Wolverine against his nemesis Sabretooth shows that despite being turn-based, players will be leaving plenty of destruction in their wake.

Sabretooth is the boss encounter in the demo, and Wolverine and player-created hero the Hunter must team-up to fight him. Unlike most cannon fodder enemies who die in just a few blows, Sabretooth requires more coordination and planning to defeat thanks to his much higher amount of HP and his stun and bind resistance.

Much of the demo shows Wolverine chaining together attacks against multiple foes while also utilizing the environment to deal damage. On multiple occasions, Wolverine kicks or throws objects into enemies, and at one point even leaps off a nearby pile of wooden pallets to plunge into Sabretooth. Some of Wolverine's attacks grant him lifesteal, allowing him to be aggressive and bring the fight to the enemy.

Following Sabretooth's defeat, Firaxis offered new details on what players will be doing in Marvel's Midnight Suns when they aren't battling supervillians. In new gameplay spotlighting the Abbey, which serves as the base of the Midnight Suns, Firaxis says players will be able to choose between different casual outfits for their player-created character to wear and be able to customize their living quarters. The entire Abbey grounds are available to be explored, and, of course, you can pet the dog, in this case the hellhound Charlie.

Interacting with various Marvel heroes while at the Abbey is a key part of the game, with Firaxis emphasizing the game's various RPG elements are just as important as its combat. Conversations with other characters will often include branching dialogue choices that will have an effect on the player-character's light/dark balance, and players can also choose to interact with heroes in other ways, like watching a movie in the common room.

While Marvel's Midnight Suns does feature a card-based battle system, Firaxis says the only microtransactions the game will have are cosmetic and that no, you won't be able to date Marvel heroes. Marvel's Midnight Suns releases March 2022 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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