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Marvel Heroes Shutdown Escalates; New Open World RPG From Forza Horizon Dev! - GS News Roundup

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Fallen heroes

Jess McDonell rejoins Dan Crowd on today’s GS News, and although it’s Thanksgiving, there’s still news to talk about! Here’s what we cover today:

To The Moon Sequel Gets Release Date

To The Moon has been called one of the saddest games of all time, and now, it’s getting a sequel called Finding Paradise. A strangely humorous new trailer for it was released along with a launch date, which is very very soon!

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Forza Horizon Devs Recruiting For Open World RPG

How good was Forza Horizon 3? Very good. Now, the developers behind the open-world racing game are getting out of their cars (presumably) and gearing up to develop an open-world RPG. They’ve hired a bunch of developers who have experience with some pretty major titles, like Grand Theft Auto V and Metal Gear Solid V. That sounds pretty exciting, so get all the details in today’s episode.

Marvel Heroes Shutdown Moves Forward

And in some pretty crappy Thanksgiving news, a number of developers and obtained documents from Marvel Heroes developer Gazillion entertainment have suggested that the previously announced shutdown of the game, due to happen at the end of the year, is in fact happening much sooner. That’s on top of the news that Gazillion has terminated the bulk of its workforce without any severance pay or other owed benefits. Tune in to find out all the details, and spare a thought for all the developers affected.

What did you think about today’s news? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, and we’ll see you tomorrow!

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