Marvel forms video game group

Marvel Enterprises appoints a manager of game development to oversee the production of licensed games. New titles revealed.


Marvel Enterprises has today announced the appointment of Ames Kirshen to the new position of manager of game development at the company. Kirshen, who has more than six years of experience in the production and management of video games with Warner Bros. and DC Comics, will lead a small group overseeing the development of all licensed games based on Marvel characters. Marvel is also actively looking to expand into video game genres in which its characters are currently not represented.

"The multibillion dollar video game industry continues to be a significant revenue opportunity for Marvel and a high-profile, powerful vehicle to build the awareness of Marvel's brands," said Gui Karyo, Marvel's president of publishing. "Our appointment of Ames to serve as an in-house executive producer and creative liaison for our interactive licensees and game developers allows us to increase the quality, playability, and marketing power of this influential product category, fueling higher licensing income and consumer exposure for Marvel."

Marvel currently has a video game license agreement with a number of companies, including Activision, Encore, VU Games, and THQ. Upcoming Marvel-based video games include Spider-Man 2, The Punisher, and previously unannounced titles such as Fantastic Four (Activision--2005), Iron Man (Activision--2005), The Hulk 2 (VU Games--2005), and Marvel Universe (VU Games--TBA).

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