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Marvel Confirms Loki Disney+ Show Starts With Avengers: Endgame Moment

Loki is coming, folks.


One of the weirdest scenes in Avengers: Endgame comes when, during the Avengers' trip to various points in the past, Loki absconds from his capture at the end of the Battle of New York. Loki makes off with the Tesseract--also known as the incredibly powerful Space Stone--and then nobody in the movie ever mentions it again. To be clear: Loki disappears with the Infinity Stone he'd just used in The Avengers to orchestrate an alien invasion of Earth. Giving a dude like Loki the ability to teleport around the universe doesn't seem like a great idea, but apparently the great minds at Disney disagree--because at San Diego Marvel's San Diego Comic-Con 2019 panel, MCU boss Kevin Feige revealed that moment was all part of the plan.

During the SDCC panel, Marvel shared new details about the Loki show coming to Disney+, including its release window: Spring 2021. And they confirmed that Loki's bizarre moment in Endgame was indeed the setup for the show, as many fans speculated.

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"Didn't I see Loki die in Infinity War?" Feige asked during the panel. "You did, but what else did you see in Endgame?" That prompted the clip in question from Endgame to play for the audience in Hall H, confirming the theory that's been discussed since Endgame's April release.

"Where did Loki go? What happened to Loki? This series will answer that," Feige continued.

Tom Hiddleston--Loki himself--then emerged onstage, eliciting huge cheers and chants of "Loki! Loki! Loki!" from the crowd.

"The last time I was standing onstage with this gentleman, I was asking him to kneel," Hiddleston laughed, referring to the 2013 panel featuring Thor: The Dark World. "But seriously, this whole thing wouldn't be happening without all of you," he continued, addressing the fans.

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Hiddleston also confirmed that the version of Loki we'll follow in the Disney+ show is the version from the first Avengers movie--not the one who reconciled with his brother Thor and eventually became not such a bad guy throughout the events of all the movies that happened between then and now, including Thor: Ragnarok and Avengers: Infinity War.

"You guys saw Avengers, right? So this Loki is that guy," Hiddleston explained. "And the last thing that happened to him is he got Hulk smashed."

Disney+ is scheduled to launch on November 12. The service requires a monthly subscription fee of $7 or an annual one of $70. Three more Marvel-related series have been ordered for the service as well: one for Falcon and Winter Soldier, one for Vision and Scarlet Witch, and one for Hawkeye (the Kate Bishop version, not Clint Barton).

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