Marvel Boss Kevin Feige Clarifies His Involvement With Star Wars

Feige is developing a new Star Wars film, but he doesn't have a hand in the wider Star Wars TV universe and its 10 upcoming shows.


Marvel boss Kevin Feige is developing a new Star Wars movie, but that is the extent of his involvement and impact on the wider Star Wars series. He told EW in a new interview that his deal with Lucasfilm does not cover any of the new Star Wars TV shows in the works.

"No. That's all Kathy Kennedy," Feige said about Lucasfilm's president. "I'm involved in as much as I stay up until midnight L.A. time to watch new episodes of The Mandalorian when they drop."

The question came up because Feige is known for his work on the MCU, which is a vast and interconnected universe with characters and stories that reference and impact each other. Some might have wondered if he would be charged with doing the same for Star Wars, but it appears that is outside the scope of his new deal with Lucasfilm.

Walt Disney Studios co-chairman Alan Horn previously said that Feige is a "die-hard" Star Wars fan, and he's excited to welcome the MCU veteran to Star Wars.

The Mandalorian is just the first of many new Star Wars TV shows in the works, as Disney has announced 10 new series are coming to Disney+. These include the live-action Rangers of the Republic, Ahsoka, Andor, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Lando, and Acolyte, and The Book of Boba Fett. Animated Star Wars shows like The Bad Batch, Visions, and A Droid Story are also coming.

While Feige might not be working on additional Star Wars titles, he's staying extremely busy. As the architect of the MCU, Feige has a hand in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, as well as future TV projects such as Loki, Ms. Marvel, Moon Knight, and others, in addition to all the future movies.

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