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Marvel 616 Show Premiere Date Announced

Disney+ will start streaming the docu-series starting at the end of November.


Back in July, Marvel announced Marvel 616, a docu-series which would take fans through the decades of Marvel's history. Marvel recently announced it will start airing the series November 20 exclusively on Disney+.

Marvel's 616 will explore Marvel's long history of creators, characters, and storytelling that "reflects the world outside your window", as their longtime mantra has stated. Each episode, directed by a unique filmmaker, will showcase Marvel's legacy of storytelling, impact on pop culture, and take a look at fandom within its universe.

The episodes will cover topics including Marvel's top-tier artists across the globe, the multitude of women of Marvel Comics, taking a deep dive into the "forgotten" characters of Marvel, and much more.

In other Marvel news, the Disney+ She-Hulk show might have found its pilot director in Always Sunny In Philadelphia's Kat Coiro and the Black Widow movie will address and "honor" the character's final fate.

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