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Martha Is Dead Coming To PS5 Alongside PC, Xbox Versions

The creepy thriller game set against the backdrop of a war-torn WW2 Italy is coming to PS5 as well, developer LKA announced.


The thriller game Martha is Dead is coming to PS5, along with the already-announced PC and Xbox versions. It's scheduled for Q1 2021, and the announcement suggests that all three versions will hit simultaneously.

The game takes place against the backdrop of World War 2 amid the Italian countryside. A young woman, Martha, is found drowned on the shores of a lake. Her twin sister sets out to solve the murder as the war approaches closer to their home. LKA says that the story ties in history, superstition, folklore, and psychological trauma.

That all sounds pretty spooky by itself, but it's matched by an equally shudder-inducing trailer depicting the basic plotline with marrionettes. There's nothing creepier than marionettes. That's just a science fact.

The developer, LKA, is previously known for another psychological horror game, 2016's The Town of Light.

"Martha is Dead represents a step forward for LKA," said LKA founder Luca Dalco, in the announcement. "This is a game that merges the raw power of PC and next-generation consoles, and all we've learned from developing The Town of Light. Martha is Dead is an evolution in psychological storytelling, and we’re driven to build a compelling, gripping world Full of twists and turns for players to explore in 2021."

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