Mark Wahlberg Is Making A New TV Show About Himself

The new HBO Max show, "Wahl Street," will focus on Wahlberg's life as an actor and a businessman.


Actor Mark Wahlberg is creating a new show that focuses on one person in particular: Mark Wahlberg. HBO Max, the new streaming service scheduled to launch in May, has ordered an eight-episode series focused on Wahlberg called "Wahl Street," according to Variety.

The show will follow Wahlberg as he balances his acting life and growing his businesses. The show's official description adds that "viewers will learn about his successes and failures and glean powerful business and life lessons while also getting to know the cast of colorful characters that make up Wahlberg's real-life entourage."

On top of focusing on Wahlberg's own life, Wahl Street will feature other entrepreneurs pitching Wahlberg on a new business idea in each episode.

"We're documenting the ups, the downs, the hits and the misses. It's all the real stuff that's happening while I'm growing my businesses," Wahlberg said. "We're pulling back the curtain and hopefully it's an opportunity to inspire other entrepreneurs."

Wahlberg earned Oscar nominations for The Fighter and The Departed. He is also known for his roles in the Transformers franchise and Seth MacFarlane's Ted movies. His newest film is Spenser Confidential, which debuted on Netflix earlier this month. Looking ahead, Wahlberg will play Sully in the Uncharted movie alongside Tom Holland as Nathan Drake.

In terms of his business ventures, Wahlberg is a co-owner of the burger chain Wahlburgers with his brothers, Donnie and Paul. The restaurant also spawned a TV show, Wahlburgers. Additionally, Wahlberg owns a stake in the fitness company F45, while he has also co-founded a sports nutrition company called Performance Inspired.

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