Mark Ruffalo Could Possibly Appear In She-Hulk

Will we see Ruffalo's Bruce Banner in the series focused on his cousin, Jessica Walters?


Appearing at Chicago's annual comic convention--C2E2--over the February 29 weekend, Mark Ruffalo revealed in a Q&A panel that there's a chance he could make an appearance on the Disney+'s original She-Hulk. (He made no mention if Banner and Hulk will still be merged--which is what we really want to know.)

The She-Hulk series is slated for a 2020 production wrap and will be released exclusively on Disney+. The show is helmed by writer Jessica Gao, who wrote the famous Pickle Rick episode on Rick and Morty and has also contributed to Comedy Central's Corporate and HBO's Silicon Valley.

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She-Hulk follows the story of Jessica Walters, who is Bruce Banner's cousin. In the comics, Bruce saves her life with a blood transfusion, resulting in Walters getting a Hulk alter-ego of her own. Walters retains more of her personality and control while in Hulk form, in contrast to Banner's more dramatic and unrestrained transformation. The She-Hulk TV series will apparently follow the comic material closely, but specific plot details at this point are scarce.

Additionally at the Q&A, Ruffalo also stated that he's still in talks to play the father in HBO's Parasite TV series, which was revealed in early February. Bong Joon Ho is set to the direct the TV show, along with Adam McKay. Details for how the HBO show will differ from the original movie are still unknown at this time.

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