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Mark Hamill done voicing Joker

Actor bids farewell to iconic animated role as the Batman's nemesis and clown prince of crime as Arkham City launches into stores.


The actor who played Luke Skywalker is stepping away from a second iconic role. On his verified Twitter account yesterday, Mark Hamill said goodbye to his recurring role as the villainous Joker after his turn as the clown prince of crime in the just-released Batman: Arkham City.

But what we'll mostly remember is the laughter. The awful, chilling laughter.
But what we'll mostly remember is the laughter. The awful, chilling laughter.

"Hello/Goodbye Joker," Hamill said. "I've enjoyed every minute behind the wheel of the Crown Prince's crazy car--I'm going to miss him more than I can say!!"

This is not the first time Hamill has indicated that he was done with the role. When asked at last year's San Diego Comic-Con about reports that Arkham City would be his final performance as the Joker, Hamill mused, "I keep saying that…" He added that he hadn't wanted to do a sequel after the original Arkham because he takes the character seriously and wanted to go out on a high note. However, he also noted that in a number of ways, the final decision on the matter wasn't actually up to him.

While Hamill has been trying to step away from the Joker role, he has allowed for the possibility of a return. In July, he posted on Twitter, "If I do 1 last performance as The Joker, hope it's The Killing Joke!!!" The Killing Joke was a Batman story written by Alan Moore (The Watchmen, V for Vendetta) in which the Joker shoots and paralyzes Barbara Gordon.

For more on Hamill's feasibly final performance as the Joker, check out GameSpot's review of Arkham City.

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