Mario voice actor confirms 'new game'

Charles Martinet says his latest gig involves voicing Nintendo's mustachioed plumber for a title that isn't New Super Mario Bros. Wii or Super Mario Galaxy 2.


Nintendo has been keeping Charles Martinet busy of late. The man better known as the voice of iconic red-garbed Mario will be lending his expressive Italian voice to New Super Mario Bros. Wii and Super Mario Galaxy 2 for Nintendo's console, and he is just coming off of an appearance in the acclaimed Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story for the DS.

Charles Martinet
Charles Martinet

Considering the rate at which Nintendo returns to its popular plumber, it probably won't surprise many to know that Nintendo apparently has Mario penciled in for yet one more project. In a series of posts to this personal Twitter account last week, Martinet teased a new game starring Mario, one that isn't among the three announced for North America during the publisher's 2009 Electronic Entertainment Expo presence.

"Mama Mia!!!! I'm going to Seattle this week to record a new Mario game! Woo Hooo!!!!! I can hardly wait!!!!1" Martinet wrote on his Twitter account last week. Following the recording session, Martinet went on to say in an equally excited manner, "Awesome new Mario Game! And it's not NSMB Wii, and it's not Galaxy 2, but it's going to be crazy fun!"

[UPDATE] Whatever it is that Martinet is working on, the publisher isn't yet ready to talk about it. "We're always working on new games and experiences, but we have nothing to announce at this time," a Nintendo representative told GameSpot.

New Super Mario Bros. Wii and Super Mario Galaxy 2 are due to arrive for Nintendo's console November 15 and the second quarter of next year, respectively. Nintendo hasn't to date announced any other games starring the mustachioed plumber as coming to the US.

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