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Mario Tennis Open served up on 3DS May 20

Nintendo brings arcade-style mascot sports game to latest portable with online play, touch-screen and gyroscopic support.


The multitalented Mario is bringing another of his hobbies to 3DS owners, as Nintendo of America today announced that Mario Tennis Open will be released on May 20.

Mario will hold court May 20.
Mario will hold court May 20.

Nintendo confirmed the release date today as part of a Nintendo Direct presentation. The company's European arm separately announced a May 25 release for the game in that region.

The latest arcade-style tennis game to feature the mascot will make use of its host hardware's various features, allowing players to use the touch screen for shot selection and the system's gyroscopic sensor to tilt the camera and look around the court. The game will also feature local wireless play for up to four players and, for the first time in the series, online singles or doubles matches.

This will be the first original Mario Tennis title since 2005's Mario Tennis: Power Tour. However, in 2009, Nintendo rereleased the GameCube title Mario Power Tennis on the Wii with New Play Control support for the Wii Remote. As it did with those titles, Camelot Software Planning is handling development duties for Mario Tennis Open.

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