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Mario Strikers: Battle League Announced For Nintendo Switch

A new Mario Strikers game for Nintendo Switch was announced during the Nintendo Direct, and will be released on June 10.


Mario Strikers: Battle League was announced during today's Nintendo Direct. The new game in the arcade soccer series comes to Nintendo Switch on June 10, with local play of up to eight players.

The game features the classic Mario Strikers action of chaotic item usage, aggressive slide tackles, and super shots. The game has two new features; gear and Super Strikes. Every playable character has different gear that can be equipped, changing both their appearance and their stats. The Super Strikes can be used by grabbing an orb and powering up, releasing a power shot that counts as two goals if it goes in the net.

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Mario Strikers: Battle League continues the trend of being soccer with a heavy focus on offense. Players can tackle their opponents into an electric fence that borders the field. The game features a 5v5 setup, supporting local play of up to eight players and online clubs, which can have up to 20 players. Mario Strikers: Battle League will release on the Nintendo Switch on June 10.

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