Mario scores goal with Strikers

Nintendo kicks down Super Mario Strikers; cutesy soccer game follows in the footsteps of other Mario sports titles.


Super Mario Strikers

LOS ANGELES--Look Iwata! No hands! At this year's E3, Nintendo revealed plans to place Mario on a new playing field. Super Mario Strikers brings Nintendo's famous icon (and buddies) to the soccer stage. The GameCube game accompanies Mario Baseball as a new Mario sports offering, thus joining existing games Mario Golf and Mario Tennis.

In Super Mario Strikers, squads will feature Mario, Luigi, Toad, and the rest of the characters from the Super Mario World games. The arcade-style soccer game will feature powerful shots, such as one that involves Mario leaping high into the air to strike the ball with a mallet, all but obliterating the opposing goalkeeper. Additionally, the game will present head-over-heels celebration dances.

For more on Super Mario Strikers, check out GameSpot's coverage from the E3 show floor.

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