Mario Karters take the race online in droves

DS Wi-Fi Connection put to immediate use as nearly half of all Mario Kart purchasers kick the online service's tires in the first week of release.


When Nintendo released Mario Kart DS for its dual-screened portable system last week, it was also launching the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection wireless gaming service. By Nintendo's reckoning, both were a roaring success.

Nintendo today said that in the game's first week of release, more than 112,000 copies were sold. In addition, 45 percent of those who bought the game, around 52,000 gamers, logged onto the Wi-Fi Connection to play against each other.

Nintendo emphasizes the ease of use of the Wi-Fi Connection, which lets users connect to the service using wireless home networks and some Wi-Fi hotspots. Current titles supporting Wi-Fi play include Mario Kart DS, Tony Hawk's American Sk8land, Animal Crossing (due December 6), and Metroid Prime: Hunters (scheduled for a March 2006 release).

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