Mario Kart Tour Multiplayer Update Has Finally Arrived

Nintendo's popular free-to-play mobile game is out now on iOS and Android.


Mario Kart Tour's long-awaited multiplayer update has finally arrived. This is right on schedule, as Nintendo previously announced that the multiplayer update was coming on March 8.

All you need to do is update Mario Kart Tour to unlock multiplayer, which allows you to finally race against other human opponents. For "Standard Races," the rulesets will change every day, which in theory should encourage people to come back each day to see what's new. Players can also invite specific players to custom races where they decide the rules as it relates to items, laps, etc.

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Another variant is called "Gold Races," and these are locked behind a paywall. Players must buy the $5 USD/month Gold Pass to participate in these races, which include faster speeds at 200cc. The Gold Pass also comes with an allotment of in-game currency and badges.

Mario Kart Tour released in September 2019. The free-to-play game makes money from the Gold Pass and its various other microtransactions, which have brought in more than $85 million so far.

The latest Mario Kart game for console is Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and it is the most successful game for Nintendo Switch with some 22.96 million copies sold. The game originally released for the Wii U, and it sold 8.44 million copies on that system, bringing its total to 31.4 million.

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